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CNN PoliticsApr 08, 2020
Democratic super PAC turns up focus on Trump's coronavirus response
A top Democratic super PAC will begin running scores of new digital ads on Wednesday aimed at holding President Donald Trump accountable for a host of comments he has made about his administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Susan Rice Pens A Very Long List Of Donald Trump's Coronavirus Pandemic Failings (Huffington Post Politics)
Dem Groups Begin Digital Assault of Trump Over Coronavirus (The Daily Beast)

CNN PoliticsApr 08, 2020
Trump and Pence stay close even as aides ramp up guards protecting chain of command
For two days in a row, President Donald Trump has downplayed questions about whether he should distance himself from his second-in-line to guard against them both contracting coronavirus, even as other world leaders see members of their cabinets infected -- or, in the case of Britain's Boris Johnson, fall victim to the disease themselves.

PoliticoApr 08, 2020
Poll: Majority of Americans now disapprove of federal coronavirus efforts, Trump's handling of crisis
The survey shows that Americans are developing a more solid opinion of the president's response to the outbreak.

New York Times PoliticsApr 08, 2020
Trump Slammed the W.H.O. Over Coronavirus. He's Not Alone.
Critics say the World Health Organization was too trusting of China and did not push it on its early missteps. But supporters say the agency's powers over any government are limited.

The Daily BeastApr 08, 2020
Dennis Quaid Believes Trump Is ‘Doing a Good Job' Handling Coronavirus
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photo Getty"Is it as dire as we see on television?" asks Dennis Quaid.

The veteran all-American actor, who's starred in everything from The Right Stuff and The Parent Trap to Any Given Sunday, is phoning me from the Hollywood Hills, where he's holed up with his fiancée Laura Savoie. He's curious about the situation in New York City, where I am, which has become the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, with at least 74,601 cases and 3,544 deaths as of Tuesday morning.

Back in 2007, following the near-death of his 10-day-old twins, who were accidentally administered 1,000 times the regular dosage of the blood-thinner heparin at a hospital, the actor became an outspoken patient-safety advocate, testifying on Capitol Hill and producing a number of documentaries about the health-care system, so he finds the current crisis very troubling, though maintains that Donald Trump's been doing a "good job" handling it—a point that we very much disagree on.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Washington Post PoliticsApr 07, 2020
What you need to know from Tuesday's White House coronavirus briefing
Trump acknowledges black Americans are getting hit hard; supports Wisconsin's in-person primary.

Washington Post PoliticsApr 07, 2020
Meadows installs new press secretary as part of White House staff shake-up
President Trump is counting on his new chief of staff to sharpen his team's political messaging as much of the White House remains consumed by the coronavirus pandemic.

PoliticoApr 07, 2020
Trump administration weighs lifting coronavirus aid freeze
Agencies are discussing a draft presidential memorandum outlining the proposal, which has yet to land on the president's desk.

New York Times PoliticsApr 07, 2020
With Demand Soaring, Congress Weighs Adding $250 Billion in Small-Business Aid
Less than two weeks after enactment of a $2 trillion stimulus plan, the Trump administration is asking for a fresh infusion of funds to help businesses survive the economic damage of the coronavirus.

CNN PoliticsApr 07, 2020
Biden describes his phone call with Trump about coronavirus response
Former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday said he told President Donald Trump in their phone call that the federal response to the novel coronavirus pandemic is "about taking responsibility."

The Daily BeastApr 07, 2020
Trump Fires Inspectors General as He Grows Insular and Paranoid in His Coronavirus Response
Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily BeastAs the coronavirus has engulfed his presidency, Donald Trump has grown insular and paranoid, retreating to the comfort zones he's enjoyed at other scandal points in office and lashing out against perceived foes with a mix of defiance and impetuousness.

In recent days, Trump has ousted and denigrated inspectors general at various government agencies tasked with holding his administration accountable as it oversees a massive economic and public health response to the pandemic. It's a move that has alarmed congressional critics who see the president as increasingly unmoored from a system of checks and balances, and perhaps emboldened by his own impeachment, for which he was acquitted. 

"President Trump has engaged in a series of actions designed to prevent or neuter any kind of oversight over his actions and misconduct," said House Intel Committee chair Adam Schiff (D-CA), who led the impeachment inquiry, in a statement to The Daily Beast. "I don't think anyone should be surprised, because he's telegraphed that he will reject any kind of accountability. But the fact that he would do this in the middle of a national crisis, when the health and safety of the American people are at stake and trillions of dollars are being allocated to help, is a new and dangerous low."

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Washington Post PoliticsApr 07, 2020
Combative in public, Trump administration and congressional leaders negotiate behind the scenes on coronavirus relief
Trump hasn't spoken to Pelosi since October, but she has dealt with Mnuchin multiple times as the nation grapples with the coronavirus pandemic and an economic crisis.

Yahoo PoliticsApr 07, 2020
Trump adviser warned of millions of virus deaths in January. Trump says he saw the memo only this week.
President Trump said Tuesday that he did not learn of two memos written in January and February by his own economic adviser warning that a COVID-19 pandemic could kill as many as 2 million Americans until "maybe a day ago."

Reuters PoliticsApr 07, 2020
Trump removes top coronavirus watchdog, widens attack on inspectors general
President Donald Trump removed the inspector general who was to oversee the government's $2.3 trillion coronavirus response, the spokeswoman for the inspector general's office said on Tuesday, fueling concerns in Congress about how his administration would manage the package.

Trump removes another inspector general, declaring war on government watchdogs (Yahoo Politics)

Huffington Post PoliticsApr 07, 2020
John Lewis, Once Trump Target, Backs Joe Biden For President
"It would be good to have a woman of color" as vice president, said civil rights icon and Georgia Rep. John Lewis.

The Daily BeastApr 07, 2020
Fox's Brian Kilmeade: ‘I Salute Wisconsin' for Holding In-Person Voting During Pandemic
Fox News host Brian Kilmeade on Tuesday applauded the state of Wisconsin for holding an in-person election as scheduled despite stay-at-home orders, wondering what the "big deal" was with waiting in long lines during the coronavirus pandemic.

Given concerns over social distancing, the Wisconsin Democratic governor attempted to get the election postponed, only to have the state's conservative-majority high court overrule him on Monday. The governor's decree to extend the deadline for absentee ballots into June was also overruled, this time by the U.S. Supreme Court. (All four liberal members of the court dissented.)

Kilmeade, however, felt that the state should be saluted for forcing its residents to brave a deadly outbreak if they want their votes to be counted.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Fox PoliticsApr 07, 2020
Trump vows to add more money to Payback Protection Program to aid ailing small businesses
President Trump promised on Tuesday to quickly get more money to small businesses struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic during a meeting with banking CEOs.

The Daily BeastApr 07, 2020
Biden: Voting in Wisconsin Is Safe. Locals: It Could Kill Us
GettyAs the fate of Wisconsin's primary volleyed between the state's Democratic governor, its Republican-led legislature, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the man who appears set to win the election scheduled to take place on Tuesday has avoided taking a hard stance on the wisdom of holding the lone contest in April not to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"There's a lot of things that can be done; that's for the Wisconsin courts and folks to decide," former Vice President Joe Biden said last Thursday in a virtual press briefing, in which he insisted that in-person and mail-in voting could both be done safely—even though he considers the possibility of a national convention in the state to be a potential risk to public health.

"A convention having tens of thousands of people in one arena is very different than having people walk into a polling booth with accurate spacing with 6 to 10 feet apart, one at a time going in, and having the machines scrubbed down," Biden said. "I think you could hold the election as well dealing with mail-in ballots and same-day registration. I think it could be done… but that's for them to decide."

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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CNN PoliticsApr 05, 2020
Trump doubles down on unproven drugs to treat and prevent coronavirus
President Donald Trump on Sunday again doubled down on an unproven therapy for the novel coronavirus: hydroxychloroquine.
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