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PC World Latest NewsJun 12, 2024
Beware of these 7 new hacker tricks — and how to protect yourself

Many of these tricks exploit existing vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems, but these perpetrators are also developing completely new approaches that combine technical procedures with social engineering to achieve their goals.

To recap if you're unaware: social engineering is when a malicious person exploits you through helpfulness, trust, fear, or respect in an attempt to manipulate you into doing something.

Examples of social engineering include: a work email purporting to come from your boss with a payment order for a large sum to a foreign account; a WhatsApp message from someone pretending to be your relative in need of money; or a phishing email that claims to be your bank asking you to click a link with scary consequences if you don't.

Here are some of the latest scams and techniques used by criminals that you need to know about—and how you can protect yourself.

1. The zero font trick It's possible to set the font size of email text to zero using HTML code. In this way, the text is present but not visible to the eye.

A few years ago, criminals used this trick to insert invisible text into messages in order to fool the spam and virus detection mechanisms of email providers and mail programs.

They used this technique to inser
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