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GizmodoDec 01, 2023
Tesla Releases Baby Cybertrucks for Your Little Doomsday Prepper
Was your little one disappointed they couldn't get their own bulletproof, $100,000, Cybertruck? Well, fear not. Tesla released the Cybertruck for Kids on Thursday, shortly after the release of its grown-up version. Your dystopian, conspiracy-spreading, Elon Musk-loving child will love their little Cybertruck.


EngadgetDec 01, 2023
What did an iPhone camera do to this poor woman's arms?
A woman was photographed standing in front of two mirrors with an iPhone camera, but the actual photo shows three completely different arm positions. The arms are in different locations in mirror number one, mirror number two and in actual real life. Is it Photoshop? Is it a glitch in the Matrix? Did the woman take a 25-year trip inside of Twin Peak's black lodge? No, it's just a computational photography error, but it still makes for one heck of an image.

TechNewsWorldSep 20, 2023
SatCo Makes First 5G Call via Satellite Using Everyday Smartphone
The first of its kind 5G call was made from Maui, Hawaii, to a Vodafone engineer in Madrid, Spain, using AT&T spectrum and AST SpaceMobile's BlueWalker 3 test satellite. The post SatCo Makes First 5G Call via Satellite Using Everyday Smartphone appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

SatCo Makes Makes First 5G Call via Satellite Using Everyday Smartphone (TechNewsWorld)

CNET ReviewsSep 22, 2022
2023 Cadillac XT6 Review: Super Cruising Into the Spotlight - CNET
The addition of Caddy's hands-free highway driving assistant makes the XT6 one of the most interesting luxury SUVs on the road -- but there's a catch.
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