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Yahoo TechnologyJan 31, 2023
Google's head of mental health and wellbeing was among the 12,000 workers laid off by the tech giant

Google Cuts Its Director of Mental Health and Wellbeing (Gizmodo)
Today's whimsical Google Doodle game is like a playable Studio Ghibli film (PC World Latest News)

EngadgetJan 30, 2023
China's biggest search engine is to set launch a ChatGPT rival in March
Chinese search giant Baidu aims to introduce a ChatGPT-like AI service that gives users conversational results, Bloomberg has reported. It'll be based on the company's Ernie system, a large-scale machine-learning model trained over several years that "excels at natural language understanding and generation," Baidu said in 2021. 

Open AI's ChatGPT has taken the tech world by storm of late, thanks to its ability to answer fact-based questions, write in a human-like way and even create code. Microsoft invested $1 billion in Open AI back in 2019, and reportedly plans to incorporate aspects of ChatGPT into its Bing search engine. 

Google, meanwhile, likely sees the technology as a threat to its search business and plans to accelerate development of its own conversational AI technology. CEO Sundar Pichai reportedly declared a "code red" over ChatGPT and may be preparing to show off 20 or more AI-products and a chatbot for its search engine at its I/O conference in May. 

Baidu has reportedly seen lagging growth in search and sees ChatGPT-like apps as a potential way to leapfrog rivals. "I'm so glad that the technology we are pondering every day can attract so many people's attention. That's not easy," he said during a talk in December, according to a transcript seen by

EngadgetJan 30, 2023
Frontier rolls out 5Gbps fiber internet across the US
You're now more likely to have meaningful choice for fast fiber internet service. Frontier has introduced a symmetrical 5Gbps plan (that is, 5Gbps for uploads and downloads) across all its fiber markets in the US. The company claims it's the first "major" provider to manage the feat. You'll have to pay $155 per month (which includes installation and a router), or $55 more than the 2Gbps tier. However, it might be worth the outlay if you regularly download massive files or share your data with other heavy-duty users in your household.

You'll need a WiFi 6e router and supporting devices, like the Pixel 7 or 2023 MacBook Pro, to make use of the extra speed without relying on 10Gbps Ethernet. Frontier estimates that it takes less than two minutes to download a 100-minute 8K movie.

Whether or not Frontier offers the best deal depends on the rivals in your area. AT&T's 5Gbps plan has been available for a year, but will cost $180. Google Fiber is on the cusp of offering 8Gbps for $150, but it covers only a handful of cities. Frontier may well beat cable companies, though. Comcast already has 6Gbps service in some areas, but the $300 per month pricing and non-symmetric uploads make it less practical.

The higher price for

Washington Post TechJan 27, 2023
Big Tech was moving cautiously on AI. Then came ChatGPT.
Google, Facebook and Microsoft have used AI in their products for years. But OpenAI's ChatGPT is stealing the limelight, forcing them to move faster.

Big Tech Is Really Bad at Firing People (Wired News)

ResearchBuzzJan 23, 2023
South Dakota Audio, Google's Area 120, Stop-Motion Video, More: Monday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, January 23, 2023
NEW RESOURCES DRG News: Audio files from the State Archives collections now available online; Files include KGFX founder Ida McNeil. "The South Dakota State Archives has been working to digitize select audio […]

Washington Post TechJan 20, 2023
Video game studios lay off workers while recruiting more
Google, Riot, Bethesda, Giant Bomb and others in the video game and media industries announced staff cuts this week
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