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CNN PoliticsJun 25, 2019
Analysis: US and Iran showdown goes from terrible to worse
President Donald Trump balked at greenlighting a "cocked and loaded" military strike on Iran last week, but by tightening an already choking sanctions squeeze on the bitter US foe he might merely have selected a slower path to war.

Drudge ReportJun 25, 2019
Bernie Proposes to Wipe Out All Student Debt With Funds Raised From Wall St...

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The Daily BeastJun 25, 2019
How to Dress Like a 2020 Democratic Hopeful (Key Accessory: Elizabeth Warren's Pride Month Rainbow Boa)
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty There are 23 Democratic candidates currently running for the 2020 presidency, and all of them get dressed every morning. What they decide to wear is by no means the most pressing issue in this monumental election. Then again, neither is their preferred comfort food—and we already know what those are, courtesy of The New York Times.

What to wear for a job interview is a near-universal stressor, and everyone who takes the debate stage Wednesday and Thursday has willingly subjected themselves to a 16-month hiring process.

Sure, you could say the bar for a presidential wardrobe is low, considering the Donald Trump regularly tapes his ties together. But when nearly every candidate promises to restore "dignity," "honor," or another synonym plucked from Thesaurus.com to the White House, a small part of that promise includes dressing well.

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Drudge ReportJun 25, 2019
NATO warns Moscow...

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The Daily BeastJun 25, 2019
Stephen Colbert Sounds Off on E. Jean Carroll's Trump Rape Allegation: ‘Specific, Credible and Terrible'
CBS"Here's something you did not see discussed on TV a lot this weekend," Stephen Colbert said nearly 10 minutes into his Late Show monologue Monday night. "The president of the United States was accused of sexual assault—again." As the audience jeered, the host joked, "Trump is really repeating his 2016 strategy." 

Colbert was of course referring to the new allegation from author E. Jean Carroll, who alleges in her new memoir that Donald Trump raped her in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman in the mid-‘90s. 

"These accusations are specific, they are credible and they are terrible," Colbert said. "And they make Carroll the 22nd woman to step forward. 22 women! That should raise alarms." 

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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The Daily BeastJun 25, 2019
Meghan McCain Doesn't Want Detention Centers Compared to ‘Torture Facilities'—Because of Her Father
The View's Meghan McCain objected to what she described as "hyperbole" when it came to describing overcrowded and filthy border detention centers as torture facilities and concentration camps, directly invoking her late father's experience in a POW camp during the Vietnam War.

During Tuesday's opening segment, the hosts of the morning chat-fest discussed recent reports that hundreds of migrant children had to be removed from a Texas border facility due to unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

After co-host Sunny Hostin noted several children have recently died in immigration custody, blaming it on a "lack of empathy" by the Trump administration, McCain jumped in to quibble about semantics.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Fox PoliticsJun 25, 2019
Trump fires back at Iran's ‘insulting' statement, warns any attack to be met with ‘overwhelming force'
President Trump hit back Tuesday at Iran's inflammatory remarks declaring diplomacy between the two nations dead, while warning that any attack on America by the regime will be met with "overwhelming force." 

New York Times PoliticsJun 24, 2019
The House and Senate Have Separate Plans for Border Aid. Here's What's Different.
Both chambers have put forward their own versions of legislation that would allocate $4.5 billion and fulfill the Trump administration's request for funds.

Democracy NowJun 24, 2019
Japanese-American Internment Survivors Protest Plan to Jail Migrant Kids at WWII Prison Camp
Democracy Now! was there when five Japanese-American elders, survivors of U.S. internment camps, engaged in civil disobedience Saturday outside the Fort Sill Army post in Oklahoma, where the Trump administration plans to indefinitely detain 1,400 immigrant and refugee children starting next month. Fort Sill was an internment camp for 700 Japanese-American men in 1942. It was one of more than 70 sites where the U.S. government incarcerated about 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II, including one of 14 U.S. Army bases. President Obama first used Fort Sill in 2014 to detain migrant children seeking asylum from violence in Central America. Descendants of internment camp survivors were also present at the peaceful protest. We feature a video report from Fort Sill and speak with Mike Ishii, co-chair of Tsuru for Solidarity. Ishii was at Fort Sill Army Base Saturday and helped organize the act.

Democracy NowJun 24, 2019
"Somebody Is Going to Die": Lawyer Describes Chaos, Illness & Danger at Migrant Child Jail in Texas
Outrage is mounting over a shocking Associated Press report published late last week revealing that at least 250 migrant infants, children and teenagers have been locked up for nearly a month without adequate food, water or sanitation at a Border Patrol station in Clint, Texas, near the city of El Paso. Lawyers who visited the facility described a scene of chaos and sickness, with children unable to shower or change into clean clothes for weeks on end. The AP report came the same week that the Trump administration argued in federal court that the government is not required to provide toothbrushes, soap or beds to children detained at the border, and as other reports found similarly squalid conditions at a number of immigration jails. We speak with Warren Binford, a lawyer who interviewed children detained at the Clint, Texas, facility.

Democracy NowJun 12, 2019
Overcrowding, Rotten Food & Nooses: DHS Watchdog Confirms Horrific Conditions at Immigrant Jails
We look at horrific conditions for some 52,000 immigrants held in for-profit jails around the country. At least 24 immigrants have died in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement under Trump, and at least four more died shortly after being released. Now Homeland Security's own inspector general has revealed how detained immigrants are subjected to rotten food, severe overcrowding, inadequate medical care, and broken and overflowing toilets. This comes as a separate report recently documented "dangerous overcrowding" at a Border Patrol processing facility in El Paso, Texas. Meanwhile, the Trump administration has announced it plans to hold some 1,400 immigrant children at a site on Fort Sill Army Base in Oklahoma that was once used as an internment camp for Japanese Americans during World War II. We get an update from Aura Bogado, immigration reporter for Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting, who has been speaking with migrants held in these facilities.
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