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PC World Latest NewsJun 08, 2023
Vivaldi wears Edge mask to access Bing Chat as AI wars turn vicious

The new Vivaldi 6.1 update tells websites that it's actually Microsoft Edge, using what it calls Client Hints. Vivaldi has used this technology before, identifying itself as Google Chrome, to try and accomplish the same task. Now, the company says, some websites are seeing through its mask and blocking Vivaldi regardless.

If you access Bing's AI-powered Chat feature on Edge, the browser allows you to converse with Microsoft's AI chatbot. You'll have a similar experience with Google Chrome. On Vivaldi, your access to the site is blocked by a massive popup that asks you to download Edge instead. What Vivaldi 6.1 simply hopes to accomplish is allowing you to access Bing Chat without the need to download Microsoft Edge or Chrome.

Edge, Chrome, and Vivaldi are all based upon Chromium, the open-source version of the Chrome browser. But Vivaldi has complained before that the web is prejudiced towards the Chrome browser, and its own version nomenclature. As a result, the browser company has tried to transition away from using an identifying string known as the UserAgent to what's known as Client Hints, which arguably helps users maintain mor

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