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PC World Latest NewsJun 09, 2023
I'm a PC gamer, but I hate gaming laptops

That statement may be a touch incendiary, but no matter what I do, I'm unable to subscribe to the cult of gaming laptops. It's just not for me. While there's nothing inherently wrong with using one (more power to you), I find them to be too cumbersome, often taking up precious desk space I'd rather reserve for my gaming peripherals. They also tend to emit a great deal of fan noise and I prefer a machine that runs near-silent.

Is it sacrilege to speak of gaming laptops in such a way? Maybe (insert shrug emoji here), but I must tell my truth because I can't be the only one who feels this way.

Gaming laptops are expensive Gaming laptops are expensive to produce because they require special cooling due to their compact designs. They're also replaced more often than desktop towers and you can't always replace an individual part. If you're looking to save some money, desktop PCs can definitely offer a better value. (Bonus: We keep track of killer gaming PC sales in our oft-updated roundup of the best desktop PC deals.)

You don't have to move a desktop tower around, either. This means it's less likely to get damaged or stolen. Nothing puts hair on your chest faster than accidentally dropping a laptop from a height. I'm pretty sure time slows down.

Desktop PCs a

EngadgetJun 08, 2023
ChatGPT for iOS gets support for Siri and Shortcuts
OpenAI has announced a few new updates for its iOS app, including Shortcuts integration. Now you can create a ChatGPT prompt in Shortcuts and save it as a link between the AI tool and different apps. For example, ask ChatGPT to answer a problem or look up a fact and then message the response to your friend or save it as a note. You can also now ask Siri to bring up ChatGPT or create these Shortcuts. ChatGPT for iOS already utilizes OpenAI's Whisper speech recognition for voice input, with Siri further expanding its accessibility. 

A new drag and drop feature further integrates ChatGPT across iOS devices, letting you pull messages out of its interface and into other apps. It's a bit like the manual version of Shortcuts, so it's up to you which method to use. 

ChatGPT is also going to be better supported across iPads moving forward. Previously, iPad users weren't getting a full-screen experience when using the app — OpenAI had only formatted it for iPhone-sized displays. Now it will take up all the screen real estate you have, ideally providing a less wonky experience. 

The updates follow ChatGPT's recent expansion across Apple's platforms, with OpenAI first launching an iOS app for US users in mid-May and soon taking it to 11 more countries. Before these updates, the app already synced conversations to your computer and provided access to GPT-4 for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. While ChatGPT continues to advance its presence on Apple de

CNET How ToJun 05, 2023
No AC? No Problem. 10 Hacks That'll Help You Sleep Cooler Without It - CNET
Whether you're looking to save on your energy bill or you simply don't have AC, these tips will help you sleep cooler this summer.
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