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The Daily BeastMay 16, 2022
The Right's Obsession With White Birth Rates Inspired the Buffalo Terrorist
REUTERS/Brendan McDermidWhen suspected Buffalo terrorist Payton Gendron began shooting Black patrons at the Tops Grocery on Saturday afternoon, he wasn't just fitted in cosplay military attire and armed with a semi-automatic weapon, he was also armed with the mainstreamed philosophies of the neo-fascist Republican Party.

In today's conservative media and political ecosystems, white men are fed a steady diet of fear that they are being "replaced" and must "take their country back." These are the two phrases regularly echoed by Fox News and former President Donald Trump.

One of the tenants of replacement theory is the fear over white women not having enough babies. The patriarchal traditionalists of the right blame this in part on feminism, for letting such women believe they have the right to earn their own careers rather than just be white, Christian baby-making machines at their men's disposal.

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‘The View' Lashes Out at Fox News Advertisers After Buffalo Shooting (The Daily Beast)

Democracy NowMay 16, 2022
Buffalo Massacre: Gunman Cited Racist "Great Replacement" Conspiracy Theory Popularized by Fox News
The mass shooter who killed 10 people in Buffalo, New York, on Saturday posted a racist manifesto online before targeting a majority-Black neighborhood. His writings took heavily from conservative conspiracy theories that white people were in danger of being replaced by people of color. This so-called Great Replacement conspiracy theory has been promoted by major far-right media figures including Tucker Carlson of Fox News. "What it does is create a dynamic where believers view immigrants and nonwhite people as an existential threat not only to themselves physically but to their position in society," says Nikki McCann Ramírez, associate research director at Media Matters for America, who has researched how Carlson uses his show to launder white nationalist ideology. We also speak with prominent antiracist scholar Ibram X. Kendi, who says mainstream conservatives are increasingly parroting extremist talking points.
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