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Yahoo PoliticsSep 28, 2023
Biden impeachment: Full coverage of House Republicans' 1st open hearing

'Look for the fire': 5 takeaways from Republicans' first impeachment hearing of Joe Biden (Yahoo Politics)
First Impeachment Hearing Yields No New Information on Biden (New York Times Politics)

CNN PoliticsSep 28, 2023
Biden issues warning over Trump's threats to democracy as they head toward possible rematch
President Joe Biden issued blunt new warnings about ongoing threats to US democracy in a major address Thursday, sharpening the central argument in his potential rematch with Donald Trump, who he's accused of trying to "destroy" bedrock American institutions.

New York Times PoliticsSep 28, 2023
With Shutdown Looming, Biden Points to Republican Infighting
The president and his team insist they do not want the government to shut down. But they are also confident that Republicans will receive the blame if it does.

CNN PoliticsSep 28, 2023
Fact check: Republicans make false, misleading claims at first Biden impeachment inquiry hearing
The Republican-led House Oversight Committee is holding its first hearing Thursday in the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden -- and Republicans on the committee have made a series of false and misleading claims, as well as some other claims that have left out critical context.

PoliticoSep 28, 2023
DeSantis slams Trump and Biden after Republican debate
The attacks from the Florida governor come as DeSantis failed to create a memorable moment at Wednesday night's debate.

CNN PoliticsSep 28, 2023
Takeaways from President Biden's first impeachment hearing by House Oversight panel
House Republicans kicked off their first impeachment inquiry hearing Thursday laying out the allegations they will pursue against President Joe Biden, though their expert witnesses acknowledged Republicans don't yet have the evidence to prove the accusation they're leveling.

Yahoo PoliticsSep 28, 2023
Biden to describe Trump's 'MAGA' following as an 'extremist movement' posing a threat to democracy

Yahoo PoliticsSep 28, 2023
Biden Uses DeSantis' Dig At Trump In New Campaign Ad

PoliticoSep 28, 2023
Biden evokes McCain's memory as he warns of Trump's threat to democracy
The president spent the bulk of his speech in Arizona warning of his predecessor's threat to democracy.

Democracy NowSep 28, 2023
"Donald Duck" & "Missing in Action": GOP Rivals Criticize Trump for Skipping Another Debate
Donald Trump skipped the second Republican presidential debate of the 2024 race on Wednesday, declining once again to share a stage with competitors for the nomination whom he leads in the polls by double digits. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie criticized Trump for his absence, but most of the seven candidates avoided direct attacks on the front-runner. Instead, they largely aimed their fire at President Joe Biden — and each other. We air highlights from the debate, including the candidates' remarks on the UAW strike, immigration and the economy.

CNN PoliticsSep 28, 2023
Biden announces library in honor of longtime friend John McCain in Arizona
President Joe Biden on Thursday announced the construction of an Arizona library in honor of his longtime friend, the late Republican Sen. John McCain.

Biden honors John McCain, highlighting battle for the "soul of America" (Yahoo Politics)

Yahoo PoliticsSep 28, 2023
Republicans' Own Witnesses Say There's Not Enough Evidence To Impeach Joe Biden

Yahoo PoliticsSep 28, 2023
OnPolitics: Catch up with Joe Biden's first impeachment inquiry hearing

Yahoo PoliticsSep 28, 2023
Impeachment hearing live updates: What witnesses are saying about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden

Huffington Post PoliticsSep 28, 2023
Republican Impeachment Witnesses Say More Evidence Needed Against Joe Biden
The first GOP-led impeachment hearing revisited the debunked 2019 allegation that Biden corrupted U.S. foreign policy toward Ukraine.

Democracy NowAug 31, 2023
Scientist Peter Kalmus: The Hurricanes, Floods & Fires of 2023 Are Just the Beginning of Climate Emergency
As Hurricane Idalia left a wake of destruction Wednesday, President Joe Biden said, "I don't think anybody can deny the impact of the climate crisis anymore." Climate activist and scientist Peter Kalmus calls for Biden to declare a climate emergency in order to unleash the government's ability to transition away from fossil fuels. "The public just doesn't understand, in my opinion, what a deep emergency we are in," says Kalmus. "This is the merest beginning of what we're going to see in coming years." Kalmus blasts the fossil fuel industry for manipulating politics through campaign contributions, and GOP presidential candidates for misleading the public about climate science. "As a parent, as a citizen and as a scientist, I find it appalling and disgusting," declares Kalmus. "I can't mince words anymore."
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