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CNET NewsDec 09, 2021
HBO Max: 14 of the best movies to watch - CNET
From a Steven Soderbergh crime thriller to Christopher Nolan's latest mind-blaster, here are the movies to watch on the Warner Bros. streamer.

Mac RumorsDec 08, 2021
Apple AR Glasses to Offer an Advanced Hand Gesture User Interface and Object Detection
Apple's long rumored AR headset is predicted to include multiple highly sensitive 3D sensing modules in order to offer an innovative hand gesture and object detecting user interface, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a new research note obtained by MacRumors.

CNET How ToDec 08, 2021
Which COVID booster should I get? What to know about mixing vaccines and the omicron variant - CNET
Mixing COVID-19 vaccines for boosters is effective, research shows. Here's what to consider when choosing your third dose.

ComputerWorldDec 08, 2021
Designer smartphone hacks will trickle down in 2022
What happens to state-sponsored smartphone hacks when they're uncovered? They get reverse-engineered and enter the cybercrime underworld, of course.

There is no ‘safe' back door The inconvenient truth is there is no such thing as a safe back door into smartphone security. Authoritarian governments may force smartphone platform developers to create them, but they make everyone less safe as those exploits will be identified and criminals - who are just as smart as government developers and (sometimes) the same people - will eventually find and exploit them.

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CNET How ToDec 08, 2021
Xbox Series X restock tracker: Where to look if you missed the Walmart drop today - CNET
Here's what we know about the next Xbox Series X restock.

Mac RumorsDec 08, 2021
Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 136 With Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
Apple today released a new update for Safari Technology Preview, the experimental browser Apple first introduced in March 2016. Apple designed the ?Safari Technology Preview? to test features that may be introduced into future release versions of Safari.

CNET How ToDec 08, 2021
Today's omicron update: New Pfizer booster guidance, symptoms, what we still don't know - CNET
Pfizer says two doses of its vaccine may not offer enough protection from the omicron variant. Stay on top of the latest guidance here.

Mac RumorsDec 08, 2021
Apple Wins Stay in Epic Case, Won't Have to Implement App Store Changes Tomorrow
Apple has successfully won a stay on an injunction that would have required it to make sweeping App Store changes as soon as December 9, so for the time being, Apple can continue to require developers to use its in-app purchase system without offering alternatives.

GizmodoDec 08, 2021
Android 12L Beta Is Here to Fix the Biggest Problems with Android Tablets and Foldable Phones
Android tablets and foldable phones are a step closer to receiving some much-needed improvements. Google today released the first beta for Android 12L, a version of Android designed to improve the software experience on large-screen devices.


CNET How ToDec 08, 2021
Pfizer COVID vaccine booster may be needed to combat omiron variant. What we know today - CNET
Early data suggests omicron may be able to evade some of the protection from the first two doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Here's what Pfizer and BioNTech are doing about it.

CNET NewsDec 08, 2021
Halo Infinite: Here's when you can get the game today - CNET
The game launches today for Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One and PC.

Get a free ride to your COVID vaccine or booster appointment from Uber or Lyft. Here's how - CNET (CNET How To)

CNET How ToDec 08, 2021
Certified preowned cars are the best used cars. Here's why - Roadshow
A CPO program can get you what's basically a new car for far less money.

CNET NewsDec 08, 2021
Ford Bronco Sport now uses 100% recycled ocean plastics for parts - Roadshow
From the ocean, where this plastic crap doesn't belong, to a new vehicle you can go buy today. We love to see it.

Wired NewsDec 08, 2021
11 Viral TikTok Gifts That Are Actually Worth It
We tried out the gadgets that kept showing up in our feeds. Here are the ones that deserve the hype—and would make awesome presents.

ComputerWorldDec 08, 2021
Give your Chrome OS interface an instant upgrade
Google's Chrome OS software is in a constant state of evolution. And for the tinkering-lovin' tech nerds among us, that means there's always an opportunity to find and embrace something new — often long before it's officially released and available to the masses.

Well, gang, we've got quite the tasty treat to tinker with today. It's a massive update Google's been cookin' up for its Chromebook app launcher for a while now, and it'll bring a significant change not only to how your device looks but also to what it's like to use.

The new Chrome OS launcher design has actually been under development since this summer. Thus far, though, the work has mostly been taking place in the higher-tier, less stable Chrome OS channels, where regular Chromebook-ownin' folk rarely dare venture.

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Mac RumorsDec 06, 2021
Department of Justice Exploring Apple's Treatment of 'Roblox' Game in Antitrust Investigation
The United States Justice Department is investigating Apple for antitrust issues, and Roblox is an area of interest for prosecutors attempting to put together a case, reports The Information.

ResearchBuzzNov 24, 2021
Xbox, Mobile Phone Museum, Spotify, More: Wednesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, November 24, 2021
NEW RESOURCES The Verge: Xbox's 20th Anniversary museum is a metaverse full of achievements and mistakes. "Microsoft has created an Xbox metaverse museum where you can roam around and discover the history […]

Computer World Security NewsSep 02, 2021
How to go incognito in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari
Private browsing. Incognito. Privacy mode.

Web browser functions like those trace their roots back more than a decade, and the feature — first found in a top browser in 2005 — spread quickly as one copied another, made tweaks and minor improvements.

Protect Your Privacy Online privacy: Best browsers, settings, and tips How to protect your privacy in Windows 10 How to stay as private as possible on the Mac The ultimate guide to privacy on Android How to stay as private as possible on Apple's iPad and iPhone But privacy-promising labels can be treacherous. Simply put, going "incognito" is as effective in guarding online privacy as witchcraft is in warding off a common cold.

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Computer World Security NewsJul 29, 2021
How to give your phone an Android-12-inspired privacy upgrade
Android 12 sure is an onion of an update, wouldn't ya say?

Now, don't get me wrong: I'm not suggesting it's fragrant, likely to make you cry, or positively delicious when cooked in a stir-fry. (That'd be one heck of a piece of software!) I just mean that it has lots of layers to it, including some that are beneath the surface and impossible to see when you're only glancing from afar.

Android 12 is full of changes both big and small, in fact — and while many of its most noticeable external elements will be limited to Google's own Pixel phones, some of the improvements tucked away in those sticky lower layers are arguably the most important changes of all.

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