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Mac RumorsAug 14, 2020
Epic Games vs. Apple: Timeline of Events Surrounding Fortnite's Removal From App Store
Apple has faced increasing scrutiny over its App Store practices from both developers and regulators in recent months. One particularly vocal critic has been Fortnite creator Epic Games, which has repeatedly referred to the App Store as a monopoly.

GizmodoAug 14, 2020
What Does Epic Games Hope to Gain From Its Lawsuit Against Apple and Google?
In what could possibly be described as a brilliant antitrust set-up, Epic Games is suing Apple and Google for removing its Fortnite game from the iOS App Store and Google Play store, respectively.


Gizmag Emerging TechAug 14, 2020
NYC study concludes COVID-19 is as deadly as the 1918 Spanish Flu
Comparing data from two vastly different pandemics, with more than a century separating them, is perhaps an impossible task. But, a new analysis published in the journal JAMA Network Open, is suggesting a novel metric for comparing the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic to our current pandemic, and the conclusion is COVID-19 is just as deadly, possibly even more so.

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PC World Latest NewsAug 14, 2020
Fortnite pulled from the Play Store as Epic accuses Google of blocking Android deals
If you're having a hard time finding Fortnite in the Google Play Store this morning, you're not alone. Just hours after suing Apple for booting Fortnite from its iOS App Store, Google did the same thing. And right on cue, Epic Games rolled out a lawsuit against Google for the same thing—namely "unfair, monopolistic and anti-competitive actions."

Here's the backstory. On Thursday morning, Epic announced new lower pricing for its in-game V-Bucks currency. Instead, a paying $10 for a thousand V-Bucks, Epic is now charging $8, a savings of 20 percent. However, Epic presented two pricing options, one for "Epic direct payment" that reflects the $8 price, and another for $10 if you wanted to go through Apple's or Google's App Stores for the previous $10 price. The reason, as Epic explained, was due to the 30 percent fee that Apple and Google collect on all in-app purchases.

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Google Pulls Fortnite From Play Store, But Game Remains Available Through Other Android Sources [Update: Epic Games Sues Google] (Mac Rumors)

Mac RumorsAug 13, 2020
Samsung's Galaxy Buds Live vs. Apple's AirPods Pro
Samsung last week unveiled new flagship smartphones and the new bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live, a set of wireless earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation that are designed to rival Apple's AirPods Pro. We got a set of the new Galaxy Buds Live and compared them to the ?AirPods Pro? in our latest YouTube video.

PC World Latest NewsAug 13, 2020
Epic is giving away A Total War Saga: Troy for free, but just for 24 hours today
It's August 13, the day that Epic gives away a free copy of A Total War Saga: Troy. But you'll need to act fast, because this free game is available for only 24 hours. After that, you'll have to pay $50 if you want to buy it.

Here's the link to A Total War Saga: Troy. If you're new to the game, the premise is simple. You take control of a faction vying for domination on a world stage at a particular time period—one of the warlords vying for control of feudal Japan, say, or a city-state during the time of the Roman Empire. It's up to you to try and conquer as much of the world as you can, through diplomacy, assassination—and, of course, conquest.

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Fox Technology newsAug 13, 2020
Amazon's Alexa has serious privacy flaws, researchers find
Flaws in Amazon's Alexa were serious enough that a user "in just one-click" could have handed over their voice history, home address and control of their Amazon account, cybersecurity firm Check Point said in a recent report.

Amazon's Alexa had serious privacy flaws, researchers say (Fox Technology news)
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