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EngadgetMar 25, 2023
Intel co-founder Gordon Moore has passed away
Gordon Moore, co-founder and former CEO of Intel, has passed away at 94. He was the last surviving member of the Intel Trinity, which also included his fellow founder Robert Noyce and their first hire Andy Grove. Moore and Noyce previously worked with the co-inventor of the transistor, William Shockley, before helping found Fairchild Semiconductor. In 1968, the two struck out on their own and founded NM Electronics, which eventually became Intel. 

A few years before that, in 1965, Moore wrote a paper that envisioned the miniaturization of computers. To be precise, he predicted that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would double every year, leading to the creation and production of smaller and more powerful chips that would, in turn, enable advancements in technology. His prediction was dubbed "Moore's Law," and it was proven accurate in the years that followed. By 1975, he adjusted his estimate for the doubling of transistors to every two years, though now top chipmakers

EngadgetMar 24, 2023
Apple's AirPods Pro drop back to $200, plus the rest of the week's best tech deals
It's Friday, which means it's time for another roundup of notable discounts on good tech. Among the highlights, Apple's AirPods Pro are back down to $200, tying the best price we've seen for the iPhone-friendly noise-cancelling earphones. Amazon has dropped the Kindle Paperwhite down to $100, which is $5 above that e-reader's all-time low, while Samsung is running another sale on various storage devices. We're also seeing discounts on

New York Times TechMar 24, 2023
Gordon E. Moore, Intel Co-Founder Behind Moore's Law, Dies at 94
His prediction in the 1960s about exponential advances in computer chip technology charted a course for the age of high tech.

ComputerWorldMar 09, 2023
Are tech firms really firing their IT workers? No.
The unemployment rate in the technology job market in the US is about half that of other fields — just 1.5% — so the onslaught of recent reports about major "tech worker" layoffs can be confounding.

For example, current data from online tracker company Layoff.fyi shows that 465 tech companies have fired a total of 126,057 employees in 2023 alone. And, according to layoff tracker TrueUp, so far this year, 608 tech companies have announced layoffs, affecting 162,541 people (or 2,426 people per day). In 2022, there were 1,535 layoffs at tech companies with 241,176 people let go.

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TechNewsWorldFeb 06, 2023
The Metaverse in 2023: Doomed or Just Growing Pains?
Consumer attraction to today's metaverse indicates a significant shift in how people use technology. If the metaverse begins to exist and function in totality, marketers clearly should not miss out. The post The Metaverse in 2023: Doomed or Just Growing Pains? appeared first on TechNewsWorld.
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