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Thurs, Nov 14th
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Market Timing: The Importance of Doing Nothing: Investors, as a whole, actually earn less than the funds that they invest in. Here's how to avoid that fate. Patricia
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INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 13, 2019

When an 80-Hour Workweek Helps
High potentials need to work a lot and in a way that is visible to the firm.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 10, 2019

A Hippocratic Oath for Corporations
When it comes to corporate responsibility, it's time to stop the virtuous talk and begin to take simple actions.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 08, 2019

The Secret Ingredients of ‘Superforecasting'
Data from a political predictions tournament are starting to yield insights into the main drivers of forecasting excellence - and how to cultivate it.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 06, 2019

Enlightened by Randomness
To train AI properly, organisations may have to take a drastic step: start making decisions with no rhyme or reason.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 05, 2019

Universal Basic Income: Lessons From a Failed Experiment
The world needs well-designed studies to move beyond the philosophical aspects of how wealth should be distributed.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 03, 2019

The Changing Face of Family Offices in Europe
The tumultuous events of the last two decades have affected European family offices differently, in accordance with the continent's diversity.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 01, 2019

How to Cultivate Cross-Silo Leadership
How HR managers can look for, develop and reinforce certain behaviours to break down barriers within their organisations.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 30, 2019

Big Food Is Ripe for a Revolution
The wine industry shows how eco-friendly production can benefit both companies and consumers.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 27, 2019

Supply Chain Solutions for Healthcare Inequality
Hospitals in developed countries have more supplies than they need; those in less fortunate countries lack the basics. Academic research can help close the gap.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 25, 2019

If You're Feeling Drained, Here's Why
Pay attention to your personal "energy barometer" as it reflects your inner happiness.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 22, 2019

Are Venture Capitalists Hopelessly Biased, or Deceptively Rational?
Close scrutiny of VC deal terms in India reveals a nuanced pattern of objectivity and discrimination.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 21, 2019

Those Unfulfilled Childhood Dreams? They May Still Be Driving You
Summon your inner child before deciding on that new job.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 17, 2019

The Proper Care and Feeding of Dual-Career Couples
There's no single path to long-term fulfillment in love and work - as long as partners are communicating regularly on three main points.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 17, 2019

From Good Intentions to Maximising Your Impact
Ad hoc projects for "giving back" might make you feel great, but are you realising your full potential?

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 15, 2019

Preparing Your Firm for AI
Firms looking to leverage the transformational potential of AI should remember that it is still people who determine the context in which the new technology develops and thrives.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 13, 2019

Enabling Productive Thinking to Develop Gender Balance
Subtle mental shifts can increase people's responsiveness to the gender gap, and their commitment to doing something about it.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 09, 2019

A New Framework for Corporate Activism
Knowing when - and how - to appropriately speak out on political issues is becoming a core skill for business leaders.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 08, 2019

The Key to Making Succession Work in Family Business
Transferring power to the younger generation can be profoundly disorienting - but help can be found in surprising quarters.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 07, 2019

Developing a Toolkit for Strategic Foresight
Why some companies see disruption coming from a mile away, and respond accordingly.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 06, 2019

Seven Ways to Overcome the Fear of Making a Career Change
Bold new professional aspirations often freeze us in our tracks.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 04, 2019

Three Cornerstones of Global Retail Innovation
INSEAD experts and industry executives drill down to the basic human needs driving changes in retail.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 02, 2019

Super Apps: How to Create a Mass Market of One
By targeting each customer as a single market, super apps build a business model that is transforming lives in emerging markets.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 30, 2019

Information About Differences Ultimately Leads to Profit
When firms participate in industry classifications, their product may turn out to be better or worse than that of their competitors. Either way, the bottom line is boosted.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 27, 2019

The Global Impact of the Trade Stand-Off Between Japan and South Korea
A regional trade tiff has the potential to bring on a global recession.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 25, 2019

‘Pink Silos' in Start-up Funding and How to Avoid Them
Female entrepreneurs and female investors risk being boxed in if they seek only each other's company.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 23, 2019

Crowdfunding for Impact?
By relying too heavily on cool stories to attract investors, ventures may end up compromising on real impact.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 23, 2019

SCALE: A Growth Toolkit for Mature Market Start-Ups
How a new programme increased start-ups' chance of success.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 19, 2019

Embracing the Paradoxes of Leadership
Why we need to move from an "either/or" to a "both/and" view of priorities.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 18, 2019

Why Foreign Firms Struggle to Break Into China
Trade wars are not even the biggest problem.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 15, 2019

Integrating Diversity Into Business Education
Conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion can be uncomfortable. But business school classrooms need to embrace them nonetheless.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 12, 2019

Social Media Strategy for David and Goliath
When leveraging online influence, the identity of your audience should dictate how you engage with them.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 11, 2019

Three Keys to Creating Prosperity in Africa
While each country must find its own path, every leader working on the continent must commit to improving its brand equity.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 10, 2019

Less Than Zero: The New Normal for Interest Rates?
Will your bank pay you to borrow money?

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 08, 2019

Why New Ventures Should Think Twice Before Building Political Connections
In emerging markets, B2B start-ups' closeness to local government can scare away potential customers.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 06, 2019

Is Greed Destroying Your Soul?
Greed is less about accumulating wealth than filling an inner void.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 04, 2019

How Making New Friends on LinkedIn Can Boost Creativity
Proactive online social networking enhances the link between personal innovativeness and creativity.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 02, 2019

How Benchmarking Can Make Markets More Opaque
The growth of assets under management by institutional investors influences the informational efficiency of financial markets, asset prices and investors' portfolio returns.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 29, 2019

Meet the Algorithms Planning Your Next Online Purchase
AI and machine learning are changing global consumption habits, and companies are playing catch-up.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 29, 2019

Boards Under the Influence
Directors need to carefully manage their reactions to what they read in the business press.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 27, 2019

Leaving a Lasting Leadership Legacy
Adaptation, reflection and stewardship are forward-looking life lessons.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 27, 2019

How Silence Can Help Win-Win Negotiators
While silence can be uncomfortable, its benefits are too numerous to ignore.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 25, 2019

Making the Online World Less Addictive - and More Popular
How companies can use five levers to regulate online user engagement over time.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 23, 2019

BRT: A New View of Corporations and Capitalism
Nearly 200 American CEOs joined together for a revised statement of purpose.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 23, 2019

BRT: The Fuzzy Purpose of the Corporation
The Business Roundtable's statement confuses rather than clarifies.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 23, 2019

BRT: The New Capitalism?
US CEOs have unveiled a bigger tent that puts shareholders on a par with customers, workers, suppliers and communities.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 22, 2019

When Is Cool Office Design More Than Window Dressing?
New trends in workplace design may turn out to be as game-changing as the ongoing technological revolution.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 20, 2019

Cautious Creativity With Investment Funds: A Guide for Non-Profits
Why charities should be interested in exchange-traded funds.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 19, 2019

The Best CEO-CFO Team for M&As
Buyouts engineered by optimistic CEOs and pessimistic CFOs have the best odds of success.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 16, 2019

How the Volkswagen Scandal Turned ‘Made in Germany' Into a Liability
Firms that leverage a collective reputation for marketing purposes should never lose sight of the fact that one bad apple can spoil the barrel.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 14, 2019

From Corporate High-Flier to Artisan
Tips and stories from three executives who left a lucrative career to join a skilled trade.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 13, 2019

The Growing Power of Marketers in the Business World
Within the field, marketing communications are on an uptrend, while channel management is declining.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 13, 2019

Getting Rid of Gender Bias in Venture Capital
The gender gap in VC doesn't merely reflect society's sexism. It's an alarm bell, warning of an industry's obsolescence.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 08, 2019

The Mental Health Benefits of Self-Employment
UK data find the mental well-being of Uber and Deliveroo drivers to be surprisingly good.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 07, 2019

Whatever It Is, I'm Against It
For real societal change, we should build bridges, not burn them.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 04, 2019

Why Companies Should Seek Higher Damages for Counterfeiting
Bogus items can psychologically "infect" the real items they're copied from.

INSEAD Knowledge
Aug 02, 2019

The Optimal Design of Loyalty Programmes
Revenue-based loyalty programmes yield better profits, but consumers don't have to be on the losing end.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 31, 2019

The Powerful Drivers and Blockers of Leadership
Exploring the hidden forces that motivate and hinder you can make you a better leader.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 30, 2019

Five Everyday Exercises for Building Empathy
Empathy is like a muscle - use it or lose it.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 28, 2019

How Purchasing Departments Should Operate Abroad
A context-aware approach to international purchasing may drive double-digit improvements in business performance.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 24, 2019

The World's Most Innovative Countries, 2019
Continuing innovations in health and medicine have led to economic growth and a better quality of life for many around the world. But inequalities could grow rapidly.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 24, 2019

How Blockchain Can Win the War Against Plastic Waste
Start-ups are making incremental use of blockchain to reduce plastic waste, but the technology's power to drive real change is yet to be realised.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 22, 2019

Men United, for Women
Men cannot be bystanders in the growing drive for a more gender-balanced workplace.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 18, 2019

Creative Concepts Have Networks, Too
Data from 12 years of high-end fashion reveal clues about the building blocks of successful styles.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 17, 2019

Y Combinator Accelerates the Hunt for Unicorns
Faced with increasing competition, the leading accelerator is making start-up know-how widely available as it searches for the next Airbnb.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 16, 2019

Why Negotiators Should Be on Social Networks
The mere presence of a Facebook connection increases trust and forgiveness in negotiations.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 15, 2019

Can Emotion Be Automated?
The emotional literacy gap between bots and humans is expected to narrow, thanks to a series of technological advances.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 12, 2019

The Trick to Predicting Recessions
A primer on predicting the unpredictable.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 08, 2019

Which Healthy Eating Nudges Work Best?
Our framework shows how to guide consumers to choose healthier food options.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 08, 2019

Coming Out at Work
Practitioner research sheds light on how LGBTQ equality in the workplace benefits everyone, and how best to promote it.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 05, 2019

The High Cost of Being Private
Privately held companies need to understand that cost of debt is higher for them, but they can adapt to alleviate it.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 02, 2019

The State of the Blockchain Revolution
Bitcoin was just the beginning of blockchain-driven disruptive innovation.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 02, 2019

When Reorganisation Misses the Social Connection
The way we work together is about more than our org chart.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jul 01, 2019

The Icarus Syndrome: Execs Who Fly Too Close to the Sun
Leaders always need to keep hubris in check.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jun 28, 2019

Composing a Life of Complex Change
Firms can benefit greatly from helping experienced global professionals transition to headquarters and a geographically settled life.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jun 26, 2019

How Charities Should Manage Their Cash
For non-profits, a large cash position could signal prudence or betray a lack of investing sophistication.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jun 24, 2019

An Unexpected Product Benefit Can Be a Powerful Marketing Tool
Framing a product feature as an unexpected benefit may stoke consumer desire.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jun 21, 2019

Oiling the Wheels of Change in Traditional Business: The Marico Story
How a traditional family business built on spice became a multinational giant of consumer goods.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jun 19, 2019

The TikTok Strategy: Using AI Platforms to Take Over the World
A curious combination of prediction-technology and human censors enables ByteDance to create a dynamic global video ecosystem.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jun 18, 2019

AI = Artificial Imagination?
The "deepfakes" trend proves machine learning and AI have mastered the art of illusion. Are they ready to help your business innovate?

INSEAD Knowledge
Jun 17, 2019

A Potential Playbook for the Future of the Car Industry
Here's how automakers should optimise their processes in Manufacturing 4.0.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jun 13, 2019

Why Managers - Now More Than Ever - Need to Understand Corporate Finance
Sound business strategy isn't about shareholders vs. stakeholders, but about holistic vs. narrow value creation.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jun 12, 2019

So You Want to Learn How to Code?
Tips and stories from three execs who went to coding boot camps.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jun 09, 2019

A Non-Scientist's Guide to the Neuromarketing Toolkit
Marketers need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the six main tools of neuromarketing.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jun 07, 2019

Sustainability and the Five Archetypes of Boardroom Behaviour
When it comes to "walking the talk" of sustainability, the type of board directors matters.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jun 04, 2019

Russia's Stealth Family Businesses
A challenging environment and historical baggage hinder Russian family companies from achieving their full potential.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jun 04, 2019

Women Chairs: The Time Is Now
With more women as board chairs, business can better serve society.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jun 03, 2019

Responding to the New Cold War
Multinationals have two options for dealing with rapidly rising tensions between China and the United States.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 30, 2019

When Awareness of Death Improves Corporate Prosocial Behaviour
The sudden loss of a colleague can quickly readjust corporate priorities.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 29, 2019

Define, Broadcast, Attract and Select: A Framework for Crowdsourcing
Crowds are not inherently wise. They become so under the right set of conditions.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 29, 2019

Automakers, Don't Listen to Henry Ford
Car manufacturers would be wise to invest in multiple alternatives to the conventional car in order to succeed in diverse markets.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 27, 2019

Will You End Up as Digital Roadkill?
Most of us are so digitally connected that we have become utterly disconnected.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 23, 2019

Team Development in the Era of Slack
Teamwork is happening virtually more and more. Team building should be virtual as well.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 22, 2019

The Challenges Faced by Global Cosmopolitan Women
To tap the full potential of these agents for change, organisations must listen and push beyond assumptions.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 21, 2019

Blockchain Is a Technology for Collaboration
The unique strength of blockchain is authenticating "stuff" to enable trust between partners.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 20, 2019

Driving B2B Digital Transformation Through Customer-centricity
B2B companies can create competitive advantage in the digital age by tailoring technology to their relationships with customers.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 16, 2019

What (Not) to Do in the Crosshairs of Digital Disruption
The downfall of iconic Swiss travel agency Kuoni exemplifies the grave options available to companies with pre-internet business models.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 14, 2019

Digital Business: Three Core Concepts Exploded
The digital world has pushed old curves off the whiteboard as new trajectories arise.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 14, 2019

Three Objectives for Moving Forward With AI
Taking ownership of AI is about more than technological competencies - it's an overarching organisational challenge.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 12, 2019

When Should Non-Profits Invest More Adventurously?
In select cases, alternative assets can help to diversify a charity's portfolio and ease the volatility of returns.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 07, 2019

Revolution in B2B Retail: From Perfume to Platform Economy
In the digital age, where consumers and brands are connected like never before, B2B retailers need to embrace new business models and pivot into platforms.

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