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Thurs, Feb 22nd
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EngadgetFeb 21, 2024
Google introduces a lightweight open AI model called Gemma
Google has released an open AI model called Gemma, which it says is created using the same research and technology that was used to build its Gemini AI models. The company says Gemma is its contribution to the open community and is meant to help developers "in building AI responsibly." As such, it also introduced the Responsible Generative AI Toolkit alongside Gemma. It contains a debugging tool, as well as a guide with best practices for AI development based on Google's experience.

The company has made Gemma available in two different sizes — Gemma 2B and Gemma 7B — which both come with pre-trained and instruction-tuned variants and are both lightweight enough to run directly on a developer's laptop or desktop computer. Google says Gemma surpasses much larger models when it comes to key benchmarks and that both model sizes outperform other open models out there. 

In addition to being powerful, the Gemma models were trained to be safe. Google used automated techniques to strip personal information from the data it used to train the models, and it used reinforcement learning based on human feedback to ensure Gemma's instruction-tuned variants show responsible behaviors. Companies and independent developers could use Gemma to create AI-powered applications, especially if none of the currently available open models are powerful enough for what they want to build. 

Google has plans to introduce even more Gemma variants in the future for an even more diverse range of applications. That said, those who want to start working with the models right now can access them through data science platform Kaggle, the company's Colab notebooks or through Google Cloud. 

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CNET NewsFeb 21, 2024
Liverpool vs. Luton Livestream: How to Watch English Premier League Soccer From Anywhere - CNET
The Merseysiders look to extend their lead at the top of the table as they host the Hatters at Anfield.

EngadgetFeb 21, 2024
FTC concludes Twitter didn't violate data security rules, in spite of Musk's orders
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) concluded Elon Musk ordered Twitter (now X) employees to take actions that would have violated an FTC consent decree regarding consumers' data privacy and security. The investigation arose from the late 2022 episode informally known as "The Twitter Files," where Musk ordered staff to let outside writers access internal documents from the company's systems. However, the FTC says Twitter security veterans "took appropriate measures to protect consumers' private information," likely sparing Musk's company from government repercussions by ignoring his directive.

FTC Chair Lina Khan discussed the conclusions in a public letter sent Tuesday to House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (via The Washington Post). Jordan and his Republican colleagues have tried to turn the FTC's investigation into a political wedge issue, framing the inquiry as a free speech violation — perhaps to shore up GOP sup

GizmodoFeb 21, 2024
Sorry, There Is No German TV Show Dedicated to Cutting Food Perfectly in Half
In recent days, the internet has become enthralled with a 20-second of video a man attempting to cut a pretzel perfectly in half. The short clip purported to come from a German TV show dedicated entirely to the art of cutting things in half. But as disappointed users soon found out, no such German TV show exists.


GizmodoFeb 21, 2024
Borderlands' First Trailer Is Heavy on the Chaos
Lionsgate has been trying to get a Borderlands movie off the ground since 2015, with Eli Roth becoming attached to the project in 2020. After a longer-than-expected wait and a series of reshoots with Tim Miller at the helm, the movie is a real thing, and it's coming in August. The first trailer, however, is here now:


CNET How ToFeb 21, 2024
Yes, Side Hustle Income Gets Taxed, but There Are Some Breaks. How It Works - CNET
Your freelance income is subject to self-employment tax, but there are deductions you can take to help lower your overall bill.

ComputerWorldFeb 20, 2024
Box CEO 'insanely excited' about future of Vision Pro, work, and AI
Enterprise content cloud and collaboration service Box was fast out the gate with its own feature-filled take on support for Apple's Vision Pro. I spoke with Box co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie, who described how the company sees spatial computing transforming the enterprise and elsewhere.

For Levie, the disruptive tech trends of the last 20 years have set the scene for yet another change wave. "I think we have the early semblance of a new set of trends that are only just starting to mature that may represent the next two decades of changing computing," he said.

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Computer World Security NewsJul 11, 2023
4 collaboration security mistakes companies are still making
Before the pandemic, the business world took for granted that the vast majority of knowledge workers would be working in corporate offices most of the time. In the post-pandemic world, however, many employees can work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device with an internet connection.

When COVID-19 work-at-home mandates took effect around the world in early 2020, organizations rushed to adopt online collaboration tools. With capabilities ranging from voice- and videoconferencing to document co-authoring and project tracking, these tools helped teams communicate, work together, and share updates on various projects and initiatives from home or anywhere else.

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