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EngadgetJun 06, 2023
Apple Vision Pro hands-on: A new milestone for mixed reality, but issues remain
"Wow, wow, wow. Bellissimo." That was the first thing I heard from one excited WWDC attendee as I waited to test Apple's Vision Pro mixed reality headset. That level is excitement is exactly what Apple is hoping for. Realistically, not everyone will be able to afford a $3,499 device. But if Apple can get mainstream consumers excited about the idea of spatial computing, then it'll be able to make a bigger splash when it inevitably unveils a more affordable follow-up.

After spending thirty minutes with the Vision Pro, my reaction is more tempered than that excitable attendee. It's undoubtedly the best mixed reality (VR/AR) experience I've had yet, delivering an unparalleled sense of immersion, displays sharp enough to read text on websites, and an intuitive gesture-based user interface. And yet... it's still ultimately a VR headset, with many of the issues endemic to the entire category.

But let's start at the beginning: Before I was anywhere near the Vision Pro, I had to jump through a few setup hoops on an iPhone. First I rotated my head around to map my face, then I gave the phone a full view of my ears for it to personalize the headset's spatial audio. I hopped into another room, took off my glasses, and an Apple representative used a machine to detect my prescription. The Vision Pro can't be used with glasses, so anyone who needs vision correction will have to order additional lenses.

After a few minutes of admiring Apple's meticulously designed corporate campus, I entered a room to see the Vision Pro in action. It looked even more impressive than when I first caught

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