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Yahoo PoliticsOct 27, 2020
Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Despite questions about the 'laptop from hell,' most Americans think the Trumps are more 'corrupt ' than the Bidens
In the waning days of the 2020 campaign, President Trump has intensified his accusations of (mostly unspecified) wrongdoing by his Democratic rival Joe Biden, based on emails supposedly found on a laptop formerly owned by Biden's son Hunter. "They had the laptop, I call it the laptop from hell, and based on that laptop they should have never impeached," Trump said during a rally Monday in Allentown, Penn., implying without evidence that Democrats, presumably the ones on the House Judiciary Committee, had possession of Hunter's laptop and covered it up during last year's impeachment proceedings because it would implicate Biden and exculpate Trump. The existence of the laptop was only disclosed earlier this month by Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who claimed it had been abandoned in a computer repair shop last year, and that the owner had given the hard drive, or copies of the contents of it, to Giuliani and the FBI.

Election 7 days away: Biden picks up campaign pace as Trump barnstorms swing states (Fox Politics)

The Daily BeastOct 27, 2020
If Biden Wins, He'll Roll Over for the Left in a Heartbeat
Drew Angerer/GettyIf Democrats sweep the elections next week, their party better brace for an inner civil war over both strategies and policies.

It's unclear which faction will prevail, but some large part of the Biden constituency will be disappointed because pleasing both suburban Lincoln Project voters and the Bernie Bros is nearly impossible. Instead of hashing their differences out now and establishing some sort of mandate, Joe Biden and his supporters have blurred the lines that might alienate either faction. That's great for campaigning, but not so much for governing.

So, Biden is winning by virtue of not being Donald Trump, a huge "accomplishment" that, as a friend of mine recently pointed out, will be achieved on Day One. What happens for the next four years? Here's where things get a bit fuzzy.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily BeastOct 27, 2020
Trump Final Campaign Push Is to Kill His Own Supporters
**Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty** Donald Trump doesn't care who gets sick or dies from COVID-19—even if it's his own supporters. That's the harsh reality of where we find ourselves as a nation as Trump holds superspreader campaign rallies and continues to intentionally—and I believe criminally—mislead Americans about this deadly virus because he believes this helps him politically.

When Trump resumed his campaign rallies on Sept. 8—after a summer hiatus because of the July COVID spike—our nation averaged approximately 36,000 new COVID cases per day. Over the past week, we've averaged a whopping 69,814 new cases per day. There's a straight line between Trump's rallies and this spike, with studies showing increases in areas where he held rallies and as he's signaled to his supporters that mask-wearing and social distancing are signs of weakness.

Now, Trump has hit a new low with his desperate closing argument that COVID is not so much a health risk but an

Drudge ReportOct 27, 2020
Secret to Joe's lead: People find him likable...

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Biden makes play for red states in final days of campaign as Trump narrows his focus (CNN Politics)
Washington Post PoliticsOct 26, 2020
Trump, Biden both campaign in Pennsylvania as Supreme Court pick confirmed
The president held three events in a state he narrowly carried four years ago but where polls show Biden leading.

Yahoo PoliticsOct 26, 2020
Biden, Harris head to Georgia and Texas with just days to go until the election
The Democratic ticket is targeting areas that haven't voted blue in a presidential race in years, spurred by tight polling and key Senate races.

Yahoo PoliticsOct 26, 2020
Campaigning during a pandemic, Biden and Trump lead by example — two opposite examples
Joe Biden has adopted a strategy that would be unthinkable for a candidate in any ordinary year: He's largely staying off the campaign trail.

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