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The Daily BeastOct 24, 2021
SNL's Michael Che Nails Trump's New ‘Sex Offender' Social Network
NBCColin Jost opened the Halloween edition of Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" with the "most haunting image" he saw this past week. No, it wasn't Kanye West in his creepy white mask, he joked: "Sorry, Ye, he goes by Ye now. Even though no one looks at this and goes, ‘Yay!'"

He was actually talking about Steve Bannon, "former White House, I want to say garbage man," who was held in contempt of Congress this week for avoiding a subpoena in the January 6th investigation. "But this is what Bannon wants," Jost said. "It just plays into his whole persecuted messiah complex. But Bannon is similar to Jesus in that he looks like he's been dead for three days."

"After weeks of intense media scrutiny, Facebook is planning to change its company's name," Jost continued. "If you want to know how Facebook is handling the pressure, the answer is exactly as well as Kanye.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily BeastOct 24, 2021
How George Washington's Idea of Executive Privilege Got Mangled
Getty ImagesIn plain language, President Joe Biden rejected former President Donald Trump's assertion of executive privilege over executive branch information pertaining to the Jan. 6 insurrection. In a letter to the archivist of the United States, White House counsel shared that executive privilege "is not in the best interests" of the country. The White House's interpretation is consistent with the first use of executive privilege by George Washington and the powerful precedent that he established in 1796. This limited scope of executive privilege, and the inherit right of congressional oversight, is a welcome step toward a more balanced government.

The words "executive privilege" do not exist in the Constitution, nor is there a right to presidential privacy articulated in the original document. Yet, as presidential authority expanded over the course of the 20th century, so too did presidents' assertion of executive privilege—all without additional legislation, statute, or constitutional amendment defining this right. Instead, the president's authority to keep certain information private stems from precedent, custom, and norms.

On March 30, 1796, President George Washington asserted executive privilege for the first time. A few days prior, Jeffersonian Republicans in the House of Representatives had requested all executive papers pertaining to the Jay Treaty. John Jay had ne

Yahoo PoliticsOct 24, 2021
'Joe Biden' Meets His Cool Jason Sudeikis Self On 'Saturday Night Live'

Yahoo PoliticsOct 23, 2021
Deal on Biden's $2T plan edges closer; Harris is 'confident'

Biden's Compromise on Spending Bills Could Have Consequences (New York Times Politics)

Fox PoliticsOct 23, 2021
Biden widely mocked on social media for bizarre hand gestures
Social media users took to the internet following President Biden's CNN town hall, drawing comparison between his behavior and that of the cartoon character Beavis from ‘Beavis and Butt-head'.

Yahoo PoliticsOct 23, 2021
Democrats target billionaires to pay for Biden's social spending

Yahoo PoliticsOct 23, 2021
Biden Crafts a Climate Plan B: Tax Credits, Regulation and State Action

Fox PoliticsOct 23, 2021
Biden delays release of JFK assassination records, blaming COVID-19 pandemic
The U.S. will "unfortunately" continue to delay the public release of records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and officials say the COVID-19 pandemic is to blame.

The Daily BeastOct 23, 2021
Jason Sudeikis Returns as SNL's ‘Fun' and ‘Lucid' Joe Biden
NBCOver the course of nine seasons as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, Jason Sudeikis played dozens of recurring characters, perhaps most famously then-Vice President Joe Biden. In the years since, the show first went the stunt-casting route—to disastrous effect—with Jim Carrey, before briefly turning the role over to Alex Moffat and then this season letting new featured player James Austin Johnson take the reins.

When the Ted Lasso star returned to host SNL for the first time this week, they couldn't help but give him another shot at the current president.

After a cold open in which Chloe Fineman's Jen Psaki reluctantly informed SNL's new Biden about his sinking poll numbers, Johnson looked into the camera and said, "I don't understand. People used to like me. The press would call me ‘Uncle Joe.' I miss the old me. Where the hell did that guy go?"

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Washington Post PoliticsOct 23, 2021
Sinema's silence on spending bill vexes many Democrats while she digs in on talks out of public view
As Biden and Democratic leaders close in on a budget deal, the murky goals and demands of the Arizona senator remain a persistent uncertainty.

Politics - U.S. SenateOct 22, 2021
Biden Bolsters Senate Filibuster Foes, but a Fight May Wait
The president's criticism of the Senate tactic was a recognition that legislating has become nearly impossible when the filibuster is routine.
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