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Yahoo PoliticsMay 25, 2024
South Africa's 4 big political parties begin final weekend of campaigning ahead of election

New York Times PoliticsMay 25, 2024
Prosecutors Seek to Bar Trump From Attacking FBI Agents in Classified Documents Case
The prosecutors said the former president had made "grossly misleading" assertions about the F.B.I.'s search of Mar-a-Lago that could endanger the agents involved.

Yahoo PoliticsMay 25, 2024
Prosecutors ask judge in classified documents case to block Trump from statements endangering law enforcement

The Daily BeastMay 24, 2024
Opinion: ‘Good-Natured' Trump Trial Lawyer Is Turning Into His Accomplice
Mark Peterson - Pool / Getty Images All through the hush-money trial, Donald Trump has excoriated Judge Juan Merchan and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg as corrupt thugs.

So, you might assume that Trump will blame them and not the lead defense attorney Todd Blanche if the case ends in a conviction.

But Trump has his own logic. He repeatedly leveled the same insults at Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Erdogan and New York State Attorney General Leticia James during the civil fraud case that led to a $464 million judgment against him. And yet he was quick to blame his defense attorney in that case, Susan Necheles.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily BeastMay 24, 2024
TikTokers Must Take a Stand on Gaza or Face the ‘Digitine'
Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Getty ImagesShe stands on a sidewalk in an oversized floral dress and headpiece, à la Midsommar, lip syncing "let them eat cake" as the catchy tunes of Le Tigre's "Deceptacon" take over. Despite the bouffant hair and lavish dress, we are not in 18th century France and this is not Marie Antoinette—it is Haley Kalil, TikTok's latest it girl. Like Antoinette, Kalil (better known as @haleyybaylee) has found herself at the mercy of her subjects who are calling for her to be digitally guillotined in an emerging trend known as the "digitine."

The digitine refers to a digital purge of "canceled" online celebrities, blocking them with the intent of harming their income following their inaction on the genocide in Gaza. They face an ever-changing set of criteria. No McDonald's, no Barclays bank account. These public figures are judged for their consumer habits rather than their political ones. With recurring phrases like "all eyes on Rafah," and watermelon emojis (a symbol of Palestinian solidarity) dominating comment sections, the reckoning was inevitable.

Unfortunately for Kalil, her tone deaf video landed he

Politics - U.S. HouseMay 24, 2024
Minnesota Republicans Endorse Royce White, an Alex Jones Acolyte, for Senate
Alex Jones, Steve Bannon and the left-to-right pipeline.

The Daily BeastMay 24, 2024
Opinion: MAGA's Lies About a Deep State Conspiracy to Assassinate Trump Will Endure
Photo Illustration by Erin O'Flynn/The Daily Beast/Getty ImagesA lie travels halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on. And that was before Twitter (X) came along—which explains why the canard that there was an "assassination attempt" on Donald Trump—spread like wildfire.

It all started when self-described conspiracy theorist Julie Kelly flagged a newly unsealed FBI document authorizing officers to use "deadly force" when searching Mar-a-Lago. And then, a lie that started in the fever swamps quickly made its way into mainstream conservative media, as well as the social media platforms of prominent Republicans.

Attorney General "Merrick Garland basically issued a kill order for President Trump," tweeted Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. For his part, Trump claimed that "Joe Biden was lo

Drudge ReportMay 24, 2024
'APPRENTICE' Movie Hit With Cease and Desist Warning...

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Jack Smith seeks to bar The Don from statements endangering law enforcement...

Washington Post PoliticsMay 24, 2024
Trump to address Libertarian Party convention this weekend
Live updates from the 2024 campaign trail, with the latest news on presidential candidates, polls, primaries and more.

New York Times PoliticsMay 24, 2024
RFK Jr. and Trump Go to Battle Over Libertarian Party Voters
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made his case to the Libertarian Party convention on Friday, jumping into a fight over right-leaning, independent-minded voters.

Department of Homeland Security NewsDec 07, 2021
Homeland Secretary and Top Cybersecurity Officials Meet with Silicon Valley Leaders to Stress Cybersecurity Priorities
SAN FRANCISCO - Secretary of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas, National Cyber Director Chris Inglis, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Director Jen Easterly, and DHS Under Secretary for Policy Rob Silvers met yesterday with industry leaders in technology, business, and cybersecurity to discuss how the federal government and the private sector can better and more proactively partner to tackle the most pressing cybersecurity challenges.

"Cybersecurity threats impact individuals, communities, and organizations of all sizes.  Increasing nationwide cybersecurity resilience is a top priority for DHS and the Biden-Harris Administration," said Secretary Mayorkas.? "We are taking proactive steps to elevate our operational cooperation with the private sector to new heights, prioritizing our shared goal of defending a secure digital future."

"Cybersecurity is a team sport and we each have a vital role to play," said National Cyber Director Chris Inglis.? "Collaborating with the private sector is instrumental in the Administration's holistic approach to tackling some of the Nation's challenging cybersecurity issues.? That is why I welcomed the opportunity to meet with government and industry leaders in Silicon Valley to build those relationships and identify areas and opportunities for collaboration.  I look forward to continued participation in this important effort."

Yesterday's meeting included substantive discussions aimed at improving cybersecurity-related public-private partnerships, including by strengthening operational collaboration and defining metrics of success.  The discussion, which was rooted in a comprehensive analysis of the evolving threat environment, focused on what government and industry can do together to build global cybersecurity resilience.

"CISA's Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) is uniquely positioned to be the front door to government for cybersecurity defense.  The JCDC bring

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