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The Daily BeastJan 19, 2018
Trump's Shutdown Plan Is Pretty Much: Jesus, Take the Wheel
Kevin Lamarque/ReutersAs the federal government gets dangerously close to the first shutdown of the Trump era, the president has remained relatively calm behind the scenes and, according to those around him, seemingly ambivalent in a time of political disarray.

Inside the White House, his level of preparation for an increasingly possible government shutdown seems to be focused mainly on shoveling the blame onto Democrats on Capitol Hill.

'A government shutdown will be devastating to our military... something the Dems care very little about!' Trump tweeted on Thursday morning. He then went on to throw congressional negotiations into chaos—in tweets seemingly prompted by his cable news habit—by siding with Democrats seeking a long-term fix to an imperiled children''s health insurance program (CHIP), not the stopgap measure congressional Republicans are pushing.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily BeastJan 19, 2018
Jimmy Kimmel Slams GOP for Holding Sick Kids Hostage in Shutdown Fight
ABCBack in December, Jimmy Kimmel held his baby boy Billy in his arms as he stood on the set of his late-night show and practically begged members of Congress to protect the Children''s Health Care Insurance program. One month later, funding for CHIP hangs in the balance of a bitter fight on Capitol Hill that could shut the government down by the end of this week.

'This really is amazing,' Kimmel told viewers Thursday night. 'We''ve reached a point somehow in which North and South Koreans have a better relationship than Republicans and Democrats do.'

As the host explained, Republicans 'have been trying all week to blame Democrats for a possible shutdown,' even though the GOP is in control of the House, the Senate and the White House. 'Democrats can''t even shut their computers down without Paul Ryan''s permission,' he joked.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Politics - U.S. HouseJan 19, 2018
A Problem for Republicans Fighting to Keep California House Seats: Trump
California, with its vulnerable Republicans in Congress, is ground zero for the Democratic plan to take back the House. President Trump may be making those efforts easier.

Drudge ReportJan 18, 2018
Republicans look to avoid PA upset...

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New York Times PoliticsJan 18, 2018
Government Shutdown Looms as House Moves Toward Budget Vote
With a government shutdown looming, the House planned to vote Thursday on a spending bill that would avert a crisis. But Senate Democrats appeared poised to block the bill.

Trump's CHIP tweet undermines GOP short-term budget strategy (Fox Politics)

Drudge ReportJan 18, 2018
Feds planning massive strike against 'sanctuary'...

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PoliticoJan 18, 2018
Shutdown looms as Republicans struggle for votes
Key senators said they will oppose a four-week spending plan that House leaders planned to hold a vote on.
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