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New York Times MoviesOct 29, 2020
‘The True Adventures of Wolfboy' Review: A Hirsute Teen Drama
A 13-year-old boy, his body covered in hair, searches for the mother he never knew.

Yahoo! BooksOct 29, 2020
Pope to return to virtual general audiences due to participant COVID-19 case
Pope Francis' weekly general audiences, which had resumed with the public participating, will be moved back indoors and held virtually after one participant tested positive for the coronavirus, the Vatican said on Thursday. A statement said the audiences will be held from the pope's official private library, as they were during the height of the lockdown in Italy earlier this year. In recent weeks, the public was allowed to return to the audiences, held first in a Vatican courtyard and then in a Vatican auditorium.

Yahoo! BooksOct 29, 2020
Trump rushes struggling GOP senator at rally: 'You got one minute, they don't want to hear this'
President hurried Arizona Senator Martha McSally before calling up three politicians from other states - plus Nigel Farage - to address the crowd

Yahoo! TVOct 29, 2020
New trailer: Why 'The Crown' Season 4 includes Princess Diana's bulimia and Margaret Thatcher's private life
Gillian Anderson and young actress Emma Corrin talk the pressures of playing historical figures Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana on "The Crown."

The Crown Season 4 Trailer: It's the Queen vs. Thatcher vs. Diana (Vulture)

NYTimes ArtsOct 29, 2020
16 New Books to Watch For in November
Barack Obama's memoir is landing. So is a biography of Adrienne Rich and buzzy fiction from Jo Nesbo, Nicole Krauss and Susie Yang.

Steve Martin Likes Books in the ‘I Can't Put This Down' Genre (NYTimes Arts)

Yahoo! TVOct 29, 2020
Khloé Kardashian defends Kim's controversial 40th birthday party getaway
Khloé Kardashian is speaking out about her sister Kim's controversial birthday bash — and her own bout with COVID-19.

Yahoo! TVOct 29, 2020
‘The Crown' Trailer Sees Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher at Odds
Two women running Britain, "perhaps that is precisely what this country needs," Queen Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman) says in a new trailer for the fourth season of "The Crown." But, as anyone with an understanding of U.K. history knows, it is anything but smooth sailing when Margaret Thatcher (played here by Gillian Anderson) becomes Prime […]

Yahoo! ArtsOct 29, 2020
Merkel heckled in German parliament after warning against Covid-19 'lies and disinformation'
Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, was heckled by opposition MPs during a speech to parliament on Thursday, while taking aim at groups spreading "lies and disinformation" as the country continues to battle the coronavirus crisis. The speech, which took place the morning after Mrs Merkel announced a range of sweeping reforms to tackle the spread of the pandemic, warned that the German people find themselves in a "dramatic situation". On Thursday morning, Germany recorded 16,774 new daily coronavirus infections, the highest number of new cases within a 24-hour period since the pandemic began. In a veiled criticism of the far-right Alternative for Germany - staunch opponents of the country's lockdown measures - Mrs Merkel laid out a plea for unity. "Lies, disinformation, conspiracy theories and hate not only damage democratic debate, but also the fight against the coronavirus" Mrs Merkel said. "Soothing wishful thinking and populist trivialisation (of the coronavirus) is not only unrealistic, it is irresponsible." The speech was frequently interrupted by jeers from AfD MPs. Such interjections are rare in German parliament, with house speaker Wolfgang Schäuble threatening the hecklers with calls to order and criticising their "dangerous" behaviour.

NYTimes ArtsOct 29, 2020
Halloween for Kids: Different This Year, but Still Delightful
In New York, trick-or-treating has been curtailed, and parades called off. But there are plenty of ways to please and spook the little ones.

Yahoo! ArtsOct 29, 2020
Banks roll out robots as pandemic shakes up IT plans
When banks were flooded with loan requests from businesses struggling with the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, hastily built robots helped several lenders cope with the deluge. The bots were one of many quick technology changes deployed across the industry during the crisis, a contrast to the slow progress it's made in the past two decades to improve technology in the face of increasing competition from fintech rivals. Now the jolt from the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the process even though banks globally are having to cut IT spending this year for the first time since 2009, based on data from research company IDC.

Playbill NewsOct 29, 2020
Andrea Savage to Direct Film Adaptation of Off-Broadway's Georgia Mertching Is Dead
Joining the I'm Sorry creator-star on the creative team is playwright Catya McMullen.

BBC Entertainment & ArtsOct 29, 2020
David Jason: They thought I'd be Grandad, not Del Boy
The Only Fools and Horses star looks back on his career in TV - and other high-flying exploits.

New York Times MoviesOct 29, 2020
‘Fire Will Come' Review: An Arsonist Returns Home to the Forest
Oliver Laxe gives us the story of humans and nature in crisis in Galicia, with nonactors playing the roles.

NYTimes ArtsOct 29, 2020
‘Us Kids' Review: They're Not All Right
This documentary by Kim A. Snyder asks difficult questions about what it means to grow up in an America where gun violence is far too common.

NYTimes ArtsOct 29, 2020
‘Come Play' Review: Alexa, Find Me a Derivative Thriller
In Jacob Chase's film, a monster from another realm invades ours through phone screens and tablets.

Yahoo! ArtsOct 29, 2020
A mutated coronavirus strain causes most new COVID-19 infections in Europe and was spread within the continent by tourists, scientists say
The coronavirus variant, known as 20A.EU1, has been identified in 12 European countries as well as in Hong Kong and New Zealand, scientists said.

Yahoo! ArtsOct 29, 2020
China's Communist party leadership says to promote Taiwan's reunification with mainland: Xinhua
An attorney for the plaintiffs says his clients will appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court. Four other statues have already come down.

NYTimes ArtsOct 29, 2020
‘There Are Tons of Brown Faces Missing': Publishers Step Up Diversity Efforts
The push in book publishing for more authors and workers of color hasn't abated, and companies are increasingly making lasting changes to the way they do business.

Billboard Music NewsOct 29, 2020
‘Masked Singer' Makes Way For ‘Masked Dancer' in December
Fox's hit series The Masked Singer is getting company with The Masked Dancer, a chance for celebrity contestants to show off their moves in disguise.

NYTimes ArtsOct 29, 2020
‘Spell' Review: Occult Reprogramming
Omari Hardwick plays a lawyer who gets trapped in the superstition-laden enclave of Appalachia where he was raised.

NYTimes ArtsOct 29, 2020
Getting Lost Helped V.E. Schwab Find the Idea for Her 20th Book
‘The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue' took 10 years to write. The fantasy author describes the process as a ‘very, very long labor of love.'

AV Club FilmsOct 29, 2020
Fox's The Masked Dancer sounds like a great way to snap a C-list celebrity's ankle
America's obsession with Ken Jeung solving musical mysteries continues apace tonight, as Fox announced its latest attempt to translate this whole "masked" thing that's gone, uh, viral of late into yet another TV series. That's right, it's The Masked Dancer, a formal follow-up to The Masked Singer that also sounds like…


NYTimes ArtsOct 29, 2020
‘The Donut King' Review: Sweet Dreams
This documentary traces the mercurial journey of a Cambodian refugee who became a doughnut mogul in California.
Rolling Stone Movie ReviewsOct 28, 2020
‘The Craft: Legacy' Review: The Spell Remains the Same
This sequel-of-sorts to the 1996 cult classic updates the coven empowerment for a new era — but it's still a witches' brew that tastes like weak tea

Yahoo! BooksOct 28, 2020
Trump news: Farage fawns over president at rally, as White House lashes out at unmasked ‘Anonymous' whistleblower
Follow the latest updates

VultureOct 28, 2020
The Craft: Legacy Is Progressive, Positive, and Tragically Dull
The '90s teen-witch classic gets a 2020 overhaul that leaves it feeling too woke for … conflict?

USA Today: BooksOct 28, 2020
Trump books are all the 'Rage': 'A Warning' and other books offer a peek inside the White House
Here are 11 of the most insightful titles about President Donald Trump and his White House, and what we learned from reading them.        

Yahoo! BooksOct 28, 2020
My son can't eat most Halloween candy, so I'm putting out a teal pumpkin for him and the millions of other kids with food allergies
The premise of the Teal Pumpkin Project is simple: Show trick-or-treaters that you have non-food items for those with allergies, even in a pandemic.

NYTimes ArtsOct 28, 2020
Black Women's Hair and Horror Movies: What Could Go Wrong?
An evil weave turns a shy character into a serial killer in "Bad Hair," but the film doesn't understand that styling locks can be a source of intimacy and communal pride.

The 13 Scariest Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now (NYTimes Arts)

BBC Entertainment & ArtsOct 28, 2020
Kim Kardashian West mocked for 'humble' birthday party on private island
The reality star is accused of being "tone deaf" for posting photos of her family's lavish trip.

VultureOct 28, 2020
Stylish With Jenna Lyons Is Making Fashion Reality Shows Nicer
"You're never gonna get the best out of a person by being mean to them."

Billboard Music NewsOct 28, 2020
David Bowie Goes From ‘Space Oddity' to International Icon in New ‘Stardust' Trailer
A new trailer for the Gabriel Range-directed Bowie biopic Stardust dropped on Wednesday (Oct. 28) featuring Johnny Flynn as a younger version of the late star.

Yahoo! ArtsOct 28, 2020
Blame Game Begins After Trump's Nebraska Rally Sh*tshow
President Donald Trump went to Omaha, Nebraska Tuesday night hoping to boost his chances of winning the area's competitive electoral college vote.But he left a logistical mess in his wake at Eppley Airfield as scores of people were left trying to get back to their vehicles via buses from the large-scale event in the midst of a raging pandemic.Trump's rallies during the pandemic have already worried health experts because, even when they're outdoors, the large events feature little in the way of social distancing and lax mask-wearing from the audience. But the logistical issues in Omaha likely only compound the existing anxieties over holding such big events and gathering so many people together at a time when health experts are still sounding the alarm over the deadly coronavirus.No Lockdown, No Problem, Says Nebraska GOP Guv as Cases RiseThe Omaha World-Herald reported there were hundreds left stranded for "up to three hours in freezing temperatures," as they attempted to leave the event via chartered buses.A spokesperson for the Omaha Police Department said in an email that "buses loaded and hauled approximately 25,000 people to the event site over a 10 hour period of time," from 10 a.m. Tuesday until the start of the event. But estimates about how many people headed to the airfield have varied, and the spokesperson noted the numbers were preliminary.Officer Michael Pecha, a public information officer with the Omaha Police Department, said that six people were taken to area hospitals with a variety of medical conditions. "

Time EntertainmentOct 28, 2020
The Craft Inspired a Generation of Teenage Witches. Now a Reboot Is Poised to Do the Same
'The Craft: Legacy' builds on pop culture's long and complicated fascination with witchcraft

Yahoo! ArtsOct 28, 2020
Mexican search group finds 59 bodies in clandestine pits
A neighbor told a deputy that the 84-year-old man had been punched and kicked days after the suspect confronted the man for a Biden sign in his yard.

Yahoo! TVOct 28, 2020
Loose Lips: Controversial talk show host gives wackiest ‘Masked Singer' performance yet
Fittingly, the Lips turned out to be of the biggest mouths in showbiz.

Yahoo! TVOct 28, 2020
‘The Masked Singer' Spinoff ‘The Masked Dancer' Taps Craig Robinson as Host
Fox's new "The Masked Singer" spinoff has found its host. "The Masked Dancer," which is inspired by a segment on Ellen DeGeneres' daytime show, will be hosted by Craig Robinson. The move expands Robinson's relationship with Fox, after he starred in the network's supernatural sitcom "Ghosted" a couple years ago. In a surprise to no-one, […]

Yahoo! TVOct 28, 2020
MVP of Horror: Alice Cooper recalls making a devilish deal with the Muppets
"I balked at first," the shock-rocker says of a 1978 invitation to guest-star on 'The Muppet Show.' "I went, ‘Oh man, I've been spending all this time building this villain image. Is this just going to water it down?'"

Yahoo! ArtsOct 28, 2020
‘White racist cops got my own dad': Walter Wallace's young son speaks out
An investigation has been opened into the police shooting of Walter Wallace who died in Philadelphia on Monday afternoon

Yahoo! ArtsOct 28, 2020
5-year-old weighed just 7 pounds when she died, GA cops say. Her parents face charges
Police say the investigation is ongoing.

Yahoo! TVOct 27, 2020
‘Ellen' Show to Bring Back Live Studio Audiences With COVID-19 Guidelines in Place
A live studio audience will once again fill the seats on set of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Starting with the Oct. 28 show, 40 fans will be seated in the talk show's audience section alongside 70 virtual attendees. The return to live audiences may be happening just in time for the show's Halloween week, but […]

Time EntertainmentOct 08, 2020
Charm City Kings Is a Bittersweet Tale of Growing Up on Dirt Bikes and Dreams
The HBO Max drama follows a West Baltimore teen entranced by the freewheeling stunts of a local dirt-bike gang

New York Times MoviesOct 08, 2020
‘Time' Review: What We Really Mean When We Say Mass Incarceration
In Garrett Bradley's moving documentary, a woman fights for her family and justice as a husband and father's absence reverberates.
Science Daily WeatherSep 22, 2020
Evaporation critical to coronavirus transmission as weather changes
As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, it is increasingly urgent to understand how climate impacts the spread of the coronavirus, particularly as winter virus infections are more common and the northern hemisphere will soon see cooler temperatures. Researchers studied the effects of relative humidity, environmental temperature, and wind speed on the respiratory cloud and virus viability. They found a critical factor for the transmission of the infectious particles is evaporation.

Reuters EntertainmentJun 05, 2020
Japan's Fuji Rock Festival cancelled for first time because of pandemic
Fuji Rock Festival, Japan's biggest annual music event, will be cancelled for the first time ever due to the coronavirus pandemic, organisers said, disappointing thousands of rock-and-roll fans who flock to the outdoor festivities every year. Movie NewsDec 17, 2018
Comics on Film: What the 'Black Panther' Golden Globe Nomination Could Mean for Comic Book Movies
You don't have to be a hardcore comic book fan to understand the fact that, almost universally, comic book movies just don't get taken seriously as dramatic works of art. Even the most artistically-conscious and technically proficient movie, invested into by major studios and visionary directors, will be looked down upon by some cinematic observers because its source material comes from the medium of comics. That's why the recent announcement of Black Panther as a nominee for Best Picture in the drama category at the forthcoming Golden Globe awards is so momentous. It's been a decade since a comic book movie was thought of as a legitimately artistic entry into the long-running cinematic canon, when director Christopher Nolan brought together his world-class...
Read More

The A.V. Club - MusicJul 16, 2018
Ask The Salty Waitress: How should I respond when people throw measly change in my tip jar?


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