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AV Club FilmsAug 20, 2018
On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver tries to explain Trump's cartoonishly stupid trade war
Partway through John Oliver's main story on Sunday's Last Week Tonight, the host showed a bombastically wrong-headed clip from a documentary called Death By China. Filled with ominously hyperbolic narration (Martin Sheen, c'mon guy) and simplistic, ineptly fear-mongering animations (America is stabbed, right in the…


Playbill NewsAug 20, 2018
Off-Broadway Rush and Inexpensive Ticket Policies
To make tickets more affordable, many Off-Broadway shows have implemented rush, lottery, and inexpensive ticket policies.

Yahoo! TVAug 20, 2018
Insatiable Star Debby Ryan Defends the Show's Fatsuit Use by Reminding You Friends Did It, Too
"We're just trying to portray an origin story."

Yahoo! BooksAug 19, 2018
'Crazy Rich Asians' sparkles at N.America box office
Highly anticipated rom-com "Crazy Rich Asians" -- the first Hollywood film with an mainly Asian cast in a generation -- dazzled the North American box office in its debut weekend, claiming the top spot, industry estimates showed Sunday.

AV Club FilmsAug 19, 2018
In its season 4 finale, The Affair takes a turn toward the life-affirming
It's surprising, and heartening when a show like The Affair, which sometimes gets bogged down in its own headiness, can turn out its best-ever episode in its fourth season. Can still offer an unexpected plot twist, and even draw on its own duplicitous viewpoints to add some mystery to that event. Last season I mostly…


AV Club FilmsAug 19, 2018
In a beautiful, bruising episode, Sharp Objects shows us the pain of being extraordinary
In "Falling," Chief Vickery wryly, wistfully, wonders why the women of Wind Gap aren't content to be ordinary. The whole series has been a study in female extremity: Camille scars her body into a living testament to her pain; Adora and Amma assert themselves through pageants of stylized cruelty; Jackie presents…


NYTimes ArtsAug 19, 2018
Asia Argento, Who Accused Weinstein, Made Deal With Her Own Accuser
The actress and director Asia Argento, among the first women to publicly accuse Harvey Weinstein, arranged to pay an actor after he said she sexually assaulted him when he was 17, documents show.

VultureAug 19, 2018
Insatiable Star Debby Ryan Defends the Show's Fatsuit Use By Reminding You Friends Did It, Too

Netflix's new dark comedy Insatiable isn't as bad as you thought — it's worse. Revolving around an overweight high school girl who suddenly becomes svelte and beautiful over a summer thanks to her jaw getting wired shut, she seeks revenge on every single person who's ever wronged her while she ... More »

TV by the NumbersJul 26, 2018
‘The Affair' renewed for fifth and final season by Showtime
Showtime is bringing an end to "The Affair." Announced this…
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