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CNN PoliticsMay 29, 2024
Jury begins deliberations in Trump hush money trial
The 12-person jury in Donald Trump's historic criminal hush money trial has begun deliberations today in the New York courthouse. Follow here for the latest live news updates, analysis and more.

Drudge ReportMay 29, 2024
The Don Compares Himself to Mother Theresa...

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Drudge ReportMay 29, 2024
Dems in full-blown 'freakout' over Biden...

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Yahoo PoliticsMay 29, 2024
Jury deliberations set to begin in Donald Trump's criminal trial

Washington Post PoliticsMay 29, 2024
The jurors in Trump's New York hush money trial
A full jury of 12 jurors and six alternates have been seated in the historic hush money trial of former president Donald Trump.

The Daily BeastMay 29, 2024
Opinion: Trump's Defense Was About as Strong as Childhood Name-Calling
Julia Nikhinson-Pool/Getty ImagesThere is little doubt as to which side in the Trump hush-money trial did a better job in closing arguments. Todd Blanche barely stopped short of chanting the schoolyard taunt "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire" in his closing summation. This was a surprising move by former President Trump's lead defense counsel, who by some accounts invoked "lie" about 60 times in his rambling two-hour long argument. But a mantra of name-calling does not make for a coherent defense strategy.

Towards the end of his summation, Blanche did give the jury a David Letterman-style "Top Ten" list of reasonable doubts, which he prefaced by saying he would go through it before he sat down. Apparently, Blanche is unfamiliar with the journalism term "burying the lead." Taken individually, there was nothing wrong with Blanche's substantive attacks on the prosecution's case. Among the better—albeit poorly developed—points was the argument that it was Michael Cohen who created the fake invoices, not Trump. Blanche would have been better off to have started with a roadmap of his attack and then methodically guided the jury to areas where reasonable doubt might be found about the strength of the government's evidence. Such an approach would have been well-suited to Blanche's primary experience as a prosecutor given that prosecutors must build cases.

But a common rookie misunderstanding

The Daily BeastMay 28, 2024
Trump Can't Help But Post His Reaction to Hush-Money Trial Closing Arguments
Reuters/Andrew KellyIn true Donald Trump fashion, the former president isn't letting closing arguments come and go in his New York hush-money trial without letting us all know how he feels about the ordeal.

Trump rattled off a string of posts to Truth Social on Tuesday afternoon to complain about the proceedings, appearing particularly peeved at how long prosecutors' closing arguments were taking.

He suggested the lengthy, six-hour closing statements were to bury his defense attorney's arguments before deliberations begin—something that may commence as early as Wednesday morning.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

CNN PoliticsMay 28, 2024
Both sides deliver closing arguments in Trump criminal trial
Attorneys for the prosecution and defense delivered closing arguments Tuesday in Donald Trump's historic criminal hush money trial in New York. Follow here for the latest live news updates, analysis and more.

Yahoo PoliticsMay 28, 2024
Here's a list of the 34 charges Donald Trump faces in his hush money trial

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