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Sat, Mar 28th
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7 Leadership Principles for Managing in the Time of Coronavirus: Leaders managing their organizations through crisis show seven distinctive capabilities. Patricia
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INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 26, 2020

The Three Main Challenges of Remote Working
Even for long-established teams, moving from physical to virtual is a game-changer.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 26, 2020

Maximising Outcomes in Impact Investing
Debates on whether investing for impact should involve financial compromises are moot. Here's the more relevant question: How can different kinds of investors optimise their societal impact?

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 25, 2020

Speed, Power and Flow: Use Surf Criteria to Rate Start-ups
A novel method to predict start-up success.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 22, 2020

What China's Cyber-Cash Advantage Means for the Global Economy
The rise of cryptocurrency could threaten the dominance of the US dollar and cost the United States trillions in increased debt financing charges.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 19, 2020

TMT: The Unit for Success
How the right mix of experience and innovation generates a great start-up top management team.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 17, 2020

Collaboration Unlocks Global Health Solutions
Business is a force for good in global healthcare when partnered with academia and non-profits.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 17, 2020

Why Leaders Should Embrace Their Dark Side
Not acknowledging your shadow is a barrier to being an authentic leader.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 15, 2020

The Changing Tides of the Global Economy
Political economist and diplomat Marcos Troyjo advises us to buckle up for a possible new round of globalisation.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 13, 2020

Coronavirus Has Taken Remote Work Mainstream. Now What?
How organisations survive the COVID-19 stress test will reveal how ready they are for the future of work.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 12, 2020

What Companies Tend to Get Wrong About AI
In the stampede to build an AI strategy, executives fall into four main traps.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 10, 2020

Your History With Money Affects How You Negotiate
The mindset fostered by financial scarcity hinders the pursuit of win-win outcomes.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 08, 2020

When in Doubt, Leaders Should Ask Questions
Inquisitive leaders receive something even better than a good answer: a bump in credibility.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 06, 2020

The Powerful Leadership of African Women
Six women leading the way and inspiring others to realise their potential.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 05, 2020

Putting More Women at the Helm of Corporate Boards
Women make great board chairs. If only there were more of them.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 03, 2020

Pulling the Curtain Back on the Workplace Bully
Bullies are not as powerful as they make themselves out to be.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 02, 2020

The Psychology Behind Coronavirus Panic Buying
The rush for toilet paper and other necessities in the face of COVID-19 is a natural behavioural response to the loss of psychological control.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 27, 2020

Consumer Autonomy Violations and the Coming AI Backlash
The profoundly beneficial impact of AI-based systems may be blunted in the 2020s, if Big Tech isn't careful.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 25, 2020

How Formula One Teams Handle Underperformance
It may be the driver… or is it the engine? Here's how professional racing constructors trace performance problems to their source.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 24, 2020

Challenging Assumptions About Flexible Work
How a CEO built better work-life balance in the gruelling property industry.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 21, 2020

Fighting the Loneliness Epidemic
How individuals and firms can take action when loneliness becomes a preoccupying concern.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 19, 2020

Bringing Critical Supply Chains Back From the Brink
Will the coronavirus outbreak lead to a watershed in international collaboration, or will history repeat itself?

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 18, 2020

Are Offices Obsolete?
The COVID-19 epidemic has highlighted the vulnerabilities of the traditional physically co-located office, forcing many Asian companies to work remotely. However, a small but growing number of tech companies are intendedly going "all-remote". They may well be harbingers of the future of work.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 17, 2020

COVID-19: Preparing for the Worst Before Crisis Strikes
Diagnostic capabilities and coordination among and within countries can mean the difference between life and death.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 14, 2020

Discovering the Hidden Drivers of Decision Making
A time-tested technique from academic research can help practitioners better understand their stakeholders.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 12, 2020

How Leaders Should Navigate Long-Term Uncertainty
Entrepreneurs and change managers may ultimately be selling a dream, but that's not what stakeholders are buying.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 10, 2020

What Elite Museums Can Teach Us About Running a Creative Business
Balancing between the creative imperative and the bottom line is an art perfected by top museums like MoMA.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 06, 2020

The Force for Good Spectrum: Using Business as a Tool
It is time to move beyond the debate between "win-win" and "trade-offs". The right avenue for achieving social impact depends on the setting.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 04, 2020

What Distinguishes Europe's Family Business Champions from the Rest
Where do Europe's family firms stand globally, in terms of creating sustainable, long-term value?

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 03, 2020

Disruption and Anti-disruption in the Streaming Economy
For established industry players in entertainment and elsewhere, the ascent of blockchain is a double-edged sword.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 03, 2020

The Neuroscience Behind What the Crowd Thinks
Information about how others feel about pain has an outsized effect on our own response to it.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 30, 2020

How Many Bad Customer Reviews Is Too Many? One
Sellers should focus less on cultivating a forest of positive reviews, and more on the state of each tree.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 28, 2020

The Problem With Politically Motivated Funding Boycotts
Banks that refuse to back controversial companies create space for less fastidious lenders to step in - and to gain advantage.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 24, 2020

Turn the Office Into a Lab
Using randomized controlled trials, firms can find out what is really going wrong (and right) in their organisations.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 24, 2020

Is Your Innovation Process a Corporate Illusion?
The six common blind spots that severely constrain the performance of innovation labs.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 21, 2020

The World's Most Talent Competitive Countries, 2020
How artificial intelligence is shaping talent competitiveness around the world.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 20, 2020

Climate Change: Evading the "Too Late, Too Costly" Trap
A new crop of rational, well-groomed climate sceptics is pushing a persuasive brand of defeatism that the world cannot afford.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 20, 2020

Firms Favour Academic Insights That Come From Hubs
Innovators can improve their performance by paying attention to academic science.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 16, 2020

Where AI Can Help Your Business (and Where It Can't)
Your firm produces data, so surely it can benefit from applying AI, right? Wrong. Here are five questions to ask yourself about whether a business problem is "AI-solvable".

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 14, 2020

Strategising Customisation and Privacy in the Digital Age
Five golden rules to effectively balance personalisation and customer protection.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 12, 2020

Start-ups: The Founding Team Is a Real Magic Bullet
Studies show that the entrepreneurial team may impact a start-up's long-term success more than its product.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 09, 2020

Warning Tremors Before a Flash Crash
Cross-market arbitrage that connects one marketplace to another should be watched more closely than it is.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 08, 2020

Why Social Enterprises Still Matter in an Age of "Win-Win"
Mainstream companies often fail to serve critical societal needs when profits and impact do not align. The answer? Employ business just as a tool, without taking profit maximisation as a constraint.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 08, 2020

Is Paranoia Widespread in Your Firm? You're Not Alone
Trust remains a rare commodity in the workplace. Here's what management can do about it.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 05, 2020

How to Bend the Rules Like Beckham
The risks professional footballers take as they flirt with foul play hold lessons - positive and negative - for high-stakes competitors in every arena.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 02, 2020

You May Be a Workplace Hero Without Realising It
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common: They don't see themselves as heroes.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 02, 2020

How Leadership Can Emerge From the Trauma of History
Victims of intergenerational adversity can channel the darkness of the past into five uniquely positive values.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 23, 2019

Five Qualities for Leading Business in the 21st Century
In an age of uncertainty, people need inspiration.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 20, 2019

How the Daily Commute Contributes to the Gender Wage Gap
Women's aversion for commuting motivates them to look for closer and not-so-well paid jobs compared to men.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 17, 2019

The Kinds of Collaboration That Lead to Successful Innovation
Learning to innovate requires diligence, patience and (most of all) direct access to skilful role models.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 17, 2019

Our Best of 2019: A Closer Look at Leadership
This year's top articles foreshadow the coming decade's leadership challenges.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 16, 2019

How Managers Self-Sabotage When Giving Negative Feedback
Communication gaps between managers and their employees widen when delivering criticism.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 16, 2019

India's Quiet Digital Revolution
As China's breakneck digitisation rivets the world, another Asian giant is unfurling its own transformation.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 12, 2019

Seven Behaviours for Boosting Change Readiness
Resistance to change is baked into our biology, but the ability to overcome it can be strengthened with the right regimen.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 11, 2019

Managerial Biases Cost Your Firm More Than You Think
Firms that let biases run amok in their procurement department give their more informed competitors a huge advantage in terms of profit.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 08, 2019

Blockchain: Finding the Value Proposition
Open-sourced collaborative projects like Hyperledger are helping companies find the value of blockchain technology.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 05, 2019

A Sustainable Future for Food
What can Big Food do to better serve all its stakeholders? Start anywhere, but follow it everywhere.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 03, 2019

LIVA: How to Truly Measure Long-Term Success
Most executives care about creating long-term shareholder value but haven't had the right tool to track it - until now.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 03, 2019

Want More Creative Breakthroughs? Slow Down
Constant busyness is what stands between you and more eureka moments.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 02, 2019

How Sugar Could Save the Borneo Rainforest
The right business model could unlock the economic and environmental potential of the Arenga palm tree.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 29, 2019

Should You Be a Career Lifer?
The stories of three executives who made the counter-intuitive choice of staying with the same employer for most if not all of their career.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 26, 2019

A Start-up's Evolution from AI Lab to AI Business
For Preferred Networks, building tech for self-driving cars and smart factories is the daily routine. One of its biggest opportunities is to devise a business model that complements its technology.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 25, 2019

Creating a Meaningful Life in Turbulent Times
How can accessing our sources of personal meaning help us manage mounting insecurity in our lives, families and work?

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 21, 2019

An Action Plan for Work-Family Balance
Finding the right balance for your personal and professional life requires conscious planning, ample reflection and proper communication.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 20, 2019

Employees as Social Media Influencers
How organisations can get workers to post more company-related content willingly.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 19, 2019

A Corporate Governance Paradigm Shift
Directors need to prepare for board renewal and transformation on many levels.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 18, 2019

How a Few Minutes of Meditation Makes You a Nicer Co-Worker
Become more helpful and generous after just eight minutes of mindfulness practice.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 15, 2019

Climate Crisis: From Dreams to Hope
Sustainable trends in business need to focus on facts, rather than on romantic ideas about the environment.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 13, 2019

When an 80-Hour Workweek Helps
High potentials need to work a lot and in a way that is visible to the firm.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 10, 2019

A Hippocratic Oath for Corporations
When it comes to corporate responsibility, it's time to stop the virtuous talk and begin to take simple actions.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 08, 2019

The Secret Ingredients of ‘Superforecasting'
Data from a political predictions tournament are starting to yield insights into the main drivers of forecasting excellence - and how to cultivate it.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 06, 2019

Enlightened by Randomness
To train AI properly, organisations may have to take a drastic step: start making decisions with no rhyme or reason.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 05, 2019

Universal Basic Income: Lessons From a Failed Experiment
The world needs well-designed studies to move beyond the philosophical aspects of how wealth should be distributed.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 03, 2019

The Changing Face of Family Offices in Europe
The tumultuous events of the last two decades have affected European family offices differently, in accordance with the continent's diversity.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 01, 2019

How to Cultivate Cross-Silo Leadership
How HR managers can look for, develop and reinforce certain behaviours to break down barriers within their organisations.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 30, 2019

Big Food Is Ripe for a Revolution
The wine industry shows how eco-friendly production can benefit both companies and consumers.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 27, 2019

Supply Chain Solutions for Healthcare Inequality
Hospitals in developed countries have more supplies than they need; those in less fortunate countries lack the basics. Academic research can help close the gap.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 25, 2019

If You're Feeling Drained, Here's Why
Pay attention to your personal "energy barometer" as it reflects your inner happiness.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 22, 2019

Are Venture Capitalists Hopelessly Biased, or Deceptively Rational?
Close scrutiny of VC deal terms in India reveals a nuanced pattern of objectivity and discrimination.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 21, 2019

Those Unfulfilled Childhood Dreams? They May Still Be Driving You
Summon your inner child before deciding on that new job.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 17, 2019

The Proper Care and Feeding of Dual-Career Couples
There's no single path to long-term fulfillment in love and work - as long as partners are communicating regularly on three main points.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 17, 2019

From Good Intentions to Maximising Your Impact
Ad hoc projects for "giving back" might make you feel great, but are you realising your full potential?

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 15, 2019

Preparing Your Firm for AI
Firms looking to leverage the transformational potential of AI should remember that it is still people who determine the context in which the new technology develops and thrives.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 13, 2019

Enabling Productive Thinking to Develop Gender Balance
Subtle mental shifts can increase people's responsiveness to the gender gap, and their commitment to doing something about it.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 09, 2019

A New Framework for Corporate Activism
Knowing when - and how - to appropriately speak out on political issues is becoming a core skill for business leaders.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 08, 2019

The Key to Making Succession Work in Family Business
Transferring power to the younger generation can be profoundly disorienting - but help can be found in surprising quarters.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 07, 2019

Developing a Toolkit for Strategic Foresight
Why some companies see disruption coming from a mile away, and respond accordingly.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 06, 2019

Seven Ways to Overcome the Fear of Making a Career Change
Bold new professional aspirations often freeze us in our tracks.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 04, 2019

Three Cornerstones of Global Retail Innovation
INSEAD experts and industry executives drill down to the basic human needs driving changes in retail.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 02, 2019

Super Apps: How to Create a Mass Market of One
By targeting each customer as a single market, super apps build a business model that is transforming lives in emerging markets.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 30, 2019

Information About Differences Ultimately Leads to Profit
When firms participate in industry classifications, their product may turn out to be better or worse than that of their competitors. Either way, the bottom line is boosted.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 27, 2019

The Global Impact of the Trade Stand-Off Between Japan and South Korea
A regional trade tiff has the potential to bring on a global recession.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 25, 2019

‘Pink Silos' in Start-up Funding and How to Avoid Them
Female entrepreneurs and female investors risk being boxed in if they seek only each other's company.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 23, 2019

Crowdfunding for Impact?
By relying too heavily on cool stories to attract investors, ventures may end up compromising on real impact.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 23, 2019

SCALE: A Growth Toolkit for Mature Market Start-Ups
How a new programme increased start-ups' chance of success.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 19, 2019

Embracing the Paradoxes of Leadership
Why we need to move from an "either/or" to a "both/and" view of priorities.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 18, 2019

Why Foreign Firms Struggle to Break Into China
Trade wars are not even the biggest problem.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 15, 2019

Integrating Diversity Into Business Education
Conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion can be uncomfortable. But business school classrooms need to embrace them nonetheless.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 12, 2019

Social Media Strategy for David and Goliath
When leveraging online influence, the identity of your audience should dictate how you engage with them.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 11, 2019

Three Keys to Creating Prosperity in Africa
While each country must find its own path, every leader working on the continent must commit to improving its brand equity.

INSEAD Knowledge
Sep 10, 2019

Less Than Zero: The New Normal for Interest Rates?
Will your bank pay you to borrow money?

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