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Mac RumorsMar 01, 2024
Spotify, Epic Games, and Others Argue Apple's App Store Changes Do Not Comply With DMA
Spotify, Epic Games, Deezer, Paddle, and several other developers and EU associations today sent a joint letter to the European Commission to complain about Apple's "proposed scheme for compliance" with the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

EngadgetMar 01, 2024
Dune 2 kicks butt (literally)
I knew what I was getting into when I sat down for a press screening of Dune Part 2: A towering sci-fi epic best viewed on an enormous theater screen, just like Denis Villeneuve's first Dune film. What I didn't realize was that it would also give me a serious back massage — it really does kick butt. That was my experience at an Atlanta-area AMC, where the film whipped the Dolby Cinema seats into such a frenzy that, for one thrilling sequence, I felt like I was actually riding a sandworm plowing through the spice-filled desert of Arrakis.

Now, I can't guarantee you'll have the same ride at a normal theater (unless the subwoofer is cranked up obscenely high). What makes AMC's Dolby Cinema locations unique is that they feature rumbling transducers in every recliner seat, in addition to powerful dual-laser Dolby Vision projectors and enveloping Atmos sound. I've seen tons of films in AMC Dolby Cinemas since those screens began rolling out in 2017, but Dune Part 2 is the first time the haptic seats actually felt like they enhanced my moviegoing experience. When I rushed out to the bathroom in the middle of the film, I noticed that my body was still vibrating, the way you sort of feel after a deep massage by expert fingers.

Technically, you're still better off watching Dune Part 2 in IMAX theaters — it was actually filmed for that e

Washington Post TechMar 01, 2024
TurboTax wants to use your tax return to show you ads. You can say no.
"We just need your OK on a couple of things," TurboTax says as you prepare your tax return. That's your red flag to watch out.

CNET How ToMar 01, 2024
Last Call to Get Personal Training With the Jillian Michaels Fitness App for Just $150 - CNET
You can snag a massive discount on lifetime access to The Fitness App, which is filled with expert advice on custom workouts and diet plans, but time is running out.

CNET How ToMar 01, 2024
Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows Costs Just $30 With This Limited-Time Deal - CNET
Office 2019 is now yours for just $30 for either Mac or Windows, but only for the next few days.

Microsoft unveils new AI tools for Windows 11 (ComputerWorld)

CNET How ToMar 01, 2024
This Cheap Solution Adds CarPlay or Android Auto to Your Vehicle for Just $96 - CNET
If your car doesn't have a built-in CarPlay or Android Auto access, this foldable touchscreen solves the problem at a super-affordable price.

Washington Post TechMar 01, 2024
Your tax return is secret by law. TurboTax wants you to give up your privacy.
"We just need your OK on a couple of things," TurboTax says as you prepare your tax return. That's your red flag to watch out.

EngadgetMar 01, 2024
Fisker halts work on new EV models until it finds more money
Fisker has announced its future plans alongside preliminary 2023 and Q4 earnings, and it's not looking great for the EV manufacturer. The company plans to lay off 15 percent of its workforce — nearly 200 people — as it shifts from a direct-to-consumer to a Dealer Partner model. The company is halting all investments in upcoming models and will resume only if in partnership with another automaker.

The company's fourth-quarter revenue increased to $200.1 million from $128.3 million in Q3. However, its gross margin was negative 35 percent, and it lost $1.23 per share. Its sole EV on the market, the Ocean SUV, also had 10,193 units produced but 4,929 vehicles delivered.

The automaker first introduced its pivot to a Dealer Partner Model in January and claims it has received interest from 250 dealers across North America and Europe, along with 13 signed agreements. "We are aware that the industry has entered a turbulent, and unpredictable period," Henrik Fisker, chairman and CEO of Fisker, said in a statement. "With that understanding and taking the lessons learned from 2023, we have put a plan in place to streamline the company as we prepare for another difficult year. We have adjusted our outlook for 2024 to be much more conservative than in 2023." The company plans to deliver between 20,000 and 22,000 Ocean models across the

ComputerWorldFeb 29, 2024
Google can't guarantee its Gemini genAI tool won't be biased
Even after Google fixes its large language model (LLM) and gets Gemini back online, the generative AI (genAI) tool may not always be reliable — especially when generating images or text about current events, evolving news, or hot-button topics.

"It will make mistakes," the company wrote in a mea culpa posted last week. "As we've said from the beginning, hallucinations are a known challenge with all LLMs — there are instances where the AI just gets things wrong. This is something that we're constantly working on improving."

To read this article in full, please click here

EngadgetFeb 27, 2024
A two-pack of Google's Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E mesh routers has dropped to $220
The Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro, which we named the best pick for people new to mesh Wi-Fi systems, is on sale for $220 for the two-pack. That's a 27 percent discount, which is the best price it's been all year and just $20 more than the all time low it hit for Black Friday last November. The set of two should provide coverage for 4,400 square feet. If you've got a particularly large home or tricky areas due to thick walls or other interference, you might want the three-pack. That set is down to $319 after a 20 percent discount.

EngadgetFeb 26, 2024
Google brings Gemini to Messages and adds AI text summaries for Android Auto
Google has announced a slew of Android updates to kick off MWC this year, including Gemini integration with Messages and AI-powered text summaries for when you're driving. As of this week, Messages users will be able to access Google's chatbot without leaving the texting app. Gemini in Messages can handle basic tasks like drafting messages and helping to plan events, or you can just chat with it if you're bored. The feature is still in beta, and it's only available to English-language Messages users for now, Google says.

Android Auto is also getting a boost from AI that could help minimize distractions from people texting you while you're on the road. If the group chat is blowing up your phone with nonstop messages or if someone is sending you novels of text, Android Auto will automatically summarize the messages and read you its more succinct version. It'll also suggest replies and actions based on the messages, like sharing your ETA, so you can respond with a single tap and focus on driving.

Google Google also announced some new accessibility features for Android at MWC, including AI-generated image captions in the Lookout app. It'll be able to generate descriptions for images found online or received in messages and read them aloud to the user. The feature is only available in English to start, but is roll

PC World Latest NewsFeb 20, 2024
One of Windows' worst apps, Sticky Notes, just got a bit better

There are many note-taking apps and services available: I've used Microsoft's own OneNote, for example, for decades. But apps like Google Keep fit the bill as a simple, flexible app to jot reminders, lists, and other bits and pieces of information that I want to refer back to, but largely forget soon after.

Sticky Notes' latest update addresses this same "I need it until I don't" utility: It's essentially a digital footnote, allowing you to capture a PowerPoint slide or a web page and attach some digital notes to it.

Annoyingly, though, it doesn't stand alone — at least initially. Microsoft is testing this preview experience as an addendum of sorts to OneNote. Once your PC receives it, you'll see a small button with "Sticky Notes" on top of it. Clicking it will launch this new Sticky Notes preview. Fortunately, you can then pin the app to your Taskbar to avoid doing this again; if you don't want to see Sticky Notes live at the bottom of your screen, though, minimize the Win Alt S shortcut to launch it instead.

The new Sticky Notes update allows you to capture images from a site or presentation and annotate them.

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