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EngadgetDec 10, 2017
Apple AI chief reveals more progress on self-driving car tech
After remaining tight-lipped for years, Apple is now more than eager to share how much progress it's making on self-driving car technology. AI research director Ruslan Salakhutdinov made a presentation this week that revealed more of what the company...

Reuters TechnologyDec 10, 2017
After bitcoin's wild week, traders brace for futures launch
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The newest way to bet on bitcoin, the cyptocurrency that has taken Wall Street by storm with its stratospheric price rise and wild daily gyrations, will arrive on Sunday when bitcoin futures start trading.

TechCrunchDec 10, 2017
Net Neutrality isn't the only thing the current FCC is screwing up
 Lost amid the furor over the Federal Communications Commission’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad decision to reverse net neutrality regulations is another, equally awful ,decision on a program to provide subsidies for broadband internet subscriptions to low-income households in cities and tribal regions around the country. Read More

Wired NewsDec 09, 2017
Apple Executive Reveals More of Its Self-Driving Technology
In a talk at a conference, Apple's head of artificial-intelligence research discussed projects for navigation and mapping that would be useful for self-driving cars.

EngadgetDec 09, 2017
Google Maps will wake you up when you need to get off the bus
Google Maps will make taking the train or the bus in places you're visiting a lot less stressful: according to TechCrunch, the app will soon guide you through every step of a mass transit ride, including telling you when it's time to get off. Once th...

Google Maps will soon tell you when it's time to get off your train or bus (TechCrunch)

Gizmag Emerging TechDec 09, 2017
Speech recognition technology used to analyze Apollo mission tapes

There was a lot more said during the Apollo 11 missions besides 'The Eagle has landed and 'That's one step for man.' To help preserve and make accessible the thousands of hours of recorded mission audio, a team of researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas used speech recognition technology to unscramble and analyze the conversations between astronauts, mission control, and technicians in between across a quarter of a million miles of space.

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Apollo 11 NASA University of Texas Apollo Mission Control Center's past is in its future Google's Street View cars offer block-by-block pollution readings Flight plan from legendary Apollo 13 mission to be auctioned Rocks reveal secret of Moon's formation Fashion on the final frontier: The story of the spacesuit The stuff of stars found in lunar soil from Apollo missions

TechCrunchDec 09, 2017
This is the future if net neutrality is repealed; the creeping, costly death of media freedom
 When a country lacks an open internet, the government (and companies friendly with said government) are able to do anything from simply blocking or banning apps entirely (EG: Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp for censorship or economic reasons) to more aggressive moves such as Egypt’s effective shutdown of their internet service providers. Read More

TechCrunchDec 09, 2017
Andy Rubin is back at Essential after leave of absence following reports of improper behavior
 Essential smartphone startup founder Andy Rubin, who took a leave of absence last month in light of allegations of an improper relationship at his previous employer, has returned to work, Recode reports. Citing sources, Recode reports Rubin’s personal leave ended Friday. At the time of his leave, Rubin said he was taking time off to “deal with personal matters.” His decision… Read More

Gizmag Emerging TechDec 08, 2017
Google Street View captures millions of migrating crabs on Christmas Island

From the comfort of our own homes, Google Street View can give us a look at some of nature's most spectacular sights, with everywhere from the Himalayas to the Amazon now just a few clicks away. The internet giant's cameras have now been deployed on Australia's Christmas Island, where they will capture the millions of crabs that famously migrate from the forest to the sea in December each year.

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Australia Google Light- and sound-emitting urban canopy offers city folk a high-tech garden getaway Interview: Talking waterslides with the brain behind a record-breaking ride Radio telescope sees the sky in 20 primary colors A look inside Slack's new Asian outpost Australia deploys shark-spotting drones to keep watch over beachgoers Beyoncé's backside begets bootylicious building

TechCrunchDec 08, 2017
Here's everything new Niantic just added to Pokémon Go
 Niantic is rounding out the year with one of Pokémon GO’s biggest updates to date. We knew earlier this week that the update was right around the corner, but we didn’t know exactly when. The answer: now. From new Pokémon to crazy new weather systems and minor text fixes (heh.) to battle system changes, there’s a good amount happening here. Here’s everything… Read More

Reuters TechnologyDec 07, 2017
Ford to test new self-driving vehicle technology in 2018
DETROIT (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co will begin testing its latest self-driving vehicle technology next year in at least one city but has not changed its plan to begin commercial production until 2021, the company said.

TechCrunchDec 06, 2017
Amazon Prime Video finally lands on Apple TV
 Tim Cook said six months ago Amazon Prime Video was coming to Apple TV sometime before the end of the year. And here it is: the long-awaited app is finally available on Apple TV and the iOS flavor was updated to support the iPhone X. The native tvOS versions is compatible with Apple TV 3rd generation devices or later. If the app isn’t visible yet, try searching for Amazon Prime Video on… Read More

Gizmag Emerging TechNov 30, 2017
Nissan geeks out with six Star Wars show cars and AR showrooms

Nissan used the LA Auto show as an excuse for a bit of Star Wars fan service this year, taking a bunch of Rogues, Altimas and Maximas and letting Lucasfilm's design artists tart them up into Star Wars-style spaceships. But it doesn't stop there, with Star Wars-themed augmented reality displays rolling out at showrooms across North America.

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