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The Daily BeastNov 15, 2018
Stephen Colbert Roasts Trump AG Matt Whitaker's ‘Masculine Toilet' for the Well-Endowed
CBSActing Attorney General Matt Whitaker's role as a board member for World Patent Marketing has been turning some heads this week, including those of House Democrats who want to investigate the company that allegedly scammed million of dollars from its customers.

Stephen Colbert dedicated the bulk of his monologue Wednesday night to the revelations about Whitaker's company, from its attempts to prove that Bigfoot is real to its belief in the viability of time travel.

"Whitaker's company was shut down for defrauding investors out of $26 million," Colbert told viewers. "So, this has all been fun, right? Bigfoot, time travel, fraud. You can't ask for more. And yet, the Matt Whitaker giveth, because I invite you now to join me in viewing the best product the new attorney general of the United States ever helped sell the world: the extra-deep ‘masculine toilet' for the well-endowed."

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Fox PoliticsNov 14, 2018
Florida asks US to investigate ‘irregularities' as state races toward recount deadline
Florida election officials asked federal prosecutors to look into allegations state Democrats sent faulty forms to voters in four counties that could have resulted in mail-in ballots being disqualified, Fox News confirmed Wednesday.

Democrats and Republicans offer dueling narratives in recount as Thursday deadline nears (Yahoo Politics)

Fox PoliticsNov 14, 2018
Ballot box disputes: Democrats use legal action when losing races, but want results untouched when they lead
Democrats in at least five hotly contested races are trying to preserve the results - when they are winning - or take additional measures and legal actions to count more ballots if they are trailing in the election.

The Daily BeastNov 14, 2018
The Republican Candidates Who Say Counting Votes Is ‘Stealing Elections'
Photo illustration by The Daily BeastAs a number of races have yet to be called throughout the country, a number of Republican candidates in close contests have said that standard vote-counting procedures are an effort by Democrats to steal elections.

This has been most visible in Florida, where a messy ballot process and a state-mandated machine recount have complicated a razor-thin Senate race between Republican Gov. Rick Scott and incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. (The state's gubernatorial race between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum is also under recount, though the initial margin there is larger for DeSantis.)

The senate election recount has involved lawsuits and questions about how many provisional and mail-in ballots were determined invalid because of signature discrepancies. It's even possible that a poor ballot design in liberal Broward County—where there were a lot of undervotes—could cost Nelson the race.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Washington Post PoliticsNov 14, 2018
Do Democrats want Nancy Pelosi as Speaker again? Poll finds more prefer ‘someone else'
As Pelosi spends the week back on Capitol Hill trying to convince her colleagues to give her another run at being House speaker, fewer than one-quarter of self-identified Democrats say their party's lawmakers should pick her.

Washington Post PoliticsNov 14, 2018
Congressional leadership elections: House Republicans elect Kevin McCarthy as next leader; Pelosi seeks to shore up votes for speaker
Senators of both parties and House Republicans were picking their leaders. House Democrats vote later this month, but plenty of jockeying was expected Wednesday.
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