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EngadgetSep 24, 2021
iPhone 13 Pro's 120Hz display limits some third-party app animations to 60Hz
With this year's iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, Apple finally brought its ProMotion display technology from the iPad Pro over to some of its phones. The feature allows the new high-end iPhones to refresh screen content up to 120 times per second, thereby creating a much smoother interface experience. The effect is most noticeable when scrolling, but almost every aspect of a UI can benefit from a higher refresh rate.

Third-Party Apps Can't Take Full Advantage of iPhone 13 Pro 120Hz ProMotion Displays (Mac Rumors)
iPhone 13 Pro: How to Shoot Macro Photography (Mac Rumors)

Mac RumorsSep 24, 2021
Apple Says Third-Party Apps Can Take Full Advantage of ProMotion With Plist Entry, Core Animation Bug Fix Coming
After developers discovered that their apps are not currently able to use 120Hz ProMotion refresh rates for all animations, there was confusion over whether it was a limitation imposed for battery life or a bug. Apple has now provided clarification.

Researcher Says Apple Ignored Three Zero-Day Security Vulnerabilities Still Present in iOS 15 (Mac Rumors)

CNET How ToSep 24, 2021
Apple's iOS 15 update is here. Follow this checklist to get your iPhone ready - CNET
Apple's iOS 15 update launched on Sept. 20. If you haven't updated your iPhone yet, follow these steps first.

Time: TechlandSep 24, 2021
7 of the Best iPhone Tips and Tricks for the New iOS 15
While a new iOS version has become an annual event, Apple's iOS 15 brings some notable changes to the iPhone

ComputerWorldSep 24, 2021
Microsoft's Surface Laptop Studio: The perfect Windows 11 laptop?
Disclosure:  Microsoft is a client of the author.

When the Microsoft Surface line was created, I thought then-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was making the same mistake he made with Zune — and, in a way, he was. But at least with the Surface, it was a market he understood. The Surface did better, but was plagued by the lousy strategy of copying a competitor with a clone-like product. The first Surface tried too hard to be a better iPad, and the iPad itself wasn't the success the iPod and iPhone had been. 

[ Related: What enterprise needs to know about Windows 11 ] Typically, a better competitive strategy is to try to one-up a rival, not create a clone. This strategy has been demonstrated by Sun against IBM, Toyota against Ford and GM, Tesla against the existing car industry, and Apple with both the iPod and iPhone. 

To read this article in full, please click here

Yahoo TechnologySep 24, 2021
iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max review: Apple saved the real upgrade for the Pros

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