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INSEAD Knowledge
May 16, 2021

The Competencies and Constraints That Determine Leadership Success
A novel management theory looks past individual leaders to constraints that might limit their effectiveness.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 12, 2021

Social Capital Makes the Difference Between ‘Good' and ‘Bad' Buybacks
Executives who respect both the letter and the spirit of ethical norms aren't born - they're shaped by their home communities.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 11, 2021

Why Family CEOs Outperform Their Non-Family Predecessors
Pitfalls and solutions for non-family chief executives.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 11, 2021

The "Frenemy" Effect: When Strategic Alliances Go South
How to fuel - and cool - competitive wars.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 09, 2021

All Hands on Deck for the Circular Economy
The key to achieving zero-waste is a systems approach where all stakeholders - including academics - work together to the same ends.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 04, 2021

From Band-Aid to Deep Impact: Building Effective Social Sector Organisations
Making a real difference requires combining your passion with a problem-solving mindset and a rigorous approach.

INSEAD Knowledge
May 04, 2021

Breaking Bad: Humanitarians Who Went Corporate
How three professionals who started in purpose-driven organisations continued to do good after migrating to "the other side".

INSEAD Knowledge
May 03, 2021

Simple Rules for the Post-Pandemic World
Learning and using rules of thumb makes a difference both during crises and when opportunity knocks.

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 28, 2021

How to Tell the Age of an Innovation
All innovations make the journey from "eureka" to "meh". But they don't do so according to fixed rules.

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 28, 2021

The Connections Between Love and Work
Seven lessons about relationships that could save your career.

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 27, 2021

DEI When We Need It the Most
Covid-related setbacks require redoubled DEI efforts, but are companies delivering?

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 26, 2021

Weight Loss Surgery Reduces Susceptibility to Food Marketing
Behavioural and neuroscience research by INSEAD and Sorbonne Université suggest bariatric surgery does a lot more than just help patients lose weight.

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 20, 2021

How Silicon Valley Ate Itself - and What Comes Next
The Valley's pre-eminence isn't going anywhere, but its special gloss has faded. And that's a good thing, for both society and the future of innovation.

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 20, 2021

When Nepotism Pads CEO Pay: Evidence From Indian Family Firms
Poor corporate governance in emerging economies allows some publicly listed family firms to use CEO pay to exploit corporate resources at the expense of minority shareholders.

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 19, 2021

Four Ways Today's Teams Are Making Us Lonely
They say it's lonely at the top. But in the workplace, even team members are feeling lonely.

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 15, 2021

Do CEOs Matter?
Conditions that underpin the power and impact of chief executives vary widely, with remarkable results.

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 13, 2021

A Seven-Step Choreography for Thriving Teams
Changes at team level will never take hold unless individuals' objectives and behaviours are synchronised with those of the group.

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 12, 2021

Keeping Meaning Alive as Your Workload Surges
These days, we're all expected to do more. But that doesn't mean the psychological fulfilment we get from our work has to suffer.

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 12, 2021

Three Key Steps to Prepare for Data and AI Leadership
To harness the potential of new technology, today's data-driven business leaders must also be politicians and communicators.

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 06, 2021

Why Some Employees Improve Their Creativity and Others Don't
How our beliefs about creativity explain our ability to improve and sustain it over time.

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 05, 2021

Who's Afraid of the Experience Economy?
Great brand experiences drive better business outcomes, during the pandemic and beyond.

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 04, 2021

Can Managers Who Wear Many Hats Be Trusted?
The more diverse your goals are, the greater the temptation to muddy the waters on performance.

INSEAD Knowledge
Apr 01, 2021

Testing Google's Claim of Quality
Research suggests that, by using a tying strategy, dominant platforms may be able to gain traction in new markets with a lower quality product than what is offered.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 31, 2021

Bluebeard Revisited: Knowledge Is Power
Long seen as a cautionary tale about women's curiosity, it should be reinterpreted as the story of a woman's emancipation.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 29, 2021

What Makes Business Ecosystems Succeed?
Our framework guides you through the forces driving Airbnb and other ecosystem-based businesses.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 28, 2021

From Fear to Enlightenment: Building Resilience During Covid Year One
The four tools and strategies top leaders used most to convert stress and anxiety into positive energy.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 24, 2021

Using Science to Enhance the Customer Experience
Hypotheses and experimentation are helping the Saudi government transform the way it serves customs users.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 22, 2021

Putting People at the Centre of Operations
The field of operations management has deep roots in developing effective processes for people. How can we encourage further growth in this area?

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 21, 2021

The Darker Side of Organisational Life
Cultural change is not for the faint-hearted or the politically correct.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 18, 2021

How the Rural-Urban Divide Plays Out on Digital Platforms
Urban entrepreneurs on digital platforms have access to better offline information, which gives them an edge over rural entrepreneurs.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 17, 2021

What Yelp Reviews Can Tell Us About the State of the Economy
Data from online sources like Yelp can help you take the pulse of local business activity in the absence of updated official statistics.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 15, 2021

Regulating the ‘Wild West' of Token-Based Business
Evolving standards of crypto regulation may actually result in sharper oversight than is common in the non-token world.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 15, 2021

Reverse Mergers Went Bust. Will SPACs follow?
Despite current exuberance, the signs don't augur well for "blank cheque" companies.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 10, 2021

How to Tame a Belligerent Colleague
Antagonistic behaviour is usually rooted in low self-esteem.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 08, 2021

Who Wins the Market: The Swift or the Smart?
Both speed technology and information are vital trading inputs.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 07, 2021

Strategy and Leadership Lessons From the ‘Notorious RBG'
As the business world increasingly strives to be a catalyst for social justice and societal progress, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's work provides many valuable lessons for leaders.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 04, 2021

The Fundamentals of Transforming from Matrix to Agile
Nothing less than an evolution of strategy, structure, processes, people and technology will do.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 03, 2021

How Happiness, Anger and Anxiety Can Help You Negotiate
Don't suppress your emotions - harness them to negotiate better.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 02, 2021

Can State and Shareholder Capitalism Combine?
The structural "liabilities" of state-owned enterprises can, in fact, be creative assets that privately owned firms can emulate.

INSEAD Knowledge
Mar 01, 2021

What It's Like to Be a Gig Worker During a Pandemic
How precarious workers balance financial uncertainty, health risks and mental well-being in the age of Covid-19.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 23, 2021

Cooking Up a Creative Community
A recipe based on INSEAD research.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 23, 2021

The Next Decade Will Be a Leadership Game Changer
Success begins with a clear-eyed understanding of the trends that will define the years to come.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 21, 2021

A Post-Mortem on Product Management
Treating product management as a role, rather than a culture all its own, deadens its meaning and impact.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 17, 2021

The Group Dynamics That Define Well-Functioning Boards
There is an intangible aspect to successful boards that cannot be captured by curating the right CVs.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 16, 2021

Social Media Helps Global "Dream Teams" Come Together
Academic international collaboration is now evolving beyond conferences or formal networks as constantly improving social media connects more researchers.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 16, 2021

Not Everyone Can Be Agile
An essential checklist for Agile aspirants.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 14, 2021

Prospects and Pitfalls for the Post-Pandemic Organisation
Big changes are coming for organisations and organisation designs. Whether they will be for good or ill depends on how leaders confront three key possibilities uncovered by the pandemic.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 10, 2021

What It Means to Embark on a Journey of Change
Many executives have a nagging sense that something is amiss in their lives. But not all of them find the courage - or the tools - to tackle what needs fixing.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 08, 2021

How Disempowerment Drives Demand for Risky Skin-Lightening Products
Empowering darker-skinned women in emerging markets acts as a buffer against a toxic combination of sexism, colourism and economic disadvantage.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 08, 2021

What's Style Got to Do With Strategy?
Careful calibration of aesthetics and style can elevate companies and individuals above the competition.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 03, 2021

The Five Essential Roles of Corporate Ecosystems
Most firms that try to build an ecosystem would be better off joining an existing one. The first step is for them to know where they would fit.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 03, 2021

How LGBTQ Employees Can Embrace Authenticity
Four professionals with different sexual orientations and gender identities describe their journeys.

INSEAD Knowledge
Feb 02, 2021

What Ails Corporate Executive Committees?
Fragmentation among top leadership teams is widespread. CEOs should pay heed - and sharpen their most important strategy execution tool.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 31, 2021

Nokia's Reinvention Was Emotionally Driven
No less than start-ups or SMEs, large organisations can accomplish a radical strategic shift - if they can regulate managers' raw emotions in the aftermath of failure.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 26, 2021

Can the Subscription Economy Save Financial Services?
The traditional FSI business model is looking threadbare - and not only because of the pandemic. Some players are seeking new territory by transitioning to subscriptions.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 25, 2021

Overcoming Barriers to Supply Chain Agility
A careful look at how some firms responded to the Covid-19 crisis reveals a new, more effective supply chain frontier.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 25, 2021

Why Firms Should Care About the Career Stage of China's Officials
Tasked with a broad range of objectives, government officials will prioritise different ones depending on their career stage and mobilise firms accordingly.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 21, 2021

How Boards Can Steer Companies to "Build Back Better"
The momentum for sustainability is strong despite misgivings over current financial strains. Few businesses can afford to ignore it.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 19, 2021

How the SDGs Can Change Your Organisation, From the Inside Out
Put the framework at the heart of your sustainability strategy. Start by using it to audit your internal resources.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 18, 2021

Why Universal Basic Income Should Be President Biden's Top Priority
An updated system of income and taxes would alleviate the worst crises the United States faces, including climate change. What's more, we've got the numbers to prove it can work.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 17, 2021

Healing the Social Wounds of Injustice
Sigmund Freud's concept of the pleasure principle offers clarity on how to repair fragmented societies in the aftermath of destructive populism.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 12, 2021

How the Discomfort of Paradox Can Unlock Creativity
The transformative power of holding the tension of opposites and learning to live with contradiction.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 11, 2021

The Digital Transformation of the "Mad Men" Model
The ad agency business needs to reinvent itself and embrace the two key challenges of the coming decade.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 10, 2021

Teams in Evolution - and Revolution - After the Pandemic
How sensemaking can help you cope with unplanned, constant changes in your team.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 06, 2021

The Three Dimensions of Social Impact
When it comes to making a difference, thinking "bigger is always better" leads to tunnel vision - especially for social enterprises.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 06, 2021

In Bad Times, Decentralised Firms Outperform Their Rivals
When there's increased turbulence, delegating power improves sales and productivity, boosting a firm's chance of survival.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 04, 2021

What Servant Leadership Is Not
There's no magic formula for servant leadership, but there are a few common misconceptions about what it means to put your team's needs first.

INSEAD Knowledge
Jan 03, 2021

The Post-Covid Future of "Everything as a Service"
The tough lessons of 2020 will provoke two major developments in B2B, having to do with technology and people.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 23, 2020

Our Best of 2020: Leadership Between Two Worlds
This year's top articles take stock of the Covid-19 crisis, its future impact and the way forward.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 21, 2020

Don't Confuse Platforms with Ecosystems
A beginners' guide to high-value business models.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 21, 2020

Product Development: When to Crowdsource and When to Commit
The decision should be based on a holistic view of the project and its supply chain environment.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 15, 2020

Doing Good: Where Sustainable Investing Gets It Wrong
A high sustainability rating does not necessarily equate to real sustainability impact (and profit).

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 14, 2020

How Operations Can Stop Labour Violations Before They Happen
Three business characteristics can serve as leading indicators of possible human-rights abuses in the making.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 14, 2020

Is There a Scientific Formula For Start-up Success?
Founders make fewer mistakes and pivot in the right direction when they learn to challenge their own assumptions and experiment continuously.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 10, 2020

How Start-ups in Emerging Markets Succeed Despite Scarcity
When the going gets tough, bring on improvisation and learning.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 09, 2020

Why Putting Your Phone Away Isn't the Answer
Interaction on social media during an event increases our enjoyment in the moment and beyond.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 08, 2020

How Technology Threatens Mental Health - Especially if You're Inauthentic
When the personality you show the world doesn't match your true self, it can sap the energy you would otherwise need to deal with technostress.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 07, 2020

What Fuels Rumours and How to Put Them Out
Unfounded rumours can be spread far and wide by anyone who knows their way around social media. We can't stamp it out but we can - and should - fight fire with fire.

INSEAD Knowledge
Dec 01, 2020

The New Business Models (and Jobs) in Blockchain
From finance to smart cities, distributed ledger technology is beginning to deliver on its vaunted potential in several key sectors.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 30, 2020

Workplace Mental Health Is a Business Asset. Treat It That Way
The most successful initiatives deliver employee well-being programmes as a strategic "product", with four fundamental planning considerations.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 30, 2020

Seven Tools for Turning Your Ideas Into Reality
From finding the right analogy to tapping into FOMO, learn how to sell your ideas to potential supporters.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 30, 2020

Six Tools for Turning Your Ideas Into Reality
From finding the right analogy to tapping into FOMO, learn how to sell your ideas to potential supporters.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 25, 2020

Goals Just Before Halftime Mean More - in Football and Business
Examining why 45th-minute goals have outsized importance reveals how timing can affect the outcome of virtually all sorts of competitions.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 24, 2020

How to Be a Blue Ocean Strategist in the Post-Pandemic World
A blue ocean mindset uncovers hidden opportunities amid the Covid-era economic crisis.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 24, 2020

"Too Elevated": Raf Simons's Troubled Stint at Calvin Klein
A short-lived partnership between the sprawling American brand and the celebrated Belgian designer highlights the importance of fit in all its forms.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 22, 2020

Making the Shift to Digital Sales in B2B
The old methods of demand generation won't work in the always-online era.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 18, 2020

Hold the Emoji and Other Tips for Successful Email Negotiations
Tactics for increasing B2B sales.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 16, 2020

Four Steps to Business Model Innovation
Success in this new era of accelerated disruption requires a holistic approach to technology.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 16, 2020

The Tension-Filled World of Luxury Consumption
Recent research highlights how luxury consumers are pulled in different, often contradicting directions.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 12, 2020

Foundations for Gender Balance Can Be Built at Home
If we want a robust economic recovery and a fairer world, we must stem the tide of women fleeing the Covid-19 workforce.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 10, 2020

A Liquidity Cushion in Troubled Times: The PE Secondaries Market
Even without deep discounts, secondaries' modest risks and returns are attracting investor interest.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 10, 2020

Entrepreneurship Frameworks That Work
A recent book narrates a variety of productive and powerful paths forward for all kinds of entrepreneurs.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 09, 2020

Calmer Waters: President Biden's Prospective Foreign Policy
The new president's foreign policy will differ from Trump's in style, language and tone more than in substance.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 08, 2020

Organisational Data: The Silver Lining in the Covid-19 Cloud
The shift to virtual working has produced a data boom that could revolutionise organisations - if they know what to do with it.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 02, 2020

How to Appease Your Customers After Your Algorithm Rejects Them
No one likes to hear "computer says no". But there may be more ways to be transparent about algorithm-driven rejections than you think.

INSEAD Knowledge
Nov 01, 2020

Transforming a Supply Chain Into a Social Enterprise
Creating sustainability initiatives that can scale requires innovative balancing of social impact and profit seeking.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 28, 2020

Scorched-Earth Strategic Thinking for Covid Times
"Disrupt yourself first" is so five years ago. The new motto is "Burn your company to the ground then rebuild it."

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 28, 2020

Covid Cost-Cutting May Backfire in the Long Run
Macroeconomic uncertainty makes firms more profitable in the short-term, but the bill comes due later.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 26, 2020

Illogical Truths: The Paradoxes of Silicon Valley
The Valley's most valuable product is the contrarian thinking that fuels its innovation culture.

INSEAD Knowledge
Oct 26, 2020

Comparison Shopping in the Age of Information Overload
When consumers try to estimate a product specification, their best guess depends on whether they believe that they forgot this information or that they were never exposed to it.

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