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Mac RumorsFeb 20, 2019
Samsung Debuts Galaxy S10 and S10 , Along With Premium S10 5G and Lower-Cost S10e
At an "Unpacked" event in San Francisco, California, Samsung today unveiled its 2019 device lineup, with a range of smartphones that will be competing with Apple's 2018 and 2019 devices.

Mac RumorsFeb 20, 2019
Apple Releases Third Public Beta of iOS 12.2
Apple today released the third beta of an upcoming iOS 12.2 update to its public beta testing group, one day after seeding the third beta to developers and two weeks after releasing the second public beta.

CNET NewsFeb 20, 2019
Samsung Galaxy Fold: The first pictures of Samsung's amazing foldable phone - CNET
The foldable future is finally here.

TechCrunchFeb 20, 2019
Daily Crunch: Google tries to explain that secret microphone
The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch's roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you'd like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Google says Nest's secret microphone was ‘never intended to be a secret' When Google announced earlier this month that its Nest […]

CNET NewsFeb 20, 2019
Galaxy Fold is here -- with six cameras and two batteries for $1980 - CNET
Samsung's first truly flexible device converts from a smartphone to a tablet and will be available on April 26.

ComputerWorldFeb 20, 2019
Apple is learning why shortcut security is a bad idea
When Apple launched its enterprise developer certificate program — which helps enterprises make their homegrown apps for employee use-only available through iTunes — it had to make a difficult convenience-vs.-security decision: how much hassle to put IT managers through to get their internal apps posted. It chose convenience and, well, you can guess what happened.

Media reports say pirate developers used the enterprise program to improperly distribute tweaked versions of popular apps — including Spotify, Angry Birds, Pokemon Go and Minecraft — while others used the platform to distribute porn apps along with real-money gambling apps. And all the bad guys had to do was lie to Apple reps about being associated with legitimate businesses. Apple didn't bother to investigate or otherwise verify the answers.

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ComputerWorldFeb 20, 2019
People like iPhone SE, but Apple doesn't seem to care
Apple has put yet another batch of iPhone SE smartphones up for sale at its clearance store - it keeps selling them, people keep buying them, but will the company ever get the message?

People like the iPhone SE Apple invented the user interface, has developed the world's fastest mobile processor, bought us the iMac, iPhone, iPod, iPad and yet it still hasn't joined these dots: If you can keep selling a two-year old product in 2019, then there's probably a market for that product.

The iPhone SE is popular.

People like its capabilities: A couple of years old the existing model still does much of what most users need. Just because you don't see yourself as a reborn Don McCullin dedicated to capturing the world in pictures, or aren't yet ready to live like a Jetson in some augmented reality doesn't mean you don't want all the other things that make iPhones great. Mail, apps, music, web and social media is enough for many of us - what's wrong with that?

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eWeekFeb 20, 2019
Google Cloud Services Platform Brings the Cloud On Premises
The public cloud isn't the only place where cloud native Kubernetes workloads can run, as Google opens up a beta of its Cloud Services Platform bringing the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to on premises deployments.

PC World Latest NewsFeb 20, 2019
Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 and S10e hands-on: A crowded lineup brings more parity, less clarity
With the screen off, the Galaxy S10 is virtually indistinguishable from the Galaxy S9 . It's not until you turn it on that you notice just how different it is.

You've no doubt read about the camera hole in the Infinity-O display, Samsung's answer to the dreaded notch. Well, it's just as awkward in person as it is in pictures. Samsung was able to put the rest of the sensors—accelerometer, barometer, proximity, etc.—under the screen, but the camera isn't so easy to hide. Hence it remains as an asymmetrical eyesore in the upper right corner of the screen, like so many dead pixels.

On the S10 , the double-wide hole is particularly unsightly, as Samsung needs the space for two cameras, the second being a 3D depth-sensing lens to aid with background blur and lighting for portraits.

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Wired NewsFeb 20, 2019
The Galaxy S10 Is Here. Pricing, Specs, Release Date
Samsung's new flagship phone can be unlocked with an in-display fingerprint sensor, and has its own neural processing unit.

PC World Latest NewsFeb 20, 2019
Save big on storage and networking gear in Amazon's massive one-day sale
Amazon's running another of its one-day deals today, and this one's a doozy. The online retailer is throwing a massive networking and storage saleRemove non-product link with deals on routers, external and internal storage, ethernet switches, and more. This sale is big with nearly fifty items included. You won't find many SSDs available today, but the sale is still worth a look, and ends just before midnight.

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There's Something For Everyone in this Networking and Storage Gold Box (Gizmodo)

TechCrunchFeb 20, 2019
Here's how all of Samsung's new Galaxy S10's compare
Samsung just announced not one, not two, but four new additions to its flagship Galaxy line: the S10e, S10, S10 , and S10 5G. Want a quick at-a-glance breakdown of how they all compare? We've got you covered.

TechCrunchFeb 20, 2019
These are Samsung's new Galaxy Buds
After a seemingly endless stream of leaks over the past few weeks, there was essentially zero doubt that Samsung was announcing — amongst a bunch of other things — a new pair of wireless earbuds called the "Galaxy Buds" today. Here they are. Samsung says the Galaxy Buds should be able to pull around 5 […]

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacFeb 20, 2019
Vladimir Putin says Russia will target US if it places missiles in Europe
Vladimir Putin has said Russia will target the US with new nuclear weapons if it deploys missiles to Europe following the demise of a major arms control treaty. In an annual speech to the federal assembly, the Russian leader on Wednesday accused Washington of planning to deploy intermediate-range missiles to the continent following its withdrawal from a bilateral agreement banning those weapons. This would put the missiles within a 10-minute flight from Moscow, creating a serious threat to Russia and compelling it to consider "symmetrical and asymmetrical actions" in response, he said.  "Russia will be forced to create and deploy types of weapons that can be used not only against those territories posing a direct threat to us, but also against those territories where the decision-making centres are," Mr Putin said, referring to the United States.  Russia and the United States have had hundreds of nuclear missiles pointed at each other since the Cold War, but Mr Putin's speech also detailed a bevy of new weapons Russia is developing, including hypersonic weapons and a nuclear-powered underwater drone. His comments marked an escalation in rhetoric from earlier this month, when he announced only a "symmetrical" response to Donald Trump's suspension of US participation in the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty signed by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987. Besides ceasing to observe the agreement, Russia would create a land-based version of its Kalibr cruise missile, he said at the t

GizmodoFeb 19, 2019
Huawei CEO Says U.S. Just Isn't That Important, Pinky-Swears Not to Spy on 5G Network
Amid a firestorm of legal and political salvoes fired at Huawei by the U.S. government, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei insisted this week that "there's no way the U.S. can crush us" while denying that his company will give China's government backdoor access to its next-generation 5G network.


ComputerWorldFeb 19, 2019
How AI is changing office suites
While composing an email, you see autocomplete suggestions that match your writing style. When you insert an image into a presentation, the software makes cropping and layout suggestions. If you forget to respond to an important message, it reappears at the top of your inbox with a reminder.To read this article in full, please click here

(Insider Story)

Network World SecurityFeb 19, 2019
Edge security: There's lots of attack surfaces to worry about
The problem of edge security isn't unique - many of the issues being dealt with are the same ones that have been facing the general IT sector for decades.

But the edge adds its own wrinkles to those problems, making them, in many cases, more difficult to address. Yet, by applying basic information security precautions, most edge deployments can be substantially safer.

More about edge networking

How edge networking and IoT will reshape data centers Edge computing best practices How edge computing can help secure the IoT The most common IoT vulnerability occurs because many sensors and edge computing devices are running some kind of built-in web server to allow for remote access and management. This is an issue because many end-users don't - or, in some cases, can't - change default login and password information, nor are they able to seal them off from the Internet at large. There are dedicated gray-market search sites out there to help bad actors find these unsecured web servers, and they can even be found with a little creative Googling, although Joan Pepin, CISO at security and authentication vendor Auth0, said that the search giant has taken steps recently to make that process more difficult.

To read

PC World Latest NewsFeb 19, 2019
Windows 7's support deadline may expire in July, if you don't apply this patch
Windows users still running Windows 7 already face a deadline of Jan. 14, 2020, when Windows 7 support expires. But if you routinely block updates, break that habit briefly to allow an upcoming March patch. Otherwise, Windows 7 support will effectively stop in July.

Here's what's going on: Microsoft delivers updates using either the SHA-1 or SHA-2 encryption algorithm for security's sake. But the company recently decided to phase out support for SHA-1 entirely in an upcoming security update, due to begin delivery on March 12. That update will mark Windows' shift to using the more secure SHA-2 hash algorithm. In July, Microsoft will begin delivering Windows 7 security updates using SHA-2. The upshot: if your Windows 7 PC hasn't installed the March 12 update enabling SHA-2 support by July 16, your Windows updates will effectively end.

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Microsoft delays Windows 7's update-signing deadline to July (Computer World Security News)

GizmodoFeb 19, 2019
Where Movies Get Their Vintage Electronics
Have you ever watched a show like Mad Men and wondered where they found those early Xerox machines? Or where The Americans got their hands on all the Reagan-era IBMs that you thought would be piled in a landfill? Well, there's a good chance these historically-accurate gadgets came from a massive warehouse in…


Network World SecurityOct 01, 2018
Cisco sets $2.3B deal for unified access, multi-factor authentication security firm Duo
Cisco said today it had closed the $2.35 billion deal it made for network identity, authentication security company Duo.

According to Cisco, Duo's zero trust security model authorizes secure connections to all applications based on the trustworthiness of users and devices. Duo's cloud-delivered technology lets IT professionals set and enforce risk-based, adaptive access policies and get enhanced visibility into users' devices and activities.  As more devices come onto the network remotely this issue takes on more importance.

"Outdated devices are particularly vulnerable to being compromised, which can easily spiral into a full-blown, major breach," wrote Richard Archdeacon, Duo Advisory CISO about a recent Duo study on remote access security.   "Organizations don't necessarily need to block individuals from using their personal devices, but they do need to re-shape their security models to fit these evolving working practices…If you don't know what's connecting to the network, how can you protect data from being compromised? "

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Apple's dropping Back To My Mac Remote Access. Here's an Alternative, Currently Discounted. (Network World Security)
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