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Fox PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
House Dems to challenge Trump emergency declaration on Friday
House Democrats are planning to file a resolution Friday to block President Trump's emergency declaration to secure more funding for his southern border wall, although the proposal faces questionable odds in the Senate and the virtually certain prospect of a fatal White House veto that would be nearly impossible for Congress to overcome.

Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen to testify before House oversight panel next week (Reuters Politics)
House Democrats move to block Trump's emergency declaration on border (Reuters Politics)

New York Times PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
White House Memo: Trump Cultivates a Kindred Spirit From a Continent He Often Antagonizes
President Trump hosted Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of Austria on Wednesday at the White House. They have a shared appeal to nationalism and determination to crack down on immigration.

Drudge ReportFeb 20, 2019
Dems move to block Trump's emergency declaration on border...

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Reuters PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
U.S. House Democrats move to block Trump's emergency declaration on border
Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives plan to introduce a resolution on Friday to end President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration on border security, according to aides to Representative Joaquin Castro.

Democrats call climate a national emergency while ripping Trump's border wall declaration (Fox Politics)

Washington Post PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
Sanders touts $6 million fundraising haul and draws the notice of Trump
Barely 24 hours into his second presidential bid, the senator from Vermont has also tapped a veteran political operative to run his campaign.

Fox PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
Alabama Democratic Sen. Doug Jones gets first GOP challenger for 2020
U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne announced his intention to run for the seat held by Democrat Doug Jones, vowing to be a senator "who will fight with President Trump

Washington Post PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
Michael Cohen to testify before House panel on Feb. 27
Lanny Davis, a lawyer for Cohen, said President Trump's former personal attorney "will not be deterred."

Michael Cohen testimony before House Oversight Committee rescheduled for Feb. 27 (Fox Politics)

CNN PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
White House braces for shakeup after Trump privately complains about Coats
White House officials have begun to have preliminary discussions about replacing Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats amid concerns that President Donald Trump may soon dismiss him, two senior administration officials told CNN, despite the President's public denial he's considering the move.

Drudge ReportFeb 20, 2019

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CNN PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
The Point: What if the Mueller report changes nothing?
Thanks to CNN reporting, we now know that Attorney General Bill Barr is readying to receive special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election -- and the possibility of collusion with Donald Trump's campaign -- as soon as next week.

Trump trains his sights on McCabe as the Mueller report on Russian interference looms (Washington Post Politics)

Washington Post PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
Stephen Biegun tutored Sarah Palin on foreign policy. Now he's trying to clinch a North Korea deal for Trump.
The U.S. special envoy arrived in Hanoi on a mission to close substantial gaps ahead of Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un next week.

Washington Post PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
Trump says Alabama woman who joined ISIS will not be allowed back into U.S.
"I have instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and he fully agrees, not to allow Hoda Muthana back into the Country!" the president tweeted.

Fox PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
McCarthy: House GOP didn't let Trump down on border wall
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., defended his party's actions in the House that ultimately led to President Donald Trump declaring a national emergency.

Reuters PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
Trump says he expects to meet North Korea's Kim again after Hanoi summit
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he expects to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un again after their planned summit next week in Hanoi.

PoliticoFeb 20, 2019
Poll: Majority opposes Trump emergency declaration for building border wall

The Daily BeastFeb 20, 2019
A North Korean Defector Shows How Kim Makes a Chump of Trump
Photo Illustration by The Daily BeastSEOUL—There is no way North Korea is going to give up its nukes, says Pyongyang's most prominent defector. And if President Donald Trump doesn't watch out, Thae Yong Ho predicts, he will slip into the quicksand of a deal that will lead "inevitably" to withdrawal of America's 28,500 troops from South Korea.

In a meeting with foreign correspondents here, Thae outlined the dangers facing U.S. policy with the emergence of what he called "the Trump doctrine." It bears a distinct resemblance, he said, to the "Nixon doctrine" that led the U.S. to pull its troops from South Vietnam and finally opened the way for North Vietnamese forces to overrun Saigon nearly half a century ago.

The fact that Trump will be sitting down with Kim Jong Un next week in Hanoi, capital of the Vietnamese regime that destroyed South Vietnamese forces in April 1975, deepened the scary image of looming disaster.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Fox PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
Mueller probe 'near the end game' amid shakeup at DOJ, sources say
Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe is wrapping up soon, and a source familiar with the investigation tells Fox News it is "near the end game" -- although there has been no formal notification to President Trump's legal team that Mueller's work is completed.

Trump says release of Russia probe report up to attorney general (Reuters Politics)
Matthew Whitaker's testimony about Trump trying to influence the Cohen probe was cagey. Now we might know why. (Washington Post Politics)

Reuters PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
Trump-California rift widens as auto emissions talks fail
U.S. federal officials have decided to end negotiations with California over the Trump administration's plans to roll back fuel economy rules designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a government official said on Wednesday.

Trump dangles auto tariffs in Europe trade talks, but carmakers aren't happy (CNN Politics)
Trump team to scrap talks with California on auto emissions: official (Reuters Politics)

Washington Post PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
The Energy 202: Democrats sound alarm about Trump appointees' proposed nuclear energy sales to Saudi Arabia
"Borderline insanity," one lawmaker called it.

Democracy NowFeb 20, 2019
Trump Admin's Secretive Talks to Sell Saudi Arabia Nuclear Technology Spark New Fear of Arms Race
House Democrats are accusing the Trump administration of moving toward transferring highly sensitive nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia in potential violation of U.S. law. Critics say the deal could endanger national security while enriching close allies of President Trump. Saudi Arabia is considering building as many as 16 nuclear power plants by 2030, but many critics fear the kingdom could use the technology to develop nuclear weapons and trigger a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. We speak with Democratic Congressmember Ro Khanna of California and Isaac Arnsdorf, a reporter with ProPublica. Arnsdorf first wrote about the intense and secretive lobbying effort to give nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia in 2017. His reporting was cited in the House report.

New York Times PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
CNN Is Criticized for Hiring Trump Administration Aide as a Political Editor
Sarah Isgur Flores, a Republican spokeswoman who worked for Jeff Sessions at the Justice Department, is making the leap to a news role with the network.

PoliticoFeb 20, 2019
Trump says he directed Pompeo not to let ISIS bride back in U.S.

CNN PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
Candidates vie to be Trump's next UN ambassador
A leading contender for the vacant United Nations Ambassador role made a not so subtle pitch for the job in a Fox News interview on Wednesday.

CNN PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
The Point: How 'weak' a 2020 candidate is Donald Trump, really?
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is thinking about challenging President Donald Trump in the 2020 Republican presidential primary for one simple reason: He's not sure Trump can actually win a second term.

Andrew McCabe exacts tell-all revenge on Donald Trump (Yahoo Politics)

CNN PoliticsFeb 20, 2019
Michael Cohen granted delay in reporting to prison
Judge William Pauley has approved a request from former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to delay his his date to report to prison from March 6 to May 6.

Michael Cohen prison date pushed back to May 6 (Fox Politics)

Washington Post PoliticsFeb 19, 2019
Caught between Trump and the left, Democratic candidates seek to avoid the socialism squeeze
The presidential candidates are tussling over how far left to move policies, as Republicans take aim at their most liberal proposals.

CNN PoliticsFeb 19, 2019
The Point: 1 sentence that explains Donald Trump and the Russia investigation
The New York Times published a 4,536-word opus on President Donald Trump's two-year-long (and running!) attempt to thwart the multiple investigations into his 2016 presidential campaign and its ties to Russia.

New York Times PoliticsFeb 19, 2019
House Opens Inquiry into Proposed U.S. Nuclear Venture in Saudi Arabia
House Democrats say a proposed nuclear power venture in Saudi Arabia could expose conflicts of interests in the Trump administration and possible violations of law.
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