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The Daily BeastJul 06, 2020
Team Trump Is Packed With Coronavirus Truthers
Illustration by The Daily Beast/GettyOn Wednesday, America announced its largest single day total since the pandemic started: 52,789 new coronavirus cases. On Thursday, it broke that record. And again on Friday, when Arizona reported as many new cases as the entire European Union. No wonder that Americans are no longer welcome for now in Europe: we're home to 4 percent of the world's population but 25 percent of its coronavirus cases.

More than 130,000 Americans have died. Dr. Anthony Fauci told Sen. Elizabeth Warren this week that "I think it is important to tell and you the American public that I'm very concerned because it could get very bad," warning that the case count could go up to 100,000 a day. 

As America remains mired in perhaps the biggest public health disaster of my lifetime, with more still to come, the question is how we got here. And a big part of the answer is coronavirus truthers. 

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As Trump gaslights America about coronavirus, Republicans face a critical choice (CNN Politics)

The Daily BeastJul 06, 2020
Trump Is Only Going to Become a Worse Version of Himself Before Election Day
Chip Somodevilla/GettyThat Mt. Rushmore speech will go down as one of the sickest, most debased moments in the history of the presidency. First of all, it was officially not a campaign speech, but a presidential speech, meaning that we the taxpayers paid for it. More importantly Donald Trump was delivering this address not as a political candidate but as the servant of the whole people, those who voted for him and those who did not. And what he gave us was a Goebbels-esque piece of propaganda quite literally intended to foment as much division and hatred as possible.

If you think this distinction between campaign speaking and official speaking is quaint or trite or unimportant, you are wrong. You are overly cynical. Politicians actually do make such distinctions. Especially presidents—of both parties.

Out of curiosity, I went back and looked at Ronald Reagan's 1984 Independence Day address—from the year in which he, like Trump now, was seeking re-election. I do not like Reagan. Never did, never will. But compared to Trump, he was a moral giant. His speech did not touch on the dark aspects of our history that we are finally, belatedly confronting in earnest today. Republicans have a very hard time admitting imperfection in our union, not least Republicans who made a point of giving a major campaign address—about states' rights, no less—in a town in Mississippi where three civil rights workers had been viciously murdered 16 years before, as Reagan did in 1980.

Drudge ReportJul 06, 2020
Now delivers speeches in grim monotone...

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Politics - U.S. HouseJul 06, 2020
A Kennedy Wife and a Professor Compete to Run Against a Trump Backer
Stakes are high in the Democratic primary for a New Jersey congressional seat: The winner will face a candidate who defected from the party to support Trump.

Huffington Post PoliticsJul 06, 2020
John Bolton Suggests Trump Spends Much Of His Time Glued To TV
The advice of his own advisers presents little competition for the president's attention, says his former national security adviser.

The Daily BeastJul 06, 2020
Trump Advisers Wonder: ‘Is the Statue Shit Going to Work?'
Saul Loeb/AFP/GettyWith four months left to salvage his re-election campaign against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, President Donald Trump has decided to pivot heavily to culture war bluster and hard-right posturing. A major part of that pivot appears to be turning his anger on people who don't like the same statues he does and comparing those enemies to Nazi "fascists."

Shockingly, there are some in Trump's political orbit who aren't convinced this tactic will move voters as much as the president seems to think it will. They see the "pivot" as Trump simply continuing to rile up a conservative base that will not, by itself, deliver him a second term.

But for now, Trump isn't listening, telling a crowd at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota on Friday night, "This left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution."

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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CNN PoliticsJul 05, 2020
Trump to hold campaign rally in New Hampshire on Saturday
President Donald Trump plans to hold an outdoor campaign rally in New Hampshire on Saturday as he continues his push for in-person events amid the coronavirus pandemic.

CNN PoliticsJul 05, 2020
When the President's own medical advisers refuse to correct his misleading claim, the coronavirus trust gap grows
On Saturday night, President Donald Trump made the dangerously inaccurate claim that 99% of coronavirus cases are "totally harmless." On Sunday morning, one of his top health experts failed to correct the assertion, a stunning breakdown of the government's core duty to keep Americans safe and protect the public health.

Huffington Post PoliticsJul 05, 2020
FDA Head Refuses To Address Trump Claim That 99% Of COVID-19 Cases Are ‘Totally Harmless'
Dr. Stephen Hahn, a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, repeatedly refused to comment on Trump's claim.

Trump Falsely Claims ‘99 Percent' of Virus Cases Are ‘Totally Harmless' (New York Times Politics)

CNN PoliticsJul 05, 2020
FDA commissioner refuses to defend Trump claim that 99% of Covid-19 cases are 'harmless'
The commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration on Sunday declined to defend President Donald Trump's unfounded claim that 99% of coronavirus cases are "totally harmless" and repeatedly refused to say whether Trump's remark is true or false.

Drudge ReportJul 05, 2020
BIDEN: I pledge to rebuild America's foundation...

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Symbolic Turning Point In Nation's History?
Deep fear and anxiety...

Virginia orders American flag removed from construction site... (Drudge Report)
With inflammatory July 4 message, Trump distracts from the real threat to America (CNN Politics)

PoliticoJul 05, 2020
‘We all need to come together': Ernst distances herself from Trump's weekend rhetoric
The Iowa senator said many of the nation's protesters are peaceful.

Yahoo PoliticsJul 05, 2020
FDA commissioner declines to defend Trump's latest coronavirus boasts
FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, a member of the White House coronavirus task force,said he wouldn't "get into who's right and who's wrong" when asked if he agreed with two widely disputed claims President Trump made a day earlier.

Politics - U.S. HouseJul 05, 2020
A Trump-Backed Senate Candidate's Hedge Fund Disaster
Tommy Tuberville, the football coach and leading Republican vying to take on Senator Doug Jones in Alabama, had a tumultuous foray into finance.

CNN PoliticsJul 05, 2020
Fact-checking Trump's Fourth of July speech
In his Fourth of July speech, President Donald Trump reflected on the nation's history and its accomplishments. He also made several false claims about the coronavirus and his administration's response to the pandemic.

Fox PoliticsJul 05, 2020
Trump to hold outdoor New Hampshire rally July 11, campaign announces
President Trump's re-election campaign announced Sunday that the president will headline an outdoor rally in the battleground state of New Hampshire next weekend, just his second rally since the coronavirus pandemic swept across the nation in March.

Fox PoliticsJul 05, 2020
GOP senator defends Trump's 4th of July speech, calls its 'one of the best that he has given'
Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., defended on Sunday President Trump's Fourth of July speech amid withering criticism from liberals - and an uneasy silence from some conservatives - that Trump's speech was divisive instead of unifying.

Fox PoliticsJul 05, 2020
Bolton questions how much time Trump spends watching TV versus listening to advisers
John Bolton on Sunday continued to deride President Trump amid their ongoing feud - this time by suggesting that Trump spends more time watching television than he does listening to his advisers.

Drudge ReportJul 05, 2020
Anti-Trump Republicans set new goal of defeating the GOP Senate...

(Third column, 6th story, link)

CNN PoliticsJul 05, 2020
Analysis: Strongmen rush to remake the world order as Trump faces potential election defeat
This past week, on US President Donald Trump's watch Russia and China have effectively re-aligned the coming world order. They didn't do it together, but both took advantage of uncertainty and unpredictability that Trump has helped create.

Drudge ReportJul 05, 2020
UPDATE: Duckworth emerges as serious contender...

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Strongmen rush to remake world order...

PoliticoJul 05, 2020
Trump's '99 percent' coronavirus comment finds little support
The FDA commissioner declined to back it, and mayors of Covid-19 hot spots expressed outrage over the dubious statistic.

Drudge ReportJul 05, 2020
Strongmen rush to remake world order...

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The Daily BeastJul 05, 2020
Charles Sumner Is the Heroic Yankee Senator Who Deserves a Statue
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Library of CongressWhile the rebels were defeated more than 155 years ago, it's clear from Donald Trump and his GOP cult that the Confederacy has survived. Watching Trump's hate-filled presidency—preventable mass death, raging indecency, and incitement of violence—has been a reality check. 

Trump's deadly pandemic neglect and his project of disunion in America are treason metastasized yet again in an America that exists halfway between Jefferson Davis and George Wallace. In a devastating rebuke on Twitter, Trump was recently asked to pick a flag: Old Glory or the Stars and Bars—the "very fine people" whose bigoted hate crimes Trump has egged on.

This is the right question, and, unfortunately, America has still not extinguished the influence of the Confederacy now inbred in a hateful minority of bigots.Abraham Lincoln's legacy looms monumentally large as a moral vision for national unity.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

New York Times PoliticsJul 04, 2020
At Mt. Rushmore and the White House, Trump Updates ‘American Carnage' Message for 2020
His ominous remarks were a concession to his political standing: trailing in the polls, lacking a booming economy or a positive message to campaign on, and leaning on culture wars to buoy his loyalists.

CNN PoliticsJul 04, 2020
Many White House attendees are not social distancing or wearing masks ahead of Trump's July 4th remarks
President Donald Trump on Saturday evening is expected to give "patriotic remarks" aimed at celebrating America's founding and the triumphs of American history while saluting the US military, according to an aide who has read the President's prepared remarks.

CNN PoliticsJul 04, 2020
Montana's Greg Gianforte suspends in-person campaign events after wife, running mate attended event with Kimberly Guilfoyle
Republican Rep. Greg Gianforte of Montana has suspended in-person campaigning for his gubernatorial bid in the state after his wife and running mate attended an event with Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. and a top fundraiser for the Trump campaign who has tested positive for coronavirus, a spokesperson for Gianforte's campaign told CNN on Saturday.

The Daily BeastJul 04, 2020
Trump Claims Journalists ‘Slander' All Veterans by Calling Out Racism in Independence Day Address
Tasos Katopodis/GettyFresh off an astonishingly incendiary speech at Mount Rushmore on Friday night, President Trump picked up where he left off on Saturday and took aim at the media—bizarrely claiming that journalists who call out racism somehow "slander" the entire country and all U.S. military veterans.

"To those in the media, who falsely and consistently label their opponents as racists, who condemn patriotic citizens...When you level these false charges, you not only slander me, you not only slander the American people, but you slander generations of heroes who gave their lives for America," he told the crowd gathered for the White House's Salute to America celebration.

Trump used most of his speech to dismiss the widespread anti-racism protests across the country as a leftist plot aimed at destroying the country, echoing his comments from a night earlier, when he rallied supporters against those taking part in the protests, who he described as "evil." Protesters have torn down statues of Confederate leaders, Christopher Columbus, and other figures known for stoking racial oppression, acts Trump vehemently opposes.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Huffington Post PoliticsJul 01, 2020
Trump's Pick For Public Lands Chief Puts Endangered GOP Senators In A Bind
Either Cory Gardner and Steve Daines back an anti-environment extremist and outrage public land advocates, or they oppose him and face Trump's wrath.

Democracy NowJun 10, 2020
Buffalo Police Assaulted a 75-Year-Old Longtime Peace Activist, Now Trump Is Attacking Him Too
We look at the story of peace activist Martin Gugino, who was hospitalized in critical condition after being pushed to the ground by a police officer in Buffalo last week — an attack captured on video that has been viewed millions of times. On Tuesday, President Trump attacked the 75-year-old activist on Twitter, suggesting he staged his fall and was "an ANTIFA provocateur," echoing baseless claims from a segment on the far-right channel One America News Network. We speak with Lu Aya, a member of the New York-based group The Peace Poets, who organized with Martin in the group Witness Against Torture. "Martin, first and foremost, is just one of the kindest, most good-hearted people I've been lucky to walk with," Aya says. "Martin is someone who deserves, like all our elders, much more respect and care."
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