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EngadgetFeb 21, 2024
Signal usernames will keep your phone number private
Instant messaging app Signal is best known for its privacy-related settings, though with phone numbers being the heart of the platform since its inception, there was no way to fully hide your own number until now. Earlier today, Signal announced that you'll soon be able to create a unique username (not to be mistaken with your profile name), which you can share with others via a link or QR code — as opposed to sharing your number. You'll be able to change your unique username as often as you want, but it needs to contain two or more numbers at the end, as part of Signal's anti-spoofing efforts. You can even delete your username entirely, as it is an optional feature.

Naturally, you'll still need a phone number to sign up for Signal, but note that with the new default, your number will no longer be visible to everyone (you can change this setting manually, if needed). There will also be a new option which prevents people from finding you by your number; they will need to have your exact unique username to do so. In other words, people who already have your number won't necessarily know that you are also on Signal, which is a good thing if you prefer to stay anonymous in this platform's public groups.

As is the case with any new feature, the likes of spammers and scammers will eventually find a way to abuse usernames, as you won't be able to verify their numbers instantly. Pro tip: when you see new contacts that appear to be your acquaintances, always double check with them through other means — preferably in person, or at least via a phone call. You may look out for these new Signal features in a few weeks' time, or you can get an early taste in the

EngadgetFeb 21, 2024
FuboTV accuses Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. of antitrust practices over joint streaming service
FuboTV, a streaming platform dedicated to live sports, has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery, accusing the companies of staging "a years-long campaign" to hamper its business. The company's lawsuit comes shortly Disney-owned ESPN, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery announced that they're launching a sports streaming service in the fall of 2024, which will give subscribers access to sporting events from the networks they own. FuboTV's complaint argued that the companies are stealing its playbook and that the launch of their joint venture will destroy competition and lead to price inflation for consumers. 

Further, FuboTV alleged that the launch of the defendants' streaming service is but "the latest coordinated step" in their "campaign to eliminate competition in the sports-first streaming market" and in their effort to block its business. The streaming service said the defendants charge it content licensing rates that are 30 to 50 percent higher than the rates they charge other distributors. They also allegedly force FuboTV to bundle "dozens of expensive non-sports channels" that "customers do not want" with their sports offerings as a condition of licensing their content. All these increase the costs FuboTV must pass onto its customers, the company explained. 

FuboTV also claimed that the companies in question have prevented it from being able to offer streaming products subscribers would like, including content available on Hulu. Plus, the defendants allegedly impose a limitation on how many subscribers can

Mac RumorsFeb 20, 2024
Apple Increases iPhone 15's Advertised Battery Lifespan
Apple today announced that it retested the batteries in all iPhone 15 models and determined that they are able to meet a higher bar.

Apple Releases Third Beta of visionOS 1.1 (Mac Rumors)
Apple Seeds Fourth Betas of iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 to Developers (Mac Rumors)

Mac RumorsFeb 20, 2024
iOS 17.4 Beta Adds CarPlay Option to Show Upcoming Maneuvers in Instrument Cluster
The fourth beta of iOS 17.4 that Apple released today adds a new CarPlay feature, according to the notes that Apple provided to developers.

CNET How ToFeb 20, 2024
Best Google Pixel Deals: Discounts on Pixel Fold, 8 Pro and Older Models - CNET
Want to pick up a Pixel phone on the cheap? We've found deals from retailers and carriers to score you some significant savings.

CNET NewsFeb 20, 2024
Best Internet Providers in Frederick, Maryland - CNET
Xfinity or Glo Fiber are top choices for internet in Frederick, depending on what you're looking for. Here are the best internet providers in Frederick.

EngadgetFeb 20, 2024
Apple says the iPhone 15's battery has double the promised lifespan
Apple has updated the iPhone 15's battery lifespan. The company said on Tuesday its latest iPhones can retain 80 percent of their original charging capacity after 1,000 cycles — double the company's previous estimate — without any new hardware or software updates. Not so coincidentally, the change will arrive in time for upcoming EU regulations that will assign an energy grade for phones' battery longevity.

Before today, Apple's online support documents quoted iPhone batteries as maintaining 80 percent of their original full charge after 500 cycles. But after the company retested long-term battery health in its 2023 smartphones — iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max — it found they can retain 80 percent capacity after at least 1,000 cycles. The company said its support documents will be updated on Tuesday to reflect the new estimate.

Apple says its testing involved charging and draining the batteries 1,000 times under specific conditions and a suite of tests reflecting common uses. As for how the estimate doubled without any physical or software changes, the company attributes the upgrade to continual improvements to its battery components and iOS power management.

For older (pre-2023) iPhones, the original estimate of retaining 80 percent capacity after 500 charge cycles still stands — at least for now. Apple said it's looking into whether older models' estimates need to be updated.

Mac RumorsFeb 20, 2024
iOS 17.4 Lets You See Your iPhone 15 Battery Health at a Glance
With iOS 17.4, Apple is tweaking how battery health is reported to iPhone 15 users, making it easier for them to understand their battery status at a glance.

Mac RumorsFeb 20, 2024
U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear VirnetX Patent Case, Saving Apple $503 Million
The United States Supreme Court today said that it will not hear the VirnetX vs. Apple patent case, putting an end to a 14-year-long legal battle and ultimately saving Apple $502.8 million.

GizmodoFeb 20, 2024
Signal's New Usernames Will Let You Keep Your Phone Number Private
For those who care about digital privacy, few apps are more beloved than Signal. For years, the end-to-end encrypted messenger has offered some of the best privacy protections on the web. Strong encryption, zero subscription fees, and virtually no data collection? What's not to like?


GizmodoFeb 20, 2024
Meet 'Groq,' the AI Chip That Leaves Elon Musk's Grok in the Dust
Groq, an AI chip company, wants everyone to forget about Elon Musk's snarky chatbot with nearly the same name, Grok. Lightning-fast demos from Groq went viral this weekend, making current versions of ChatGPT, Gemini and even Grok look sluggish. Groq claims to provide "the world's fastest large language models," and…


ResearchBuzzFeb 20, 2024
Meme Culture, Reddit, 404 Media, More: Tuesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, February 20, 2024
EVENTS Dartmouth College: Navigating the ‘Memosphere'. "Professor Nirvana Tanoukhi created the first college course on the rise of meme culture and will co-lead a public conference at Dartmouth on Feb. 23 and […]

ComputerWorldFeb 20, 2024
Box CEO 'insanely excited' about future of Vision Pro, work, and AI
Enterprise content cloud and collaboration service Box was fast out the gate with its own feature-filled take on support for Apple's Vision Pro. I spoke with Box co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie, who described how the company sees spatial computing transforming the enterprise and elsewhere.

For Levie, the disruptive tech trends of the last 20 years have set the scene for yet another change wave. "I think we have the early semblance of a new set of trends that are only just starting to mature that may represent the next two decades of changing computing," he said.

To read this article in full, please click here

Apple Vision Pro Impressions: One Week Later (TechNewsWorld)

Mac RumorsFeb 20, 2024
Apple's Upcoming OLED iPad Pro Models Rumored to Be Much Thinner
Apple is planning to update the iPad Air and iPad Pro lineups as soon as March, and the new ?iPad Pro? models will be significantly thinner according to dimensions shared by 9to5Mac. Citing sources with knowledge of Apple's plans, the site claims that the larger version will be more than 1mm thinner.

Mac RumorsFeb 19, 2024
Amazon Takes $300 Off Multiple Apple Studio Display Models, Available From $1,299.99
Amazon today is matching an all-time low price on the Studio Display, now available for $1,299.99, down from $1,599.99. This is the standard glass version of the Studio Display with the tilt adjustable stand, and it currently has an estimated February 23 delivery date for Prime shipping.

PC World Latest NewsFeb 19, 2024
Keychron M6 Wireless review: An exceptional-value gaming mouse

Price When Reviewed49

Best Prices Today: Keychron M6 Wireless Retailer Pr

EngadgetFeb 16, 2024
Epic plans to launch its own iOS storefront in the EU this year
Epic Games just announced that Apple has finally reinstated its iOS developer account in the European Union. This means that the developer plans to launch a digital storefront for iOS devices sometime this year. More importantly, this will allow users to easily download Fortnite on iPhones.

The company revealed that it would be bringing its games store and Fortnite to iOS back in January, but it wasn't clear if Apple would grant it a developer account. This account makes it much easier for developers to distribute apps and content across Apple's various platforms.

Mac RumorsFeb 15, 2024
Apple Developing AI Tool to Help Developers Write Code for Apps
Apple is working on an updated version of Xcode that will include an AI tool for generating code, reports Bloomberg. The AI tool will be similar to GitHub Copilot from Microsoft, which can generate code based on natural language requests and convert code from one programming language to another.

Computer World Security NewsJan 10, 2024
Security tips for Apple-using workers in co-working spaces
For Apple-using workers on the go, especially if you frequent shared co-working spaces or public places, don't assume you're as secure as you think you are.  

Co-working spaces are particularly under threat, in part because criminals have already figured out that the people using them are good targets for data theft, ransomware, and more.

They've also realized that at least some of those working from such spaces might well be part of, or connected with, larger corporate entities — meaning a successful data heist could unlock the gates to greater and more profitable kingdoms. There are useful resources from government and industry aimed at helping workers lock down their devices and data. In the US, for instance, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has published a useful guide to explain some of the risks, while the US Office of Personnel Management offered up even more useful advice.

To read this article in full, please click here

Computer World Security NewsJul 11, 2023
4 collaboration security mistakes companies are still making
Before the pandemic, the business world took for granted that the vast majority of knowledge workers would be working in corporate offices most of the time. In the post-pandemic world, however, many employees can work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device with an internet connection.

When COVID-19 work-at-home mandates took effect around the world in early 2020, organizations rushed to adopt online collaboration tools. With capabilities ranging from voice- and videoconferencing to document co-authoring and project tracking, these tools helped teams communicate, work together, and share updates on various projects and initiatives from home or anywhere else.

To read this article in full, please click here

TechCrunchJan 18, 2022
Apple confirms that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro do not support noise cancellation during phone calls
Photo credit: Gadgets Now Apple has confirmed that  iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro do not cancel noise  during phone calls, including  iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple included the feature in the iPhone 12 series and earlier models to improve call quality in noise environment. 

No reason was given to remove this feature from the iPhone 13 series noise cancellation during phone calls. By reference, by  iPhone 13 series, we mean  iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and  iPhone 13 Pro Max. On previous iPhones, the feature was available in Settings under  Audio/Visual, which is found in Accessibility.

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