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Mac RumorsMay 27, 2022
Microsoft Developing Low-Cost Xbox Streaming Dongle That Could Rival Apple TV
In news that could weigh heavily on the future success of Apple TV, Microsoft has confirmed it is working to bring an affordable streaming device to market that would allow users to play Xbox games without the need for a full-blown console.

ComputerWorldMay 26, 2022
Apple's bid for ubiquity across the US retail industry comes into view
Seeking growth in an likely-to-be flat market, Apple has improved its payments services products with the live launch of Tap To Pay and the introduction of a new virtual "Apple Account Card" in its Wallet app.

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PC World Latest NewsMay 26, 2022
Microsoft Flight Simulator's rad Top Gun DLC adds a whole new dimension of fun

First off, while I haven't seen the new Top Gun movie, there are what feel to be a couple of spoilers. The first, a relatively minor one, shows up when you roll your F/A-18E/F Super Hornet through an especially sharp turn or climb, pushing G-forces up above 9 Gs or so. It's then when your pilot starts gasping for breath, leading me to believe that a movie plot point just might be that Tom Cruise's character isn't as up to the physical demands of flying military aircraft as he once was.

The other potential spoiler is unavoidable: a challenge to fly a particular experimental aircraft that feels very much like a mission Maverick would be asked to fly in the movie. I have no idea if this true, but I avoid showing it to you here out of caution.

In my mind, the latter mission isn't the selling point of the new Flight Simulator expansion, anyway. That's the five low-altitude ridge-hopping challenges that you'll fly behind the stick of the FA-18A Super Hornet. Set in various American locales from Alaska to Nevada, the challenge is simple: Get from the start to the finish as fast as you can, flying as low as you can.

Note that while Top Gun: Maverick is a free expansion for Flight Simulator, you'll need to either sign up for Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass (which gives you the game "free" with its subscription) or

CNET How ToMay 26, 2022
Windows 11 Draining Your Battery? Here's How to Fix It - CNET
Is your computer dying too quickly? Here are four tips that can help increase your battery life.

You Can Get 8 More Free COVID Tests: Here's How to Order Yours Today - CNET (CNET How To)
Hey Google, Where Did My Watch's Battery Life Go? (Gizmodo)

CNET How ToMay 26, 2022
Uvalde, Texas, Elementary School Shooting: How to Help the Victims and Families - CNET
From giving blood to donating to the GoFundMe account, there are several ways you can help the families.

Mac RumorsMay 26, 2022
Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney Calls Apple's App Store a 'Disservice to Developers'
Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has called Apple's App Store, which has helped app makers earn over $260 billion since its launch, a "disservice to developers" that forces them to treat their apps as "sub-par."

CNET How ToMay 26, 2022
How Contagious Is Monkeypox? What to Know About Symptoms, How It Spreads and More - CNET
Here's what we know now about monkeypox.

CNET NewsMay 26, 2022
Best Laptop Deals: Save $200 on a Samsung Galaxy Book Pro or $150 on Latest Galaxy Book 2 Pro - CNET
Here are the best sales right now on laptops at Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg.

Mac RumorsMay 26, 2022
Some Users Experiencing Issues With Instagram
There appear to be ongoing issues with Instagram, based on a number of complaints from Instagram users who are unable to use the social network as normal.

CNET How ToMay 26, 2022
'Stranger Things 4' Is Almost Here: Everything We Know About What's Coming - CNET
Eleven, Hopper, Joyce and the crew are about to burst back onto Netflix, and critics are already raving.

How to delete what Google knows about you (ConnectSafely)

Yahoo TechnologyMay 26, 2022
Microsoft's free Top Gun 'Flight Simulator' expansion is finally here

PC World Latest NewsMay 26, 2022
The best Thunderbolt docks for your laptop

Simply put, laptops are slimming down. And in the quest for a "cleaner" look, many laptop makers are forgoing the legacy ports (particularly in the premium models), leaving those duties to external devices.

The biggest difference between Thunderbolt docks and USB-C hubs are price and bandwidth. USB-C hubs or dongles are far cheaper, but they offer far less bandwidth. That primarily matters where display connectivity is concerned, but can also affect the number and type of external hard drives, SSDs, and other peripherals that your PC can connect to. While a USB-C hub can support a single 4K display, often at an eye-wearying 30Hz refresh rate, Thunderbolt docks can support up to two 4K displays at a comfortable 60Hz. You can also use Thunderbolt 3 to enable an external GPU for your PC. (There's nothing stopping you from using a USB-C hub with a Thunderbolt dock, either.)

If your laptop includes a Thunderbolt port, chances are it supports the Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4 standard, both of which provide 40Gbps.

CNET NewsMay 26, 2022
Why You Should Watch Star Wars in the Wrong Order Before 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' - CNET
As Ewan McGregor strides onto Disney Plus, here are a bunch of questions answered by watching the original trilogies in the popular Machete Order.

DOJ reverses itself, says good-faith security researchers should be left alone (ComputerWorld)

PC World Latest NewsMay 25, 2022
This everyday Asus laptop with a beautiful 1080p display is just $370

First up, let's talk about that display. It's 17.3 inches with 1080p resolution, so no worries there. For a laptop this size, no matter how cheap, you don't want anything under 1080p.

As for the processor, Asus went with an Intel "Tiger Lake" Core i3-11800H. This CPU has just two cores and four threads. That's not much in this day and age, but it's enough to run Windows. The OS, by the way, is Windows 10 Home and it's Windows 11 ready.

To help keep things snappy, this laptop is packing 8GB of RAM. That's perfect for productivity tasks and will make a noticeable difference. For onboard storage, you get 512GB-a good amount at this price range where 256GB has become the norm.

As a day-to-day computer for travel or for working with cloud documents, this should be a good option.

[Today's deal: Asus VivoBook K712EA for $370 at Staples.]

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