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ComputerWorldFeb 29, 2024
Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'GenAI will redefine the future'
With Vision Pro out the door and the recent cancellation of work on a car, it's becoming crystal clear that Apple is shifting huge resources into its forthcoming introduction of something like generative AI (genAI).

This is a big deal — so big that Apple CEO Tim Cook once again discussed it during the company's most recent annual shareholder's meeting.

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PC World Latest NewsFeb 20, 2024
Adobe adds its own AI-powered PDF tools, following the pack

Adobe on Tuesday announced AI Assistant, a free, beta conversational engine inside of Adobe Reader and Acrobat. Instead of just summarizing the document, the tool will allow users to ask questions of it, clarifying details. Acrobat Standard, Pro, and Teams customers and Acrobat Pro trial users can use the AI Assistant beta today, with features coming to Reader over the coming days and weeks, Adobe said in a statement.

Features include a true AI assistant, along with summarization features and citations. Naturally, the new AI Assistant tool can help find information within a document. Adobe is also claiming that the AI tools are still governed by its own data security protocols, so they won't leak confidential customer data.

Adobe claims that there are already three trillion PDF files in the world, so a tool like this will be invaluable for clients. The company's roadmap includes applying its AI tools to other file types beyond PDFs, plus AI-powered tools for document generation and editing. Adobe also plans to apply AI to human-suggested markup comments, suggesting edits to the document as a result.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Adobe is planning an AI subscription for these new features, which it hasn't described. For now, the available AI Assistant technology is part of Acrobat Standard and Pro Individual and Teams subscription plans on desktop and web in

ComputerWorldFeb 20, 2024
Box CEO 'insanely excited' about future of Vision Pro, work, and AI
Enterprise content cloud and collaboration service Box was fast out the gate with its own feature-filled take on support for Apple's Vision Pro. I spoke with Box co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie, who described how the company sees spatial computing transforming the enterprise and elsewhere.

For Levie, the disruptive tech trends of the last 20 years have set the scene for yet another change wave. "I think we have the early semblance of a new set of trends that are only just starting to mature that may represent the next two decades of changing computing," he said.

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TechNewsWorldFeb 12, 2024
Can Hydrogen-Powered Cars Leave EVs in the Rearview?
The collaboration between Honda and GM to develop hydrogen cars, Toyota's ongoing support for hydrogen technology, and the potential for retrofitting traditional gas engines to run on hydrogen might lead some to question the future viability of electric vehicles. The post Can Hydrogen-Powered Cars Leave EVs in the Rearview? appeared first on TechNewsWorld.
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