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New York Times PoliticsJan 18, 2020
Trump's Defense Team Calls Impeachment Charges ‘Brazen' as Democrats Make Legal Case
In a six-page filing formally responding to the impeachment charges, President Trump's lawyers rejected the case against him as illegitimate and described the effort to remove him as dangerous.

In impeachment document, Democrats say Trump endangers security, Trump denies (Reuters Politics)

Washington Post PoliticsJan 18, 2020
House Democrats say Senate ‘must eliminate the threat' that the president poses to national security
In a 111-page trial brief, released Saturday, the seven managers laid out their case for conviction and removal of Trump from office.

The Daily BeastJan 18, 2020
Trump Lawyers to Senate: Reject ‘Defective' Impeachment Articles to Protect the ‘Will of the American People'
Nicholas Kamm/AFP/GettyOn the eve of the Senate's impeachment trial, President Trump's attorneys outlined a defense strategy that seeks to turn House Democrats' articles of impeachment on their head, arguing it was not the president who abused his power, but the House, and it was not the House's duty that was unjustly obstructed, but the president's.

In a fiery, six-page letter released on Saturday, Trump's lead lawyers—Jay Sekulow and Pat Cipollone—argue that the Senate should not only reject the articles of impeachment but that those articles are blatantly unconstitutional and violate the will of the American people.

The articles, the attorneys claim, are "defective in their entirety… They are the product of invalid proceedings that flagrantly denied the president any due process rights. They rest on dangerous distortions of the Constitution that would do lasting damage to our structure of government."

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Fox PoliticsJan 18, 2020
House Democrats urge Senate to 'eliminate the threat' of Trump, in opening impeachment trial salvo
House impeachment managers file their opening briefings in their case against President Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

House Democrats And White House File Arguments Ahead Of Impeachment Trial (Huffington Post Politics)

Washington Post PoliticsJan 18, 2020
Iowa Democrats revamped their caucuses to fend off disinformation. Now some fear the changes could sow new confusion in tight 2020 race.
Distrust and disputes in 2016 compelled reforms to the state's famously arcane process. But with the changes come the possibility of fresh complications.

Washington Post PoliticsJan 18, 2020
Trump expands legal team to include Alan Dershowitz, Kenneth Starr as Democrats release new documents
The House impeachment managers and Trump defense team face deadlines for briefs over the holiday weekend before the historic trial resumes next week.

Reuters PoliticsJan 18, 2020
Angered by weapons ban, organizers urge thousands to attend Virginia gun rally
Organizers of a Virginia gun rally urged thousands of people to attend Monday's event protesting Democrats' push to stiffen the state's gun laws after its top court upheld the governor's emergency ban on weapons at the rally grounds.

CNN PoliticsJan 18, 2020
READ: House Democrats' brief on why Trump should be removed from office

House Democrats make their case for removing Trump from office (CNN Politics)
Devin Nunes aide exchanged information with Lev Parnas about Ukraine campaign, documents reveal (CNN Politics)
New documents from Parnas reveal more on possible Yovanovitch surveillance, communication with Nunes aide (CNN Politics)
Highlights: Biden, Sanders face off on war and trade at Democratic debate (Reuters Politics)
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