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The Daily BeastOct 03, 2023
Colbert Returns With a Lot to Say About Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
CBSLike his fellow Strike Force Five cohorts, Stephen Colbert is back. The Late Show host seemed positively giddy to be back in the studio on Monday, following a five-month absence due to the recent writers' strike.

While he made sure to weigh in on the many headlines he wasn't able to joke about in real time—including Lauren Boebert being thrown out of a musical production of Beetlejuice for "yanking her date's crank"—he seemed relieved to have returned just in time to talk about the most monumental story of the day: "world leader" Taylor Swift cheering on rumored beau Travis Kelce, whose Kansas City Chiefs beat the New York Jets on their home turf on Sunday.

"Taylor drank some dranks [and] hung out with Blake Lively, while injured Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers sat alone in the Sadness Box," Colbert reported. But what really impressed the host was how the mere possibility of Swift's appearance at the game turning East Rutherford, New Jersey into an overnight tourist destination.

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CNN PoliticsOct 02, 2023
Biden's reference to a deal with McCarthy on Ukraine funding creates confusion
President Joe Biden appeared to suggest over the weekend that Democrats had reached a new deal with embattled House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Ukraine aid -- a major omission from a funding bill that managed to avert a government shutdown.

Democracy NowSep 06, 2023
"Alarming": Biden to Supply Depleted Uranium Shells to Ukraine Despite Contamination Risks
The Biden administration is expected to send armor-piercing munitions containing depleted uranium to Ukraine as part of the latest military aid package, even though the weapons are radioactive and their use causes contamination that is hazardous to human health. It's the latest escalation in the war between Ukraine and Russia that nonproliferation activists warn could possibly lead to a nuclear confrontation. The United Kingdom already provided Ukraine with depleted uranium munitions earlier this year, one of which sparked contamination fears when it was reportedly destroyed by Russian forces over the weekend, and the Biden administration followed that up by sending cluster bombs, which have been banned by an international treaty ratified by more than 110 nations. "On top of dealing with unexploded cluster munitions, they're also going to have this huge hazard of depleted uranium to contend with, as well," Phil Miller, chief reporter for the independent news outlet Declassified UK, says of the risk to civilians.
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