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The Daily BeastJun 18, 2018
Democrats: Start Defending Mueller Right Now. It's Only the Future of the Republic That's at Stake.
Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily BeastI Google-Newsed "defending Robert Mueller" just to see what came up and who's been doing it lately. Result? It would appear that the highest-profile defender of the special counsel over the past two weeks or so is not Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi, not Tom Steyer or George Soros. Although it is another George: Conway, as in husband of Kellyanne, arch-conservative, and the man who two decades ago had a hand in introducing America to Monica Lewinsky.

Democrats: Where are you and what on earth are you doing? The attacks on Mueller are relentless and disgusting. Sunday, The Washington Post reported that the Liars' Club, from Potus to Rudy to Newt on down, are "prepared for war" when the time comes that Mueller releases his report. Mueller could produce a video tape of Donald Trump in Red Square in 2016 being handed a briefcase that says "Dirtski on Hillary," with Trump saying, "Spasibo, thank you, Comrade, for handing me this file on Crooked Hillary right here in broad daylight," and even then the lies wouldn't stop. They've been lying already about cold, hard evidence that we actually have in hand—whenever any of them bark that Mueller "has turned up nothing," they're just not counting the five guilty pleas, two from former Trump campaign aides, or

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