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Fri, July 19th
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WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 19, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Muni Bond Drought, Yacht Owners, Demanding Travelers
Investors seek municipal bonds but issuance is rare; yacht owners ditch life on land for the high seas, and designing a family vacation that will appeal to teens.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 18, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Banking Blues, CFO Retirements, Hamptons Alternative
Results from a trio of big U.S. lenders showed slowing loan growth and declining net interest margins; chief financial officers are retiring at the fastest pace in at least a decade, and a weekend getaway that outshines the Hamptons.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 17, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Corporate Loan Risk, Facebook Cryptocurrency, Vacationing With Tutors
Money managers turn to collateralized loan obligations that can hold the riskiest corporate loans; Facebook's cryptocurrency plans get U.S. government push back, and some families bring tutors along on family vacations.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 16, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Value Investors, High Yield Bonds, Luxury Travel
The dire years have produced plenty of theories on why value hasn't worked of late; some junk bonds are producing negative yields, and Hilton is playing catch-up in the luxury travel market.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 15, 2019

NYC Blackout Highlights Grid Frailty—Energy Journal
From the flow of oil on ships passing through the Persian Gulf to the electric current coursing through wires in Midtown Manhattan, reminders of the fragility of our energy infrastructure are on full display this summer. Engineers in New York City are still busy investigating the root cause of a massive power outage that struck […]

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 15, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Junk Bond Retreat, Calpers Stumbles, Provence Goes Chic
Skittish investors are selling the riskiest junk bonds; Calpers falls short of its own fiscal 2019 investment goals, and Provence is getting reinvigorated by design-savvy hotels and modern cuisine.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 12, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Robo Advising, ESG Bright Spot, Family Dinner
JPMorgan Chase is getting into robo-advising and it is offering free ETFs to attract investors; money is flowing to investment managers who specialize in socially responsible investing, and family dinner can be a battleground over carbohydrates.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 11, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: RIA Mergers, Japan Buybacks, Cloth Car Seats
The M&A market for registered investment advisers continues to heat up; investors are cheered by a record wave of share buybacks by companies in Japan; and luxury auto makers return to fabric interiors.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 10, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Bond ETFs, Wellness Entrepreneur, Home Run Crisis
What investors need to know about bond exchange traded funds; the trick art of being a wellness entrepreneur, and Major League Baseball faces a home run crisis.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 09, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Buying Bonds, Wall Street Pay, Miserable Workers
Some nervous investors are buying bonds even as stocks surge to record levels; banks and financial firms posted disappointing returns but the top Wall Street chiefs got big raises, and some employers are banning weekend and late-night emails to prevent employee burnout.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 08, 2019

OPEC Comes Out Swinging Against Climate Activists—Energy Journal
Activists have lured OPEC's chief into a rare public confrontation. At the tail end of OPEC's recent confab in Vienna, the cartel's secretary general, Mohammad Barkindo, stepped into a heated squabble with climate campaigners, casting them as the oil industry's biggest threat and accusing them of misleading the world about oil's role in climate change. […]

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 08, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Fed Rate Cuts, Deutsche Bank, Mediterranean Sweet Spots
Where to invest when the Fed cuts rates; Deutsche Bank to exit the global equities and trading business, and the Mediterranean islands that tourist mobs haven't invaded yet.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 05, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Flat Earnings, China Growth, YouTube Fame
Companies in the S&P 500 are expected to report flat earnings in 2Q, China focuses on long-term growth, and the highs and lows of YouTube fame.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 03, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Independent Advisers, Share Buybacks, Hammock Safety
More financial advisers said they would consider striking out on their own within the next year; a decline in share buybacks poses a hurdle for stock markets, and the pros and cons of resting in a hammock.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 02, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Goldman Dividend, Mansion Tax, Surf Vacation
Goldman Sachs could be a new safety stock after raising its dividend; buyers in Manhattan rush to buy expensive homes to avoid higher taxes, and a new high-end resort in El Salavador offers adventure and affordable luxury.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 01, 2019

Live From Vienna: OPEC Hammers Out Deal for Cuts—Energy Journal
Greetings from Vienna, where OPEC and its allies are meeting today and tomorrow to seek consensus on a production deal. It's hard, though, not to feel as if the real epicenter of global oil power lies thousands of miles away—in Washington or Moscow. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are not here. Still, […]

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 01, 2019

Live From Vienna: OPEC Hammers Out Deal for Cuts—Energy Journal
Greetings from Vienna, where OPEC and its allies are meeting today and tomorrow to seek consensus on a production deal. It's hard, though, not to feel as if the real epicenter of global oil power lies thousands of miles away—in Washington or Moscow. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are not here. Still, […]

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jul 01, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Bank Stock Boost, Libra, Savings Rate Cuts
A wave of dividends and stock buybacks could boost bank stocks, Facebook's new payment system, and Goldman and Ally beat the Fed to a rate cut.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 28, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Russell Rebalancing, Bond Fight, Frequent-Flier Awards
The annual rebalancing of FTSE Russell's widely followed equity indexes is expected to created a flurry of action; a rebellion is brewing in the $9 trillion corporate-bond market, and the best frequent-flier awards programs of 2019.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 27, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Options Traders, Facebook Cryptocurrency, Fancy Restaurants
Options traders are bullish on the stock market rally; Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency could give banks and the dollar some welcome competition, and fancy restaurants offer fancy babysitting choices.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 26, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Defense Stocks, Northern Trust Troubles, Cat Hotels
Investors are playing offense with defense-focused stocks; Northern Trust could be on the hook for losses related to a start investor's risky bets, and pet-friendly hotels are warming to felines.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 25, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Glum Investors, Bond-Yield Plunge, Tech Smart Homes
Investors are glum even with stock markets at all-time highs; bond yields are confounding the world's economies with their decline, and biometric technology is expanding to every corner of homes.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 24, 2019

Trump to Meet China's Xi As Oil Hangs in the Balance—Energy Journal
Enter the dignitaries and diplomats. Tensions between Iran, its Middle East neighbors and the U.S. have grown since Iran's downing of a U.S. drone and recent attacks on tankers near the Strait of Hormuz. A string of critical meetings between heads of state and high-level negotiators over the next several days will determine the direction […]

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 24, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Gold Prices, Overseas Profits, Risky Executives
The rising price of gold at an almost six-year high prompts worries; U.S. firms bring home more profits from overseas, and the ways corporate executive terrify their shareholders with risky pastimes.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 21, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Exotic Currencies, Investor Land Grab, Detroit Long Weekend
Investors are snapping up exotic currencies amid rising worries over growth and crowd; investor purchases of U.S. homes have climbed to an all-time high, and a guide to Detroit's buzziest restaurants and music clubs.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 20, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Bond Investors, Bank Stress, Frequent-Flier Miles
Bond investors get new tools to speed up trading; the stress-test process for banks put in place after the financial crisis is changing, and inheriting a loved ones frequent-flier miles can be difficult.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 19, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Yield in Mongolia, Impact Investing, Private Equity Funds
Private-equity firm Cerberus hunts for yield in Mongolia; Morgan Stanley launches six new impact-investing portfolios, and private equity firms are raising bigger funds with disappointing results.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 18, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Banks Buying Banks, Goldman New Division, Capital Gains Tax
Investors are shunning banks that buy other banks; Goldman Sachs wants to look more like Blackstone, and the tax law around capital gains can be tricky.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 17, 2019

Crude Gets Squeezed in U.S.-Iran Standoff—Energy Journal
The future of oil prices will be decided by how the U.S. and its allies react to new attacks last week on fuel tankers in the Gulf of Oman. So far, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have blamed Iran, citing unspecified intelligence, but haven't taken military action in response to Thursday's incident, or to attacks […]

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 17, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Southeast Asia Fund, Tech Investors, Wasting Money
A new Southeast-Asia focused private-equity firm hits the close of its debut fund; tech investors' winner-takes-all mindset doesn't always work in a splintering industry, and the biggest ways people waste money.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 14, 2019

The Score: Sprint, T-Mobile, United Technologies and the Stocks That Made the Week
The Journal's weekly guide to the ups and downs of the business world

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 14, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Safety Stocks, High-End Homes, Vacation Expenses
Utilities and other so-called safety stocks are rising amid market uncertainty; rescuing high-end homes damaged by smoke, soot, water and mold, and figuring out the finances of a joint vacation.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 13, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Women Advisers, Gas Bet, Cramped Flight
Women make great financial advisers but make up less than 15% of advisers; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is betting on natural gas, and Lego struggles to find a plant-based plastic that clicks.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 12, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Social-Investing Apps, Companies Use Crowdsourcing, Student Debt Relief
Startups are targeting millennials with social-investing apps; companies are turning to crowdsourcing to pick the best new ideas, and companies could start offering student-debt relief for employees.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 11, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Trade Dispute, Corporate Cash, Renewables Ascendant
Some fund managers see opportunities for investors from U.S.-China trade dispute; corporate cash supplies drop to a three-year low, and wind and solar funds are beating the bull market.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 10, 2019

Falling Oil Prices And The U.S. Economic Expansion—Energy Journal
In May, U.S. oil prices posted one of their weakest runs since the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers. But hidden within the numbers, there's a comforting message for anyone spooked by falling oil prices and what it might mean for the U.S. economy: Markets appear to be overreacting, says Paul Horsnell, head of commodities research […]

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 10, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Buying the Dips, Photogenic Trader, Cheap Beauty
It may be time for investors to stop worrying and learn to love the boom; hot sauce is having a moment and big food companies are taking notice, and the real difference between cheap and pricey beauty products.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 07, 2019

The Score: Facebook, Fiat Chrysler, Barnes & Noble and the Stocks That Made the Week
The Journal's weekly guide to the ups and downs of the business world

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 07, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Nickel Prices, Young Customers, Mediterranean Island
The price of nickel is rising on expected rising demand from electric-vehicle battery market; JPMorgan scraps a new app service for young people, and a Spanish island that offers enjoyment for parents and kids.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 06, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Bond Rally, Tariff Shock, Istanbul Souvenirs
Stocks look attractive but the bond rally flashes caution; market turmoil over mounting U.S. tariffs could give a 1970s shock to the economy, and four souvenirs to scoop up in Istanbul.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 05, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Uranium Price Drop, Meatless Burger Scarcity, Treehouse Hotel
The price of uranium, the nuclear fuel, has dropped on fears it could be pulled into Trumps trade offensive; fast food restaurants are straining supplies of meatless burgers, and a new lodging brand seeks to remind guests of their childhoods.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 04, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Silver's Slide, Blockchain Banks, Alexa Everywhere
Silver prices fall to lowest levels relative to gold in more than 26 years; a group of financial firms plan a bitcoin-like token to settle cross-border trades, and property managers are bringing Alexa in to manage tenants.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 03, 2019

OPEC: Stuck Between Shale Rock and Hard Sanctions—Energy Journal
Your move, OPEC. May was a dreadful time for oil prices. Brent, the global benchmark, fell more than 11% last month, posting its worst monthly performance of 2019. Lower prices present the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries with a challenge. The group and its Russia-led allies will meet in Vienna later this month to […]

WSJ MoneyBeat
Jun 03, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Pet Investors, Kate Spade, Meditation Retreat
The pet economy is projected to take in $75.4 billion this year as millennials pay premium prices for natural meals and treats; the Frances Valentine line seeks to move beyond its niche label after death of founder Kate Spade, and the pull of silent retreats.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 31, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Rolex Retailer, ESG Index, Drive-In Restaurants
Luxury watch retailer Watches of Switzerland has found favor by focusing on U.S. growth; Stoxx expands its suite of environmental, social and governance benchmarks, and a list of classic drive-in restaurants around the country.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 30, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: NY Real Estate, Smiley Face Marketing, Sleeping on Planes
Stock investors sound the alarm about New York's office property market; the smiley face symbol brings in significant licensing profits, and sleeping on airplanes in business class can be tough.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 29, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: ETF Billions, REITS Buy Mortgages, Laundromat Extras
Exchange traded funds draw billions of dollars amid jitters about stock market swings; real-estate investment trusts bet bit on the mortgage market, and laundromats pull out the stops to stay in business.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 28, 2019

Saudi Arabia Embraces Natural Gas—Energy Journal
Forget oil. (If only for a few minutes.) Many of today's biggest energy deals are about gas—liquified natural gas. In recent years, BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Total have all made strategic decisions to focus on gas as governments around the world look to shift to cleaner-burning fuels and renewable energy sources.Most of those companies […]

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 28, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: NYSE Fees, Muni Bonds, Africa Vacation
The NYSE is lowering fees for companies with little to no revenue; risky municipal bonds are on a hot streak, and a guide to Africa's coolest city attractions.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 24, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Market Jitters, Deutsche Bank, St. Petersburg Cruise
Many consumers and money managers remain upbeat about the future despite trade-war concerns; Deutsche Bank signals that more cuts are planned at its investment bank, and taking a cruise from Helsinki to St. Petersburg.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 23, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: 401(k)s, Data Fees, YouTubers
The father of the 401(k) still believes in its potential to grow savings, exchanges face higher hurdles in boosting data fees, and YouTube camp for kids.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 22, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Real-Estate Stocks, Beauty Industry, Rocket Town
Real-estate stocks are in high demand amid trade battle; the push to better serve consumers of color in the beauty industry, and the private space industry brings back jobs and visitors to Florida's Cocoa Beach.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 21, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Betting on Volatility, Criticizing Deutsche Bank, Splurging on Art
Some investors bet that market volatility will remain; Deutsche Bank prepares for the wrath of shareholders, and art collectors are splurging on trophy works.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 20, 2019

Energy Journal: Trade Disputes and Gulf Tensions Stir Oil and Gas Markets
The possibility of military conflict in the Persian Gulf is adding to uncertainties around oil-market supply. And at the same time, the energy industry is feeling the impact of the escalating U.S.-China trade dispute.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 20, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser: CLO Recovery, Crypto Firms, Visiting Prague
The nascent recovery in the market for collateralized loan obligations is being threatened; a lack of banking options is a big problem for crypto businesses, and a guide to Prague's buzziest neighborhood.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 17, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Chinese Stocks, Goldman Boutique Buy, Million-Dollar Homes
Two of the largest global index providers are about to unleash a flood of money into China stocks; Goldman Sachs is buying a boutique wealth-management firm, and million-dollar home owners seek to sell their houses with the click of a button.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 16, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Opioid Fallout, Legg Mason, Saving Money
Some hedge funds are betting that drugmakers will face financial pressures from potential settlements of opioid lawsuits; Trian may wage an activist campaign at Legg Mason, and Soledad O'Brien reveals how saving money allows for options.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 15, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Investor Faith, Performance Alternatives, Art Speculation
The sharp stock-market selloff is testing investors faith in U.S. growth; Uber and Lyft's alternatives for measuring performance aren't blinding investors to their losses, and some art speculators are bidding to lose.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 14, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Day Trading in Options, Tiny Island Bonds, Ancient Venice
Day trading in options has been picking up steam; companies are flocking to issue bonds on a tiny English Channel island, and the newest, must-see attractions in Venice.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 13, 2019

Oil Prices Jump After Attack on Saudi Tankers—Energy Journal
Conflict—whether it's between regional rivals in the Persian Gulf or corporate foes in the Permian Basin—is seeping back into the oil business. Oil prices shot upward Monday after Saudi Arabia said two of its oil tankers came under attack Sunday near the Strait of Hormuz, the waterway in and out of the Persian Gulf — […]

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 13, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Emerging-Market Currencies, Selling Luxury Yachts, Luxury Home Hopping
This year's rally in emerging-market currencies is facing a test: Ferretti's CEO talks about how superyachts vary by market, and a couple split their time between six high-end homes.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 10, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Adviser Pay Drop, Gulf Debt Boom, Best of Maui
Financial advisers' base pay declined amid the rise of robo-advisors; investors are betting against the Persian Gulf debt boom; and a guide to Maui's sweet spots.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 09, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Generic Drugs, Insurance Opportunities, Flight Bargains
Falling prices are hurting the revenue and profit of generic drug makers; Blackstone sees the insurance business as a way to build a trillion-dollar stockpile of assets, and coast-to-coast nonstop flights have rarely been cheaper.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 08, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Retiring Advisers, Buy the Dip, Virtual Therapists
Raymond James addresses the problem of losing advisers to retirement; the buy-the-dip strategy stalls as stocks rise, and a psychotherapist has a physical office as well as a virtual one for clients.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 07, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Tax Dodge, Momentum Investing, Job Advice
An old tax dodge for the wealthy is making a comeback; a new way to think about momentum investing, and offering job advice to college graduates.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 06, 2019

Trump Calls for More Crude. Will the Saudis Answer?—Energy Journal
Oil is testing the steadfast friendship between Saudi Arabia and the U.S.—in ways that are likely to have global effects. Markets seem cautiously hopeful that the Saudis will supply the rescue barrels needed after the Trump administration moved last week to end waivers for the handful of countries that were still importing oil from Iran. […]

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 06, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Dark Pools, Ginnie Mae, Travel Pics
Dark pool platforms are drawing more trading amid low volatility; Ginnie Mae is moving to crack down on repeated mortgage refinancings, and the secrets to taking better travel photos.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 03, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Lumber Prices, Hedge Funds, Learning Vacations
Lumber prices are being hit hard by bad weather and a decline in home building; hedge funds are cleaning up in a China rally, and taking a luxury vacation that can also teach new skills.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 02, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Foreign Bonds, ESG Investors, Airport Terminals
Government bonds issued in a foreign currencies can provide good returns with low risk; more U.S. companies are making room for investors pushing climate and social issues, and airports that try to make long delays tolerable.

WSJ MoneyBeat
May 01, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Dollar Smile, Small Caps, Art Auction
The dollar usually smiles in recessions but maybe not next time; small-cap stocks stand to benefit from a stronger dollar, and a boutique auction house turns to a Sotheby's vet for help.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 30, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: European Stocks, Schwab Strategy, Tech Compatibility
Some investors think Europe's economic gloom is lifting and are gingerly returning to the region; Charles Schwab has turned into a personal-finance supermarket that's dragging rivals, and how to combat marital strife over technology usage.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 29, 2019

Chevron, Occidental, Joust for Anadarko—Energy Journal
Not so fast, Chevron…The jostling over Anadarko, the American independent, continues, threatening a bidding war for a company with prime assets in the world's hottest shale play, the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico. Last week, Occidental offered to buy Anadarko for $38 billion, seeking to top Chevron's $33 billion deal price, write Bradley […]

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 29, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Stock Dip, Deutsche Revenue, Celebrity Encounters
Options strategies that could be profitable during a stock market dip; Deutsche Bank cuts revenue target a day after merger talks fail, and the new vacation perk is celebrity encounters.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 26, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Liquor Haven, Vanguard Voting, Colombia Tourism
Liquor stock are seen as a better haven for investors that food stocks; Vanguard is handing over some of its voting power, and Colombia's Medellín is becoming a hot tourist destination.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 25, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Yield Hunt, Soros Overhaul, Office Restroom
The hunt for yield renews investors appetite for European banks' riskiest debt; the Soros Fund's new leader upends the firm in a strategic overhaul, and the office restroom gets a makeover.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 24, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Calm Markets, Rent Control, Retirement Finances
An unusual period of calm has blanketed trading of stocks and commodities; more states are pursuing rent control and that's bad news for landlords, and workers are feeling better about retirement finances.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 23, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Merrill Team Focus, FANG Stocks Rebound, Retirement Mistakes
Merrill Lynch focuses on teams of advisers rather than those working solo; big money managers are buying FANG stocks again, and the biggest financial mistakes retirees make.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 22, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Spicy Chocolate, Venmo Credit Card, Girl Scout Cookies
Confectionery brands try to please new palates with hot-chicken-flavor Oreos and ruby-pink chocolate; Venmo turns to credit cards to turn a profit, and the logistics of selling Girl Scout cookies.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 19, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Not-So Good Friday, Bad Loans, Expensive Renovation
Good Friday sometimes brings bad company news; Cerberus raises $5.1 billion to buy bad loans, and a $40 million renovation of a 240-year-old building.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 18, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Skittish Investors, Risky Oil Bet, Zurich Vacations
Nervous investors are hedging their bets and buying funds that protect against market volatility; a new fund seeks to benefit from crude oil recovery, and a Zurich vacation for value-conscious travelers.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 17, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Predicting Client Lifespans, Top Finance Earners, Malls Under Pressure
Using technology to predict a client's lifespan; the top earners in the financial sector work at real estate investment trusts, and malls are still under pressure as stores close.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 16, 2019

Wealth Adviser Briefing: Trading Activity Stalls, Deutsche Bank's Badwill, Ritzy Film Fest
Trading volumes have fallen as major indexes climb toward all-time highs; Deutsche Bank may rely on negative goodwill, or so-called badwill, to close Commerzbank acquisition, and $25,000 film festival tickets.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 15, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Tax-Loss Harvesting, Revenge of the Nurdles, Being Burned Out
Critics of tax-loss harvesting say tax situations often are more complicated and the benefits can be overstated; tiny plastic pellets bond companies and socially conscious investors, and the small steps required to find or reignite your passion.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 12, 2019

The Score: The Business Week in 7 Stocks
The Journal's weekly guide to the ups and downs of the business world.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 12, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Fund Restructurings, Rockefeller Foundation, Mexican Mole
Private-equity sponsors are urged to give investors complete information during the fund-restructuring process; the Rockefeller Foundation wants to manage investors money, and where to find the best mole dish in Oaxaca, Mexico.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 11, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Bank Earnings, Coal Market, Old Wood
Bank earnings will reveal the Fed's impact on banks; a chill descends on the coal market, and old wood is sought by homeowners, interior designers and craft fans.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 10, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Tech Stocks Jump, Wells Fargo Struggles, House Flipping Returns
Investor hunger for growth pushes technology stocks to record highs; Wells Fargo struggles to boost its business lines, and house flipping it back to pre-crisis levels but seems less risky than before.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 09, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Yield Hungry Investors, Millennial ETF, Bali Vacation
Investors are hunting for big paydays in emerging-market currencies; a fund focused on companies that target millennials isn't attracting much interest, and how to have a quintessential island experience on Bali.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 08, 2019

Oil Traders Mull Libya, China and $3 Gas—Energy Journal
This oil rally has serious momentum. U.S. oil recently broke through $60 a barrel, and Brent, the global benchmark, hit the $70 mark, crossing milestones that analysts say could lure more investors into the market. New geopolitical risk in oil-rich Libya is also supporting prices. American drivers are feeling it as gasoline climbs towards $3 […]

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 08, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Capitalism, Alibaba, No-Fuss Renovations
JPM CEO Jamie Dimon's annual letter defends capitalism and lower corporate taxes, luxury brands snub Amazon in favor of Alibaba, and the no-fuss renovation.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 05, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Yield Plays, Unicorn Shares, Travel Insurance
When to consider buying financial stocks as yield plays, BNP Paribas and the Peter Thiel-backed Forge Global team up to sell unicorn shares, and whether travel insurance is worth it.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 04, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Goldman Code Sharing, Bracing for Profit Hits, Historic Gardens
Investors brace for a hit to profits as costs rise for companies; Goldman's trading floor is going open-source, and a guide to historic and art-filled gardens to visit.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 03, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Big Banks, AI Experts, April Fools
Big banks go for small deals as merger boom slows; artificial intelligence tools are spreading to more industries, and April Fools jokes can prove risky in the corporate world.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 02, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: FOMO Helps Stocks, Big Food Innovation, Drone Deliveries
Fear-of-missing-out has pushed investors toward stocks; the world's biggest food companies says they need to innovate while budgets are shrinking, and drone deliveries are almost here.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 01, 2019

Tweeting the Oil Market—Energy Journal
It's no secret: President Trump wants lower oil prices. He's been sharing his thoughts about the cost of crude directly with OPEC—and the rest of the world—in a series of strongly worded tweets over the last year. And last week, he did it again. But, if you're only watching Mr. Trump's Twitter feed, you're missing […]

WSJ MoneyBeat
Apr 01, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Crypto Interest Payments, Death-Care Stocks, Beach Holiday in Spain
Cryptocurrency firm Coinbase is offering institutional investors a set interest rate when they park their money with the company; death-care stocks face competition and greater price transparency, and a guide to where to sleep, golf, eat and take in the polo matches in Spain's most glamorous seaside spot.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Mar 29, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Low Rates, Aramco Bond, Passports Fall Short
Rates are low again so investors have to search for high-yield havens for cash; Aramco launch of a $10 billion bond will also reveal its finances, and sometimes passports aren't enough for overseas travel.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Mar 28, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Consumer Payments, WFC WM Head, Seed Recipes
Citigroup is starting a consumer-payments business, Wells Fargo names an interim wealth management head, and recipes that start with seeds.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Mar 27, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Magical Thinking, Marijuana Banking, Weekend Vacations
Investors can look forward to a stampede of technology unicorns coming to the IPO market; mainstream businesses are pressing Congress to make it easier for marijuana firms to use banks, and ways to turn weekends into mini-vacations.

WSJ MoneyBeat
Mar 26, 2019

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Emerging Market Caution, New York Startups, Digital Art Market
Emerging-market investors are starting to realize that moves by the Federal Reserve may not be all good news; some startup founders are leaving Silicon Valley and heading to New York City, and the digital art market is heating up.

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