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Yahoo Tech - Apple MacSep 23, 2020
‘That's on You!': Whoopi Goldberg Blasts Trump Fans for Spreading COVID
Whoopi Goldberg had one piece of advice for former Vice President Joe Biden ahead of next Tuesday's debate with President Donald Trump."All Joe has to say is, ‘I may look sleepy, I may be sleepy, but I didn't let 200,000 people die in the middle of a pandemic,'" The View moderator said on Wednesday after playing a clip from Trump's massive outdoor rally in Pennsylvania from the night before.As Sunny Hostin put it, "It looks like COVID-Palooza." She added, "No masks, no social distancing, everybody crammed together and Donald Trump doesn't care. He doesn't care. He's actually still downplaying it. He's saying that not that many people are vulnerable. I know people who have died from the coronavirus. Those people died!"At another rally in Ohio on Monday, Trump went on a misleading rant about how young people can survive COVID-19 that ended with the outrageous statement: "It affects virtually nobody."When Joy Behar asked why Trump supporters "risk their lives" to see him speak in person, Meghan McCain answered, "That I don't understand, and you should talk to Herman Cain's family about that, I don't know," referring to the former GOP presidential candidate who died from the virus after attending Trump's rally in Tulsa.Kayleigh McEnany Struggles to Defend Trump Claim That COVID ‘Affects Virtually Nobody'But Goldberg wasn't done taking those Trump fans to task, not just for risking their own health but by putting everyone else in danger as well."A lot of people feel like they are powerless, they

Washington Post TechSep 23, 2020
Justice Department asks Congress to weaken social media companies' liability protection
The Department of Justice asked Congress on Wednesday to adopt a new law that could hold Facebook, Google and Twitter legally accountable for the way they handle some controversial content on the web, as the Trump administration ratchets up its attacks on social-media sites entering the 2020 election.

EngadgetSep 23, 2020
DoJ asks Congress to limit protections for social media companies
The Department of Justice (DoJ) is asking Congress to adopt a new law that would make Facebook, Google and Twitter liable for the way they moderate content, The Washington Post reports. The legislation would alter the controversial Section 230 so tha...

Washington Post TechSep 22, 2020
Trump administration expected to urge state attorneys general to probe social media bias
The Wednesday meeting comes nearly four months after the president signed an executive order that opened the door for the federal government to oversee the way tech companies police political speech online.

Wired NewsSep 22, 2020
Covid-19 Support Groups Are a Potential Research Gold Mine
Social media groups are rife with peril, but for people coping with the virus—and those trying to treat it—they're a valuable resource.
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