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The Daily BeastJun 13, 2024
Laura Ingraham Dreams of 50-Year Trumpworld Reign
Fox NewsFox News host Laura Ingraham on Thursday excitedly envisioned an "age of Trump" that could hold the reins of government for a half-century.

In her opening monologue on the day that the former president received a hero's welcome by the vast majority of Republicans on Capitol Hill—his first visit since the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection—Ingraham called on Republicans to admit that Trump "was right" about essentially everything.

"He was right about the economy. He was right about the courts. He was right about the border, illegal aliens, China, and U.S. trade. And he has delivered tangible results all while being hilarious and entertaining," she gushed, before showing a TikTok of Trump with professional wrestler Logan Paul, on whose podcast he appeared.

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The Daily BeastJun 13, 2024
Opinion: Trump Returns to the Scene of the Crime—and the GOP Cheers
Evelyn Hockstein/ReutersIt is not easy to go from betraying a state to being welcomed back into its capital.

Jefferson Davis avoided Washington, DC after the Civil War. It took until 1978 for him to have his citizenship restored by the US Congress.

Hitler realized that after the Beer Hall Putsch in November 1923 that if he was ever to gain power in Germany he would have to do so via elections. After his release from prison, he worked to make his party palatable to the public but did not achieve major success until elections seven years after his failed coup attempt. He did not become chancellor, officially accepted again among Germany's political leaders, until fully a decade after he attempted to overthrow his government.

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