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Fox PoliticsMay 24, 2019
Laura Ingraham blasts Pelosi as 'obsessed' with Trump, 'muttering and sputtering'
In a biting monologue Thursday night, Fox News' Laura Ingraham went after Nancy Pelosi, saying the House speaker has an "obsession" with President Trump, calling her "the leader of the do-nothing party" and questioning her mental fitness.

Trump impeachment debate 'torturing' Democrats, Matt Gaetz tells Sean Hannity (Fox Politics)

The Daily BeastMay 23, 2019
Team Trump, Including a Fox Host, Go All-In on Pushing Doctored Pelosi Videos
Chip Somodevilla/GettyJust hours after having multiple senior aides vouch for his calm state of mind after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused him of a temper tantrum, President Trump took to Twitter late Thursday to push an edited video of the top Democrat supposedly "stammering" through a news conference, jumping on a conspiracy-theory bandwagon that had been raging on social media throughout the day.

The video, which was first aired by the Fox Business Network and appeared to have been cleverly edited to make Pelosi's speech seem impaired, came after several doctored videos purporting to show a "drunk" Pelosi slurring her words spread like wildfire on social media, all while Trump tried to convince the public that Pelosi was not to be taken seriously because she is "crazy" and "a mess."

Even Fox News reported that the videos were doctored, but that didn't stop Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani from tweeting out a link to one of the already debunked videos late Thursday.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Fox PoliticsMay 23, 2019
Trump did not try to 'trap' Democrats with White House meeting: Kellyanne Conway
Counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway said on Thursday that Democrats' allegation the administration set a trap for them was incorrect.

Fox PoliticsMay 23, 2019
Pelosi hits back at Trump: I'll work with him when he 'starts acting more presidential'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., knocked President Trump's behavior, suggesting he wasn't "presidential" when he called her "Crazy Nancy" during a news conference on Thursday.

Fox PoliticsMay 23, 2019
Judge who upheld Trump subpoena donated to Dems on committee seeking the records
The New York federal judge who ruled on Wednesday that the Trump administration must comply with two subpoenas from House Financial Services and Intelligence Committees has donated in the past to a slew of big name Democrats -- including two who currently sit on those committees.

Trump-Pelosi feud shows Dems have 'nothing,' look 'ridiculous': Mike Huckabee (Fox Politics)

Fox PoliticsMay 23, 2019
Trump critics 'prefer to insult and incite' rather than legislate, GOP congressman says
Democrats critical of President Trump would prefer to hurl insults and launch investigations instead of passing meaningful laws, a Republican congressman claimed Thursday.

Trump-Pelosi feud 'theater' for GOP, Dem bases, Byron York says (Fox Politics)

Fox PoliticsMay 23, 2019
Juan Williams, Greg Gutfeld on whether the media should apologize for promoting Michael Avenatti
Do CNN and MSNBC hosts owe Americans an explanation for hosting now disgraced anti-Trump attorney Michael Avenatti? Greg Gutfeld made that argument Thursday on "The Five," calling out networks and shows who lauded Avenatti and saying that the lawyer explored their "weakness" for attacking the president.

Fox PoliticsMay 23, 2019
Pelosi urges Trump aides, family to stage an ‘intervention' for the 'good of the country'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday urged members of the Trump family, White House staff and administration officials to stage an "intervention" for President Trump, after claiming he had a "temper tantrum" "again."
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