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Washington Post PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
Biden identifies Republicans calling for changes to Medicare, Social Security
During his State of the Union speech, Biden said some Republicans wanted to targer Social Security and Medicare. In Wisconsin Wednesday, he named names.

Biden brings his battle with Republicans on the road after contentious State of the Union (CNN Politics)
Joe Biden goes full populist as he searches for common ground (CNN Politics)

Yahoo PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
Biden, Republicans engage in fiery debt ceiling back-and-forth during State of the Union address

Biden enjoys State of the Union reviews as Republicans stoke culture-war fire (Yahoo Politics)

Yahoo PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
With an eye on a 2024 reelection bid, President Joe Biden takes his economic message to union workers in Wisconsin

Yahoo PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
Biden on Republicans: ‘Their dream is to cut Social Security and Medicare'

Yahoo PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
Chrissy Teigen's Trump diss takes center stage at House hearing meant to discuss Hunter Biden

OnPolitics: House GOP kicks off Biden investigations by grilling Twitter execs on Hunter's laptop (Yahoo Politics)
House Republicans grill Twitter execs on Hunter Biden laptop story, Nikki Haley to visit NH: updates (Yahoo Politics)

The Daily BeastFeb 08, 2023
No One With a Functioning Brain Sees the GOP as the ‘Party of Normal'
Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/ReutersThere is perhaps no bit of American political theater more overrated in its importance than the president's annual State of the Union address. Sure, it's a great opportunity for the president to use the bully pulpit to his advantage, but more often than not it just reinforces the political biases of Democrats and Republicans.

However, to that latter point, President Joe Biden did enjoy one nice benefit from his 73-minute speech last night. Thanks to the caucus of House Republicans boorishly heckling him as if they were at a football game, Biden came off as confident, optimistic, and…normal, by comparison. He was the proverbial adult in the room, promoting a message that not all Americans will agree with, but at the very least sought to address their major concerns.

In contrast, there was the GOP's State of the Union response, delivered by Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who also happened to have been former President Donald Trump's press secretary from 2017 to 2019.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Washington Post PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
Post Politics Now: Biden visiting Wisconsin after spirited State of the Union address
The president is hitting the road to make the case for economic initiatives that were highlighted in Tuesday night's address to a joint session of Congress.

President Biden's 2023 State of the Union address (CNN Politics)

Yahoo PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
Former Twitter executives testify on decision to suppress Hunter Biden story

Yahoo PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
So Did Joe Biden And Republicans Agree On Social Security And Medicare Last Night?

Washington Post PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
Breaking down the most contentious exchange between Biden and the GOP
A look at Rick Scott's proposal, which Republicans support it, how Biden summarized it — and what the tense exchange says about the future of entitlement reform.

Yahoo PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
Republicans grill ex-Twitter executives over handling of Hunter Biden story

Yahoo PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
Hunter Biden laptop story enflames House lawmakers: 7 takeaways from Twitter hearing

Politics - U.S. SenateFeb 08, 2023
Many of Biden's Goals on Police Reform Are Still Incomplete
President Biden said in his annual address to Congress that it was time to "finish the job" on police reform, even as many of his most ambitious goals are stalled.

Huffington Post PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
The Best Part Of Joe Biden's SOTU Address Happened After It Was Over
Most networks didn't air it, but the president stuck around for a while cracking up Supreme Court justices, telling stories and giving people comfort.

Yahoo PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
Biden bets on traditional politics over culture wars

New York Times PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
President Biden Is Not Backing Off His Big-Government Agenda
In his first appearance before a Republican House, the president renewed calls for large new economic programs and offered no concessions on federal spending.

PoliticoFeb 08, 2023
GOP laughs, gripes follow Biden's SOTU oil line
Joe Biden got some unexpected GOP laughs and applause when he said the country would need oil and gas for "at least another decade."

Drudge ReportFeb 08, 2023
After Shouts of 'Liar' and Worse, Biden Takes on Detractors in Real Time...

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Democracy NowFeb 08, 2023
Have Movements Pushed Biden to the Left? Rep. Delia Ramirez & Economist Dean Baker Respond to SOTU
President Joe Biden delivered his second State of the Union address Tuesday, touting his administration's achievements and laying out his plans for the next two years under a divided Congress, including on immigration, the economy, the climate crisis and more. We speak with Democratic Congressmember Delia Ramirez, who delivered a response to Tuesday's speech on behalf of the Working Families Party, and economist Dean Baker, who both applaud Biden's focus on income inequality and making the rich pay more in taxes. "He's clearly moved to the left," says Baker.

Matt Duss on Biden's State of the Union & the Risks of an Anti-China Consensus in Washington (Democracy Now)

Democracy NowFeb 08, 2023
Biden Condemns Police Murder of Tyre Nichols as Congressional Push for Police Reform Remains Stalled
President Joe Biden delivered his second State of the Union address Tuesday, his first before a divided Congress where Republicans now hold a slim majority in the House of Representatives. Biden, who is widely believed to be gearing up for reelection in 2024, repeatedly asked lawmakers to work with him to "finish the job." Biden spoke exactly a month after the fatal police beating of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, honoring his parents, who were in attendance, and demanding more police accountability. Color of Change president Rashad Robinson says it was an emotional moment worth recognizing, "but we have to go the extra mile at helping the public understand why change hasn't happened, who is standing in the way of change." He says Republicans, backed by big-money donors, have effectively foreclosed the chance of meaningful legislation on policing for the next two years.

Yahoo PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
George Santos Said Biden SOTU Was ‘Gaslighting' And You Know What Happened Next

Politics - U.S. HouseFeb 08, 2023
After Shouts of ‘Liar' and Worse, Biden Takes on His Detractors in Real Time
His State of the Union address was not exactly a celebration of a unity agenda. But the president seemed to relish the scrimmage.

Washington Post PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
A combative Biden defends record and challenges Republicans with 2024 in view
President Biden's State of the Union was a preview of his likely reelection campaign and may be remembered for his testy engagement with Republican lawmakers.

CNN PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
Twitter execs acknowledge mistakes with Hunter Biden laptop story but say no government involvement
Former Twitter executives acknowledged to lawmakers Wednesday that the social media company erred when it temporarily suppressed a New York Post story regarding Hunter Biden's laptop in October 2020, but the officials emphasized there was no government involvement in the decision.

CNN PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
Biden administration to soon release roadmap to transition out of Covid-19 public health emergency, sources say
The Biden administration is planning to roll out a roadmap as early as Thursday on what it will mean for the country when the Covid-19 public health emergency comes to an end later this year, according to a source familiar with the forthcoming announcement.

Yahoo PoliticsFeb 08, 2023
Biden makes Wisconsin his 1st stop after State of the Union

New York Times PoliticsFeb 07, 2023
Biden Lays Down Economic Challenge to House Republicans in State of the Union Address
President Biden was heckled during the State of the Union address when he spoke about fentanyl and when he accused Republicans of threatening Social Security and Medicare.

Democracy NowFeb 06, 2023
U.S. Downs Chinese Balloon as Blinken Cancels Summit & U.S. Expands Military Presence in Philippines
China has accused the United States of overreacting after President Joe Biden ordered a suspected spy balloon shot down off the coast of South Carolina on Sunday. China maintains the balloon, first spotted over U.S. airspace last week, was a civilian aircraft blown off course. The U.S. and China have been conducting surveillance on each other for years using spy satellites, hacking and other means. The Pentagon has revealed Chinese balloons also entered the continental United States at least three times during the Trump administration, as well as once before under Biden. The balloon saga led to the abrupt cancellation of a planned trip by Secretary of State Tony Blinken to Beijing and threatens to further derail the relationship between the two countries. "The two countries need to speak to each other," says Nicholas Bequelin, a visiting fellow at Yale's Paul Tsai China Center and formerly the Asia-Pacific director for Amnesty International, in a wide-ranging interview about evolving U.S-China relations and potential for tensions to escalate further.

Politics - U.S. HouseFeb 06, 2023
The Night of 1,000 Eye Rolls
Who will cause trouble? Who will surprise us? And who will come away liking what Joe Biden is selling?
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