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Int'l Herald TribuneNov 29, 2022
China Uses Surveillance, Intimidation to Snuff Out Covid Protests
Communist Party officials are using decades-old tactics, along with some new ones, to quash the most widespread protests in decades. But Xi Jinping is silent.

CNN WorldNov 29, 2022
'White paper' protests: China's top stationery supplier says it's still selling A4 sheets
The rare protests that spread across China over the weekend often featured demonstrators holding pieces of blank white paper, a phenomenon that has caused problems for the country's top stationery chain.

BBC Front PageNov 29, 2022
China Covid: Chinese protesters say police seeking them out
People who attended protests against Covid rules say the police want to know their whereabouts.

NPR Topics: NewsNov 29, 2022
Chinese universities send students home in an effort to prevent more protests
Chinese universities are sending students home as the ruling Communist Party tightens anti-virus controls and tries to prevent more protests by crowds angered by its severe "zero COVID" restrictions.

MSNBC Int'l NewsNov 29, 2022
China vows to accelerate Covid vaccinations, while cracking down on protests
China is accelerating efforts to vaccinate older people against the coronavirus, health officials said Tuesday, as security personnel came out in force to

China clamps down on ‘zero covid' protests, loosens some pandemic measures (Washington Post World News)

MSNBC Int'l NewsNov 29, 2022
Political hostility between U.S. and Iran adds to tension before crucial World Cup match
Anti-regime protests are dominating the run-up to a World Cup showdown between the U.S. and Iran, with coaches and players fielding politically charged questions. - Comment & AnalysisNov 28, 2022
China: stocks becoming uninvestable amid lockdowns and protests
A sharp drop in local shares highlights the risks stemming from unpredictable politics

CNN WorldNov 28, 2022
Rare protests are spreading across China. Here's what you need to know
Chinese authorities have moved quickly to suppress demonstrations that erupted across the country over the weekend, deploying police forces at key protest sites and tightening online censorship.

CNBC World NewsNov 28, 2022
China protests send global stocks lower as strategists see Covid disruption persisting
Global stocks pulled back on Monday after rare protests erupted across China amid growing unrest over the government's zero-Covid policy.

China might not make major changes to its Covid policy any time soon, despite weekend protests (CNBC World News)
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