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Yahoo! BooksMar 31, 2020
U.S. Base Workers Set for Furlough in Blow to South Korea Alliance
(Bloomberg) -- The U.S. military is set to put almost half of its 8,500 South Korean civilian workers on furlough, as the two sides bicker over the Trump administration's demands for a massive increase in troop funding.About 4,000 workers have been told not to report to American military bases in South Korea as of Wednesday, if the two countries can't find some way to extend a cost-sharing deal that expired Dec. 31. A breakthrough seems unlikely with President Donald Trump asking for as much as a five-fold increase and South Korea showing no signs of paying anywhere near that much.The furloughs, which the Hankyoreh newspaper said would be the first of their kind, will put new pressure on an alliance that Trump has repeatedly criticized since taking office three years ago. The move comes as the U.S. military struggles to keep coronavirus outbreaks from disrupting operations in South Korea and elsewhere and the allies watch for fresh provocations from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.The two sides have been deadlocked over what's known as the Special Measures Agreement, with Trump initially demanding about $5 billion a year from South Korea to pay for U.S. security. South Korean President Moon Jae-in's administration has indicated that it wouldn't pay much more than the almost $1 billion it agreed to in a one-year stopgap deal in 2019.South Korea's lead negotiator, Jeong Eun-bo, said in a statement Tuesday that the two sides were in the "final steps" of negotiations and expressed regret that the U.S. governme

Yahoo! ArtsMar 30, 2020
Fact check: will Covid-19 fade in the summer - then return later like the flu?
Experts weigh in on whether coronavirus will dissipate during the summer and warn against letting up on physical distancing * Coronavirus - live US updates * Live global updates * See all our coronavirus coverageThe seasonal flu tends to dissipate during the summer, leading some to hope the coronavirus will do the same. Experts explain why transmission of some illnesses lowers with warmer temperatures - and warn against lowering our guard. Why are some viruses seasonal?Dr Marc Lipsitch: What makes seasonal viruses seasonal is a combination of opportunities for transmission - whether school is in term, which facilitates transmission - and what proportion of the population is immune, combined with weather.Humidity is lower in the winter, which is good for transmission. Low humidity makes [virus-carrying] droplets settle more slowly because they shrink to smaller sizes and then friction keeps them in the air, whereas high humidity doesn't do that.Dr Lee W Riley: People still get the common cold [in the summer] and we're beginning to see this new coronavirus in the southern hemisphere. It's more about the way people behave. Can we expect the number of Covid-19 cases to fall this summer?Lipsitch: Based on our best estimates from other coronaviruses, summer alone is not going to bring transmission to a level where the number of cases shrinks. It's just going to grow more slowly.It's really clear that warmer weather does not stop the transmission or growth of the virus. That's clea
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