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PoliticoJun 14, 2021
Greene apologizes after Holocaust Museum visit as House girds for censure fight
Some Democrats are already privately discussing censure of the polarizing Georgia Republican as a potential response to a GOP group pushing censure of one of their caucus members, Rep. Ilhan Omar.

The Daily BeastJun 14, 2021
Democrats Are Fucked and So Is Democracy if Mitch McConnell Makes Good on Supreme Court Threat
Samuel Corum/GettyOn Monday, demoted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell declared that the federal courts belong to Republicans by birthright, and let Joe Biden and Senate Democrats know exactly where they can stick their attempts at bipartisanship.

After voters booted McConnell's GOP from the White House and the Senate last year—a stinging rejection that inflamed Republican extremism and pushed the party even harder to the right—McConnell told conservative broadcaster Hugh Hewitt he'd likely deny Democrats the ability to confirm a Supreme Court nominee if Republicans regained the Senate in 2022

.As McConnell and his Republican raiders trade in their expired law and order branding for a new and more dangerous message of power by any means, Democrats must treat 2022—not 2024—as the end of Joe Biden's first term. They have less than a year and a half left to implement their agenda and convince voters to keep them in control in a contest where the field will be tilted against them.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily BeastJun 14, 2021
The Brooklyn Liberation March Showed Why the GOP's Anti-Trans Crusade Will Backfire
Jeenah Moon/ReutersAs I marched with thousands of queer and trans people and our allies yesterday at the Brooklyn Liberation March, I realized something: we're going to win this fight.

To be sure, as the marchers said, chanted, and cried over and over again, the current assaults against trans people are awful, brutal, and murderous. The theme of the march, where attendees were asked to wear white, was "an action for trans youth," and was focused on the many laws and bills against trans youth's access to sports and healthcare that have bloomed like toxic algae in Republican legislatures over the last few months.

As The Daily Beast has reported, eight Republican-controlled states have now banned trans kids from competing in sports, exploiting them to score points with the GOP's populist, religious and ignorant base. Thousands of anti-trans bills have been introduced nationwide. The Texas Senate has even voted to classify gender-affirming health care (such as hormone treatments) as child abuse.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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