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CNET How ToDec 02, 2023
Exercise Can Protect Your Vision As You Age. Here's What to Know - CNET
Regular exercise benefits your body in many ways, including your eye health. Here's what to know and how to exercise to protect your vision.

EngadgetDec 02, 2023
Amazon just dropped the first teaser trailer for its Fallout series
Amazon has released the first official teaser trailer for Fallout, its upcoming live-action series based on the best-selling video games. The clip gives us a look at Amazon's take on the post-apocalyptic wasteland, and Yellowjackets actor Ella Purnell emerging from Vault 33 to meet it for the first time. The series will be set in Los Angeles 200 years after a nuclear war brought Earth to ruins.

The trailer arrives a few days after Amazon released stills from the show, now showing a deeper look at the characters and the horrors they'll encounter in the wastes. And it so far seems a promising indication of how the series will approach its well-loved source material. 

Starring alongside Purnell, Fallout also features Walton Goggins (The Hateful Eight) as a breakout ghoul, Aaron Moten (Emancipation) as a member of the Brotherhood of Steel and Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) as a vault overseer. There's also a dog named CX404, which we see in the video and in marketing materials toting around a severed hand. Fallout comes out on Prime Video on April 12 next year.

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EngadgetDec 01, 2023
Meta's apps are still promoting child predation content, report finds
Meta is failing to stop vast networks of people using its platform to promote child abuse content, a new report in The Wall Street Journal says, citing numerous disturbing examples of child exploitation it uncovered on Facebook and Instagram. The report, which comes as Meta faces renewed pressure over its handling of children's safety, has prompted fresh scrutiny from European Union regulators.

In the report, The Wall Street Journal detailed tests it conducted with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection showing how Meta's recommendations can suggest Facebook Groups, Instagram hashtags and other accounts that are used to promote and share child exploitation material. According to their tests, Meta was slow to respond to reports about such content, and its own algorithms often made it easier for people to connect with abuse content and others interested in it.

For example, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection told the paper a "network of Instagram accounts with as many as 10 million followers each has continued to livestream videos of child sex abuse months after it was reported to the company." In another disturbing example, Meta initially declined to take action on a user report about a public-facing Facebook Group called "Incest." The group was eventually taken down, along with other similar communities.

In a lengthy update

PC World Latest NewsDec 01, 2023
Microsoft Paint, supercharged: How to use new AI and Photoshop-like features

The new functions are also available after installing the Microsoft Paint app from the App Store. Updating the Paint app usually also works via the Store app in Windows 11 and selecting Library Get updates. If the Paint update can be found in the window, you can install it here.

Microsoft is also constantly expanding the functions of Paint. If you already have the new version, you may receive additional new functions through an update.

However, you shouldn't expect too much from the new Paint. Even in the new version, Paint will certainly not be a comprehensive competitor for other image editing tools. If you want to edit images comprehensively, there is no getting round solutions such as Adobe Photoshop or the open source Gimp.

PC World Latest NewsNov 30, 2023
Windows 11 energy saver mode now in testing for laptops and desktops

The option is available both as a toggle deep in the Settings Power menu and in the Quick Settings menu (Win A), for both laptops and desktops. The immediate benefit is obvious for the former, but it's nice to see that desktops aren't left out of the discussion since they're often adding quite a bit to your electricity bill. (Especially if you leave them running all the time — yeah, we see you Kevin, with your friends and family Plex server. Get a NAS already!)

The toggle can be set to apply automatically when your laptop battery drains to a certain point. Note that this feature is separate from Efficiency Mode, which is set on an app-by-app basis. As with all Insider build features, it's not set in stone to come to the general Windows 11 release. But given how useful it might be, I'd guess we'll see this one sooner rather than later.


EngadgetNov 30, 2023
Can digital watermarking protect us from generative AI?
The Biden White House recently enacted its latest executive order designed to establish a guiding framework for generative artificial intelligence development — including content authentication and using digital watermarks to indicate when digital assets made by the Federal government are computer generated. Here's how it and similar copy protection technologies might help content creators more securely authenticate their online works in an age of generative AI misinformation.

A quick history of watermarking Analog watermarking techniques were first developed in Italy in 1282. Papermakers would implant thin wires into the paper mold, which would create almost imperceptibly thinner areas of the sheet which would become apparent when held up to a light. Not only were analog watermarks used to authenticate where and how a company's products were produced, the marks could also be leveraged to pass concealed, encoded messages. By the 18th century, the technology had spread to government use as a means to prevent currency counterfeiting. Color watermark techniques, which sandwich dyed materials between layers of paper, were developed around the same period.

Though the term "digital watermarking" wasn't coined until 1992, the technology behind it was first patented by the Muzac Corporation in 1954. The system they built, and which they used until the company was sold in the 1980s, would identify music owned by Muzac using a "notch filter" to block the audio signal at 1 kHz in

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