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Washington Post PoliticsApr 22, 2021
Bill to combat hate crimes against Asian Americans passes Senate with bipartisan support
The House is expected to take up the legislation next month. President Biden has vowed to sign it when it reaches his desk.

Senate Resoundingly Passes Bill to Target Anti-Asian Hate Crimes (New York Times Politics)

Washington Post PoliticsApr 22, 2021
House Democrats pass D.C. statehood, launching bill into uncharted territory
Statehood supporters will target the Senate, where opposition is strong but leaders have promised a hearing.

DC Statehood Vote: House Approves, But Senate Obstacles Remain (New York Times Politics)

Huffington Post PoliticsApr 22, 2021
97 House Democrats Call On Senate To End The Filibuster
Progressive and moderate Democrats tell the Senate to change its rules so the party can enact its agenda.

Unions warn Senate Democrats: Pass the PRO Act, or else (Politico)

Yahoo PoliticsApr 22, 2021
U.S. Senate Republicans tap Tim Scott to respond to Biden speech

Fox PoliticsApr 22, 2021
Bret Baier: Democrats' attempt to make Washington DC 51st state "not realistic" right now
Admitting Washington D.C. to the Union as the 51st state is "not realistic" unless Senate Democrats are able to make "the filibuster go by the wayside," Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier told "The Story" Thursday.

Arizona mail-in voting bill stalls in Senate amid heated debate between GOP lawmakers (CNN Politics)
House Lawmakers Approve D.C. Statehood Bill (Politics - U.S. House)

Yahoo PoliticsApr 22, 2021
Senate passes anti-Asian hate crimes bill in overwhelming bipartisan vote

Yahoo PoliticsApr 22, 2021
COVID-19 hate crimes bill to fight Asian American discrimination passes Senate

The Daily BeastApr 22, 2021
U.S. Military: We'll Still Bomb Post-Pullout Afghanistan
John Moore/Getty ImagesThe defense intellectual Fred Ikle once wrote that every war must end. Yet the U.S. military's plans for Afghanistan after President Biden's announced withdrawal are its latest rebuke to Ikle.

In testimony to a skeptical Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday morning, Gen. Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) explained that after the withdrawal of American troops, the U.S. will reserve the right to launch airstrikes, typically from drones, into Afghanistan, should it perceive a threat to its interests.

"We have a number of ways to get to a ‘fix' solution," said McKenzie, using jargon referring to a lethal targeting designation, "ranging from precision strike at very long range, to on-the-ground options, should those prove necessary." At a different point in the hearing, McKenzie and Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) discussed how long it takes to get armed MQ-1 Predator and MQ-4 Reaper drones into the country from offshore bases.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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