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Int'l Herald TribuneMar 01, 2024
Witnesses to Deaths Near Gaza Aid Convoy Describe Shooting and Panic
"I saw people falling to the ground after being shot," said one witness, "and others simply took the food items that were with them and continued running for their lives."

NPR Headline NewsMar 01, 2024
Thousands of people paid respects at Alexei Navalny's funeral in Moscow
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was buried in Moscow Friday. Thousands of mourners were there along with a large police presence. The event remained peaceful.

Int'l Herald TribuneMar 01, 2024
Biden Said the U.S. Will Airdrop Supplies Into Gaza
Also, thousands attended Aleksei Navalny's funeral in Moscow. Here's the latest at the end of Friday.

Joe Biden Tells Netanyahu 'No Excuses' for Lack of Gaza Aid (Newsweek)

Huffington Post World NewsMar 01, 2024
Biden Approves Humanitarian Air Drops Into Gaza After Israelis Opened Fire Near Aid Convoy
Biden said the air drops will begin in the "coming days."

Witnesses describe seeing people shot as Israeli soldiers fired toward crowds surging around aid convoy. (NYT Middle East)

NPR Topics: NewsMar 01, 2024
Aboard Jordan's aid airdrop over Gaza, a last resort for relief to Palestinians there
NPR flew along as the Jordanian air force dropped pallets of boxes of much-needed aid attached to parachutes into the Gaza Strip.

Int'l Herald TribuneMar 01, 2024
Cease-Fire Demand Grows Amid Questions Around Gaza Aid Convoy Deaths
The Israeli military and Gazan officials have offered diverging accounts of one of the deadliest known disasters involving civilians in the nearly five-month war.

Int'l Herald TribuneMar 01, 2024
What Elon Musk and Sam Altman Said About Each Other
Once united over the future of artificial intelligence, they have become increasingly estranged over the years.

BBC Front PageMar 01, 2024
How more than 100 Gazans were killed at a food aid drop
BBC Verify analyses footage and Israeli statements to trace how the deadly incident unfolded on Thursday morning.

UN, France call for investigation into deadly Gaza incident that killed at least 112 people (CBC Top Stories)

BBC Front PageMar 01, 2024
Seven hostages killed in Gaza, Hamas says
The group blamed the deaths on Israeli bombardment and said a "number" of its fighters were also killed.

Washington Post World NewsMar 01, 2024
Desperation and death surround an aid delivery in northern Gaza
More than 100 people were killed and 700 injured, according to Palestinian officials, in one of the most horrifying incidents in a war that has produced so many.

Middle East conflict live updates: U.S. to launch airdrop campaign over Gaza, Biden says, as humanitarian crisis worsens (Washington Post World News)

NewsweekMar 01, 2024
Putin Comments on Nuclear Space Plans
The Russian president said the Kremlin does not plan to deploy some sort of anti-satellite space-based weapon.

MSNBC Int'l NewsMar 01, 2024
Biden scrambles to salvage cease-fire talks after IDF reportedly kills scores of Palestinians
Biden is trying to save Gaza ceasefire negotiations but remains unwilling to make major shifts in his policy toward Israel, including placing conditions on aid as some Democrats suggest, officials say.

Int'l Herald TribuneFeb 29, 2024
As Hungry Gazans Crowd an Aid Convoy, a Crush of Bodies, Israeli Gunshots and a Deadly Toll
Palestinian and Israeli officials offered differing accounts of a deadly scene in northern Gaza, in which local health officials said more than 100 people were killed.

Washington Post World NewsFeb 29, 2024
In deadly Gaza aid delivery, Palestinian officials blame Israeli gunfire, Israeli officials blame stampede
Gazan Health Officials said more than 100 people were killed after a crowd converged on a rare humanitarian aid convoy in Gaza City, triggering a chaotic incident. Israeli and Palestinian officials are trading blame.
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