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ComputerWorldMar 20, 2023
Russia's iPhone ban and the digital supply chain
Russia's Kremlin ordered officials to stop using iPhones, apparently over concerns the devices could be vulnerable to Western intelligence agencies, Reuters reports. When surveillance-as-a-service firms sit exposed for brazenly undermining device security, it's hard to think there isn't an argument there. But the bigger story isn't the harm to Apple's small business in Russia, it's the threat to digital supply chains it shows.

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PC World Latest NewsMar 20, 2023
Norton 360 Deluxe is the best Windows antivirus. Get it for just $19.99

And this license doesn't only keep your PC protected. You can activate it on up to three devices, including phones, Macs, and iPads, where Norton's value-adding features—like Dark Web monitoring, VPN access, cloud backup, and password management—come into play. Of course, Norton 360 Deluxe's antivirus chops remain top-notch too.  

Our independent review of the security suite summed things up well: "Norton 360 Deluxe is a very good suite with a good price. If you're looking for excellent antivirus protection that won't get in your way, and which offers a good number of features, then this is the suite to buy."

That does doubly so when you're able to pick it up for under $20. Don't miss out!

Norton 360 Deluxe for $19.99 on PCWorld Software Store


EngadgetMar 17, 2023
Trombone Champ's 'autotoot' makes the ridiculous music game more accessible
Trombone Champ is a blast to watch, but a beast to play even compared to some other rhythm games — you try nailing a slide during the "William Tell Overture." Thankfully, developer Holy Wow Studios is putting the game within reach of more players. It's introducing an "Autotoot" option that takes away the need to press buttons. If you have hand mobility issues, you'll have a better chance of squonking your way to an S rank. Your score is halved to prevent leaderboard cheating, but you can advance the story.

The update is also more streamer-friendly, with icons warning when a tune might be muted on services like Twitch. It's faster to restart a track when your performance goes askew, and you'll see your character in the points screen.

Trombone Champ quickly became a viral sensation after its debut last September. Anyone who's familiar with Guitar Hero or Rock Band will grasp the basic mechanics, but the laugh-'til-you-cry hilarity of playing trombone over classic pieces can't be overstated — this is one of those precious games where messing up is almost more entertaining than a perfect score. And that's before you throw in

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