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PC World Latest NewsJun 18, 2024
Everything you need to know to buy a printer that doesn't suck

It is much better to ask yourself a few questions about your future printer model before making a purchase. The more precise your answers are, the better the output device will ultimately suit your application scenario.

It's worth the effort when you consider that a well-chosen printer will usually serve you for several years without complaint.

The focus here is not so much on output quality. After all, there is no such thing as a really bad printer these days. The printing units in all printer classes are too sophisticated for that. Bad purchases are more likely to be caused by the wrong choice of printing technology, a lack of features or excessive follow-up costs.

What do you need: Printer or multifunctional device? The first decision before buying a printer is simple:

Do you only want to print or should the new purchase also be able to make copies and scans?

In the first case, a pure printer (single function) will suffice. In the second case, you should focus on a multifunction device. Then ask yourself whether you need a fax or not. This allows you to quickly rule out certain device series.

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