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PC World Latest NewsMar 31, 2023
Windows 11's Search may let you download apps directly soon

This is good news, as it cuts down the time it takes to install these things. In the screenshot below, which I nabbed from the Windows Insider blog, you'll see how downloading an app directly from the search results actually works.


If you hover your cursor over a free app or game on the search results page, you'll find the install button, which is highlighted in a red box in the screenshot above. This allows you to install the app or game without having to go to the product page itself. This feature is only available for free apps and games, though. Normally, you'd be sent to the Microsoft Store, where you'd then need to activate the install button to download the selected app or game. This new feature eliminates the ext

Microsoft tests adaptive brightness on more Windows 11 PCs - even desktops (PC World Latest News)

EngadgetMar 31, 2023
Netflix hopes releasing fewer original movies will make them better
Netflix released at least one movie a week over the past two years, but for 2023, the company is changing course. According to Bloomberg, the streaming giant is restructuring its movie division and releasing fewer movies overall. Netflix will combine the team working on small projects with a budget $30 million or less and the unit that produces mid-budget films that cost $30 million to $80 million to make. The restructuring will result in a "handful" of layoffs — the company didn't specify a number — and the departure of two notable executives. Lisa Nishimura, who oversees documentaries like Tiger King and small budget films, as well as VP for film Ian Bricke are both leaving the company after over a decade. 

As Bloomberg notes, Netflix ramped up its film development efforts after studios started building their own streaming services instead of licensing their movies to the company. In addition to the units working on small and mid-budget films, Netflix has one more division developing big-budget projects. It's unclear if the last group is also affected by the restructuring.

Despite the sheer number of titles Netflix previously released, only a few had won accolades, had reached millions of hours of streaming, or had the kind of cultural impact some of the biggest blockbusters had achieved. (According to the company's Top 10 page, its most watched movies for 2021 and 202

PC World Latest NewsMar 28, 2023
Best gaming motherboards 2023: Picks for Intel and AMD

For the last several months we've been painstakingly going over these motherboards with a fine-tooth comb: What features do they offer for everyday gamers? How good is the build quality and design? How good is the performance offered? These considerations come together to create the intrinsic value offered by each motherboard, and to answer the all-important question: "Is this motherboard worth it?" 

Each motherboard brings with it a nuanced experience: from opening the box, to holding it in your hands, to updating drivers, and to finally using it for gaming. 

We'll also make a big deal out of pricing, because it's a vital step in choosing a motherboard. We won't sugar coat it: Motherboard prices have gone up on average with the new generation, so we want to make sure you're getting value for your dollar. From expensive enthusiast motherboards, to a more affordable ones—we've got you covered. 

In this gaming motherboard roundup, we're going to cover premium options, midrange options, and more affordable options. (Truly "budget" motherboard options will be for a future roundup, as AMD is still releasing more affordable options to compete with Intel, and Intel has more coming as well.)

Best gaming motherboards for Intel

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