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EngadgetJul 19, 2024
Samsung is freezing Galaxy Buds 3 Pro shipments amid quality control issues
Samsung has temporarily shut down Galaxy Buds 3 Pro shipments. With memories of its flaming hot (and not in a good way) Galaxy Note fiasco eight years ago, the company is halting the earbuds' launch while "urgently assessing and enhancing" the product's quality control, according to a statement shared with Engadget and Android Authority, which first published the news.

Some users who received the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro before their July 24 launch reported that their ear tips tore easily. Considering how often they may need to remove and replace tips to find their ideal fit, material prone to ripping could have led to atrocious PR and an expensive recall had the company let the launch proceed as planned.

Samsung's website has added a new release date of August 28, although it's unclear if that's a soft placeholder or a new hard target. In addition, the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro Amazon listing has been pulled altogether.

Washington Post TechJul 19, 2024
What caused the Windows outages affecting flights, companies around the world
Microsoft said it was aware of an issue affecting Windows programs running cybersecurity technology from CrowdStrike. Here's how flights, hospitals and services were affected.

PC World Latest NewsJul 19, 2024
Best antivirus software 2024: Keep your PC safe from malware, spyware, and more

Most systems come with security software baked into the OS, but for some folks, an upgrade can help demystify and simplify online security. To help you choose a good suite, we've identified products that offer excellent protection, worthwhile features, and minimal performance impact on your PC.

Why you should trust us: PCWorld has been deep in the trenches of testing computer hardware, software, and services since 1983—including security suites. For antivirus apps, we continually evaluate popular or noteworthy software. We consider the user experience, strength of protection against threats (online and offline), and how well it addresses the ever-expanding types of attacks. Our guide on how we test antivirus software at PCWorld gives the full details of our review process, but for the results of our work, read on.

Update July 19, 2024: If you missed the news, AT&T had a massive leak of wireless call log data, affecting nearly all of its millions of cell phone subscribers. Besides keeping an eye out for scams and hacking attempts related to that information, you'll also want to read up on

EngadgetJul 19, 2024
Faulty Windows cybersecurity update takes out banks, airlines and other major companies worldwide
A massive Microsoft Windows BSOD (blue screen of death) outage has impacted multiple companies worldwide including airlines, broadcasters and others. The problem was a caused by a faulty update from security giant CrowdStrike that forced PCs and servers into an unrecoverable boot loop. The change has since been rolled back, but many machines are still affected.

"We have widespread reports of BSODs on windows hosts, occurring on multiple sensor versions," CrowdStrike wrote in a pinned Reddit post. "[We have] identified a content deployment related to this issue and reverted those changes." The company went on to describe a workaround, which involves booting Windows into Safe Mode and deleting a specific driver. 

The issue forced Delta, Frontier and other airlines to ground flights, and impacted UK broadcaster Sky and the London Stock Exchange. On a Reddit thread, dozens of commenters stated that their companies were effectively offline due to the problem. 

"Even if [CrowdStrike] fixed the issue causing the BSOD, I'm thinking how are we going to restore the thousands of devices that are not booting up," one user noted. "Let me explain to someone who is not tech savvy and is working from home how to boot their machine into safe mode," another wrote. 

Reddit users including many IT managers from Australia, Malaysia, Japan, India, the Czech Republic and elsewhere have said they're fighting through the issue. "Here in the Philippines, specifically in my employer, it is like Thanos snapped his fingers. Half of the entire organization [is] down due to BSOD loop. Started at 2pm and is still ongoing. What a Friday," said one.

CrowdStrike is a US-based security firm that provides real-time protection against security threats to corporations. One of its key products is Fal

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