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Politics - U.S. SenateSep 25, 2018
The Democratic Dream: Defeat Kavanaugh, Win the Senate and Stop Trump Supreme Court Picks
That scenario helps explain why President Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell are so determined to push through Brett Kavanaugh rather than replace him with a less damaged candidate.

News Analysis: The Democratic Dream: Defeat Kavanaugh, Win the Senate and Stop Trump Supreme Court Picks (New York Times Politics)

The Daily BeastSep 25, 2018
Joe Scarborough on ‘The View': Kavanaugh's Views on Racial Discrimination Should Keep Him Off Supreme Court
The View/ScreenshotJoe Scarborough, the former Republican congressman and host of MSNBC's Morning Joe, does not think Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed as Supreme Court justice. But it has nothing to do with the sexual-assault allegations against him.

"You've got Democratic senators that are basically saying, ‘I don't need to hear Kavanaugh, he's a rapist!'" Scarborough said during a joint appearance with his co-host and partner Mika Brzesinski on The View Tuesday morning. "You've got Republican senators going out there and going, ‘I don't need to hear these women, they're lying!'" Since we "still have due process in America," he said the FBI should investigate the claims and "come back with the facts."

Scarborough said he believes that "at the end of the day" Kavanaugh will make it to the bench but added that if he were a senator, he would not vote to confirm him.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Washington Post PoliticsSep 25, 2018
In his speech at the U.N., Trump again embraces Poland's shift away from liberal democracy
Trump praised the "sovereignty" of a country that's rolled back democratic processes and civil liberties.

Fox PoliticsSep 25, 2018
Oklahoma Democratic candidate challenges GOP rival to shooting contest
A Democratic state congressional candidate in Oklahoma has challenged his GOP rival to a shooting match to see who is better suited to support Second Amendment rights, The Tulsa World reported.

April Freeman, Florida Democratic Congressional Candidate, Dies Unexpectedly (Huffington Post Politics)

The Daily BeastSep 25, 2018
Maybe the GOP Should Dump Brett Kavanaugh for Mike Lee
Getty/Photo Illustration by The Daily BeastIn football, your enemy isn't the other team; your enemy is the clock. From a purely strategic standpoint, the same thing could be said about the current Supreme Court nomination battle. The Republicans' enemy isn't the Democrats, whom they outnumber. Their true enemy is the clock. That's why the Democrats have been trying to "delay, delay, delay." And, for a week now, it has worked.

Why are Republicans in a race against time? Because there is no guarantee that they will hold the Senate next year. Even if they do, their majority could be even slimmer than it is now, leaving less room for error. What is more, if they push to confirm a nominee in a lame duck session this fall, Republicans won't have any leverage over Democratic senators living in red states, such as North Dakota's Heidi Heitkamp and West Virginia's Joe Manchin. The current leverage is that they have to get themselves reelected. But if that pressure is gone, whether they've won or lost on Nov. 6, they're surely more likely to be solid no votes.

With the clock ticking, Republicans should ask themselves whether it's time to replace Kavanaugh or whether they should stick with their starter.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Fox PoliticsSep 24, 2018
April Freeman, Dem House candidate in Florida, dies unexpectedly
A Democratic Florida Congressional candidate died unexpectedly on Sunday night, her family said.
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