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Reuters TechnologyDec 10, 2017
After bitcoin's wild week, traders brace for futures launch
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The newest way to bet on bitcoin, the cyptocurrency that has taken Wall Street by storm with its stratospheric price rise and wild daily gyrations, will arrive on Sunday when bitcoin futures start trading.

EngadgetDec 09, 2017
Google Maps will wake you up when you need to get off the bus
Google Maps will make taking the train or the bus in places you're visiting a lot less stressful: according to TechCrunch, the app will soon guide you through every step of a mass transit ride, including telling you when it's time to get off. Once th...

Google Maps will soon tell you when it's time to get off your train or bus (TechCrunch)

TechCrunchDec 09, 2017
This is the future if net neutrality is repealed; the creeping, costly death of media freedom
 When a country lacks an open internet, the government (and companies friendly with said government) are able to do anything from simply blocking or banning apps entirely (EG: Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp for censorship or economic reasons) to more aggressive moves such as Egypt’s effective shutdown of their internet service providers. Read More

TechCrunchDec 08, 2017
Here's everything new Niantic just added to Pokémon Go
 Niantic is rounding out the year with one of Pokémon GO’s biggest updates to date. We knew earlier this week that the update was right around the corner, but we didn’t know exactly when. The answer: now. From new Pokémon to crazy new weather systems and minor text fixes (heh.) to battle system changes, there’s a good amount happening here. Here’s everything… Read More
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