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CNET NewsJun 14, 2024
Best Internet Providers in Spring, Texas - CNET
For this popular Texas city there is fiber, cable and fixed wireless connectivity available. Check out our top picks.

CNET How ToJun 14, 2024
2 Type 1 Diabetes Gadgets I Want Everyone to Know About - CNET
Commentary: Continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps save lives. Here's the wearable tech I raise awareness for and personally use every day.

Two Type 1 Diabetes Gadgets I Want Everyone to Know About - CNET (CNET News)
Amazon Prime Day 2024: Deals to shop ahead of Prime Day and everything we know about the sale in July (Engadget)

CNET How ToJun 14, 2024
'House of the Dragon': How to Watch Season 2 From Anywhere - CNET
The Game of Thrones spin-off returns with Westeros on the brink of a bloody civil war.

Germany vs. Scotland: Livestream Euro 2024 Soccer From Anywhere - CNET (CNET How To)
Copa America 2024 Soccer: Livestream Every Match From Anywhere - CNET (CNET News)

Mac RumorsJun 14, 2024
Here's What's New in Apple Wallet on iOS 18 for Event Tickets and More
iOS 18 includes a handful of enhancements to the Wallet app on the iPhone, with new features for Apple Pay, Apple Cash, event tickets, and more.

PC World Latest NewsJun 14, 2024
Optimize your gaming laptop with these must-have programs

We'll take you through some of the basics you should be aware of with modern gaming laptops. These programs not only will add to your experience, but many of them are also free. Performance monitors, CPU tweaks, and utility programs augment the already impressive capabilities of your machine. These can help you understand the performance under the hood, a critical tool for future upgrade decisions.

CNET NewsJun 14, 2024
Don't Wait for iOS 18. Here's How to Hide Your iPhone Apps Now - CNET
Hiding your apps by keeping them off your home screen.

GizmodoJun 14, 2024
The 15 House of the Dragon Characters You Need to Remember Ahead of Season 2
June 16 heralds the arrival of House of the Dragon's second season on HBO and Max, bringing its large cast of morally complex characters, many with confusingly similar silver-blonde tresses, back to screens. io9 already assembled a list of House of the Dragon's 15 most shocking moments (so far); to go with that, here…


Mac RumorsJun 14, 2024
iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 16: 30 Upgrades to Expect
After over a year of reports, there are now more than a dozen specific rumors about the features and improvements set to be offered by the two non-Pro iPhone 16 models later in 2024.

Japan Passes Law to Allow Third-Party App Stores on the iPhone (Mac Rumors)

EngadgetJun 14, 2024
If Clearview AI scanned your face, you may get equity in the company
Controversial facial recognition company Clearview AI has agreed to an unusual settlement to a class action lawsuit, The New York Times reports. Rather than paying cash, the company would provide a 23 percent stake in its company to any Americans in its database. Without the settlement, Clearview could go bankrupt, according to court documents. 

If you live in the US and have ever posted a photo of yourself publicly online, you may be part of the class action. The settlement could amount to at least $50 million according to court documents, It still must be approved by a federal judge. 

Clearview AI, which counts billionaire Peter Thiel as a backer, says it has over 30 billion images in its database. Those can be accessed and cross-referenced by thousands of law enforcement departments including the US FBI and Department of Homeland Security. 

Shortly after its identity was outed, Clearview was hit with lawsuits in Illinois, California, Virginia, New York and elsewhere, which were all brought together as a class action suit in a federal Chicago court. The cost of the litigation was said to be draining the company's reserves, forcing it to seek a creative way to settle the suit.

The relatively small sum divided by the large number of users likely to be in the database means you won't be receiving a windfall. In any case, it would only happen if the company goes public or is acquired, according to the report. Once that occurs, lawyers would take up to 39 percent of the settlement, meaning the final amount could be reduced

CNET How ToJun 14, 2024
Online Therapy vs. In-Person: What You Should Know - CNET
Here's how online services compare to up-close-and-personal talk therapy.

Gizmag Emerging TechJun 14, 2024
Plasma fireballs from black holes are now being made here on Earth
Supermassive black holes have been known to belch gigantic beams of plasma into space - and now scientists have managed to recreate these fireballs in a lab at CERN.

Continue Reading

Physics, Science

Black hole, Supermassive black hole,

CNET How ToJun 14, 2024
Wondering if a Meal Delivery Service is Cheaper Than Takeout? I Did the Math - CNET
Here's how much the average takeout meal costs versus popular meal delivery services such as Factor and Blue Apron.

Wired NewsJun 14, 2024
I'm a New Homeowner, and Here's How to BYO Smart Home
Some houses may come with preinstalled smart devices. These are the products I loved—and the ones I'm replacing.

CNET NewsJun 13, 2024
Here's What an Expert Said About Food Expiration Dates and When to Trust Them - CNET
Expiration dates aren't always the best indicator of when food is spoiled. Here's how to know so you don't waste perfectly good groceries.

EngadgetJun 13, 2024
Microsoft postpones the launch of its controversial Recall AI feature
Microsoft's Recall AI feature won't be launching with the first batch of Windows 11 Copilot PCs on June 18. In an update on the Windows Blog, the company said that Recall will shift from being a "preview experience broadly available for Copilot PCs" next week to a preview that's only available in the Windows Insider Program. It will only release the feature for all Copilot PCs after it receives feedback from its Insider Community of testers. 

The company added that it's adjusting Recall's release to "ensure the experience meets [its] high standards for quality and security." Microsoft has faced a lot of criticism related to Recall ever since it announced the feature at an event in May. Recall gives users a way to find anything they've ever looked at on their computer — web pages, images, documents, emails, presentations, chat threads, so on and so forth. It works by taking screenshots of a user's activity every few seconds and then storing them in the "Recall timeline." 

Microsoft assured users when it launched that Recall processes data locally and will keep their information secure, but that wasn't enough to assuage critics' privacy concerns. The company announced more privacy and security changes to Recall earlier this month, including making it opt-in. When a user sets up a Copilot PC, its Windows OS will ask them whet

Mac RumorsJun 13, 2024
iOS 18 Adds These 5 New Features to CarPlay
Apple did not mention CarPlay during its WWDC keynote this week, but iOS 18 includes a handful of new features for the in-car software.

Mac RumorsJun 13, 2024
watchOS 11: Smart Stack Gains Live Activities and Suggested Widgets
Introduced in iOS 16, Live Activities changed the way users interact with their iPhone. Instead of getting multiple notifications when tracking a delivery or a sports score, for example, users see a single, dynamically updating Live Activity with real-time information right on their Lock Screen.

EngadgetJun 13, 2024
The best Windows laptops for 2024
Choosing the best Windows laptop can be overwhelming with the wealth of options available. And with Microsoft's recent announcements at Microsoft Build, we can expect lots of exciting things coming out in the next few months. At the event, the company unveiled the latest Microsoft Surface devices and introduced Copilot PCs, which promise to push the boundaries of what Windows 11 laptops can do.

We'll be testing the latest Copilot PCs as they become available and updating our recommendations accordingly. For now, whether you need a premium ultraportable, a powerful gaming rig, or a versatile mobile workstation, our current list of the best Windows laptops highlights our favorites that have been rigorously tested by our team. For those on a budget, check out our list of the best cheap Windows laptops to find great options that won't break the bank.

Editor's Note (June 2024): We're eager to test out the new Microsoft Surface Pro 10 2-in-1 laptop when it becomes available soon. We'll update our top picks after we've had the chance to spend some time with the latest Surface device; until then, our top picks remain the same.

Performance The challenge when th

PC World Latest NewsJun 12, 2024
How much memory does your gaming laptop need?

RAM, when paired with VRAM (aka graphics card memory), can bottleneck your system. RAM often comes in the following capacities: 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. However, it's not always clear which amounts are optimal for gaming, so we'll provide a number of practical examples below. Read on to learn more.

Further reading: Best gaming laptops 2024: What to look for and highest-rated models

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