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The Daily BeastApr 18, 2021
The Squishy Sadness of the Last Moderate Republicans
Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast / Photos via GettyYou'd think that four years of rolling over for abuses of democracy might make the last moderate Republicans at least pretend to be a little sheepish about what they're entitled to, but no. They're triggered, so triggered that anonymous aides are making the rounds saying things like, "The administration roundly dismissed our effort as wholly inadequate in order to justify its go-it-alone strategy."

Yes, Republicans are embracing bipartisanship now that they've lost the House, the Senate and the presidency. If Biden really cared about America, they're whining, he'd give Republicans a few little wins like letting them chip away at the agenda that swept Democrats into power.

The senators who call themselves the G-10, elevating themselves to nation status, are real mad. That crew includes Lisa Murkowski, who voted with Trump 72.6 percent of the time and Mitt Romney, who voted with Trump 75 percent of the time. Rob Portman, who's retiring, and Bill Cassidy, who did vote to impeach Trump after he led an armed insurrection at the Capitol so congratulations, I guess, for doing the bare minimum? And I guess the others—Shelley Moore Capito, Todd Young, Jerry Moran, Susan Collins, Thom Tillis and Mike Rounds—consider themselves moderates because they didn't try to overturn the election?

The Daily BeastApr 17, 2021
‘In the Earth' Is the First Must-See COVID Horror Movie
NeonNature can be neither opposed nor fled in In the Earth, which—following last year's misbegotten Rebecca, that never fit his gonzo sensibilities—returns writer/director Ben Wheatley to the hallucinatory strobe-lit horror insanity of his 2014 gem A Field in England. A stripped-down genre affair shot during quarantine and infused with deeply rooted pandemic fears, it's a phantasmagoric folky freak-out that, like a pestilence, gets under one's skin, where it festers and infects with unnerving potency. Perched on the razor-thin boundary between lucidity and madness, it gnaws at the nerves and bludgeons the senses until submission—to humanity's helplessness in the face of the ancient world's elemental power—is the only recourse.

Produced in fifteen days in August 2020, In the Earth (now playing) is not only a companion piece to Wheatley's A Field in England—a mushroom-fueled psychotronic nightmare par excellence—but also to Alex Garland's Annihilation, sharing a narrative focus on scientists venturing into a toxic heart of darkness, where they find brutal violence and trippy 2001-style lunacy. The primary subject of Wheatley's latest is Martin Lowery (Joel Fry), an unassuming researcher who arrives at a remote English facility where pandemic protocols are the order of the day. No one explicitly identifies the disease that everyone is afraid of, but in drips and drabs, the film reveals that it's extremely deadly, and that it's ravaged the country (and planet), including the city where M

The Daily BeastApr 17, 2021
How the Royals Wore Their Love and Respect at Prince Philip's Funeral
Chris Jackson/GettyThe queen has a brooch for every occasion—even the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip. The queen's mourning clothes, though a stark contrast to her usual pastel ensembles, came accented with a special accessory that paid homage to her partner of 73 years.

According to Express, the queen wore her Richmond Brooch on Saturday. It's one of the largest in her collection, the paper reported, and was a wedding present for her grandmother Queen Mary's nuptials in 1893. Usually the Queen wears the pin, made of diamonds, with a hanging pear-shaped pearl drop. But that feature was removed for the funeral.

The sparkling accessory lit up the queen's all-black look, and matched her face mask—also black, with white trim around the edges. The monarch sat alone through the funeral, which was pared-down due to the pandemic, like so many others.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Prince Philip laid to rest as somber queen sits alone... (Drudge Report)

Fox PoliticsApr 17, 2021
LA sheriff says he has no relationship with District Attorney, his policies ‘are not working'
Los Angeles sheriff Alex Villanueva said he has spoken to District Attorney Eric Gascon once since he assumed office in December, and said it was a "big problem" that rioters might believe they will face no "prosecutorial consequence."

The Daily BeastApr 17, 2021
Indianapolis Gunman's Family: ‘We Tried to Get Him the Help He Needed'
Jeff Dean/AFP via GettyThe family of Indianapolis massacre gunman Brandon Scott Hole broke their silence Saturday to apologize to the eight victims and suggest their killer was emotionally disturbed.

"We are devastated at the loss of life caused as a result of Brandon's actions; through the love of his family, we tried to get him the help he needed," the family said in a statement.

"Our sincerest and most heartfelt apologies go out to the victims of this senseless tragedy. We are so sorry for the pain and hurt being felt by their families and the entire Indianapolis community."

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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