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EngadgetDec 08, 2022
Google says it's making Chrome less of a battery and memory hog
Google is rolling out two new modes for Chrome that are designed to make the browser less of a drain on your system's battery and memory. It says that, with the Memory Saver mode, Chrome will reduce its memory usage by up to 30 percent on desktop. The mode frees up memory from open tabs that you aren't using. Google says this will help to give you a smoother experience on active tabs. Chrome will reload inactive tabs when you switch back to them.

As for Battery Saver mode, Google says that can kick in when you're using the browser and your device's battery level drops to 20 percent. Chrome will then limit background activity and visual effects on tabs with videos and animations to help keep your device up and running for longer.

These features will be available as part of the m108 Chrome for desktop build. Google says all users will have access to them in the coming weeks and that it's starting to roll out the build today. You'll be able to turn off these modes in the settings and make certain sites exempt from Memory Saver.

Mac RumorsDec 07, 2022
Deals: Apple's M1 and M2 MacBook Air Available for All-Time Low Prices and Holiday Delivery
All-time low prices are available today for Apple's 256GB M2 MacBook Air on Amazon, on sale for $1,049.00, down from $1,199.00. This price is available in every color, and every one is on track to deliver before December 25.

EngadgetDec 07, 2022
Ayaneo's Air Pro is a taste of the portable PC gaming future
It's been a bumper year for gaming on the go. For a spell, it kinda felt like Nintendo was the only name in town, but it's since become one of the more exciting corners of gaming. Today, there are handheld options for everything from AAA to Indie to retro and beyond. Whatsmore, the current generation of mobile processors means we're seeing surprisingly capable hardware. The main problem, now, is that the software side of things hasn't quite caught up. There's perhaps no better demonstration of this than the Ayaneo Air Pro: a stellar example of what can be done, and what needs improving, in the burgeoning handheld PC world.

If you're not familiar with Ayaneo, that's understandable. The company hasn't been around all that long, but it's already making a name for itself thanks to remarkably good hardware that brings PC gaming into the portable realm. If you imagine a Steam Deck, but with Windows and a fraction of the size, you wouldn't be far off.

Before we dive into the gaming experience, the hardware itself is worth a closer look. The Air Pro is impressively well made. It has a similar footprint to Nintendo's Switch Lite, but it's thicker (.85 vs .55 inches) and heavier (.88lbs vs .55). In terms of build quality, honestly the Ayaneo feels far superior. The Hall effect analog sticks and triggers are smooth with a nice amount of travel. The D-pad is responsive and the buttons are the right kind of snappy. The centerpie

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